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  1. P

    Rapidshare Problam

    while i am down loading from rapidshare i am getting allways tis error Your IP address is already downloading a file. Please wait until the download is completed Plz tell wat i must do
  2. Zangetsu

    Shud i update 2 firmware 30.0.019 in N82

    Hi Guys, Shud i update my fone firmware 2 the latest version. currently i have 20.0.062 version I wanna know wat enchancement/improvements will b there? & r they really worth 2 have ? :confused:
  3. harryneopotter

    All Web Designers .. please help ...

    More Questions ...All Web Designers ..... Hi guys ... i have a strange query this time .. One of my client offered me to develop a Porn Site today :D:D:p. So wat i want to ask ... Is it safe for me (u know wat i mean) ?? and how much should i charge him for it ??? And lastly ...
  4. H

    cant decide wat to buy....i'm upgrading again :D

    Hi ppl... its been a loooooong time since i last upgraded my rig.my current rig (config in sig) is being sold by next week end. i've bout 41k (at max 50k but its better if i keep it within 42-43k). 1st i thought i'll get Core i7 920 by December but from wat intel i got bout pricing,its gonna...
  5. A

    wat's this error?

    Technical informationj: 0x0000007E(0xc0000005 x 0xF89FD060 X OXF89FCD5C) when i am playing games after sometimes it comes like this and ma computer gets restarted so wat can i do?:confused:
  6. VarDOS

    WD 640GB As External...

    Hi Friends, I am planning to buy WD 640GB HDD, I want to use it as internal as-well-as sometime external. I don't know will it be able to make external, and if yes wat will i need? Thanks Varad
  7. C

    laptop dilemma

    guys plz help me in choosing a laptop here are the specifications 1.i have a budget of 55 thousand 2.thinking of buying a new MAC when it releases on OCT 14th 3.is it a wise decision to go for mac 4.wat are the disadvantages of MAC 5.and wat are the other options i have 6.and finally is it...
  8. R

    What are the extensions in firefox borwser everyone talking about?

    I really want to know wat are those extensions everyone talking about...And wat are they used for?..can someone give some examples to undestand about it?
  9. ashishnehete

    Virus issue

    Guys there is a file Adobereader9.0 in my pen drrve and hdd which i am not able to delete it is a virus i think but it is not detected by avast wat do yaar maira proj ka kafi data hai tat i dont want to delete
  10. S

    hp dv5 1015tx portable

    hey friends i m supposing to buy this laptop within 2-3 days i am going to animation courses i m little bit confuse by dell xps m1530 people told me that dell is more trustable brand plzz guide me wat to do i like gaming and speed i have also listened that battery back up of hpdv5 is not good...
  11. digitalage


    hi i know that this is a avast web protection file.... i read about it in a blog and diabled it.... but not able to get it back wat should i do>>??????:confused:
  12. T

    help needed (urgent)

    hi ... im want to make social networking site for my college. i want certain features like scraping ,mailing nd display of live nodes. can anyone help me out as to how i should begin with this wat all languages would be required ??? will it be possible to make the entire site in dreamweaver...

    need info about FreeBSD.

    Hi,guys,i m downloading FreeBSD os through dis link ftp://ftp1.us.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/releases/i386/ISO-IMAGES/7.0 .can u tell to me cd 1,cd2 cd3 nd cd doc is require?.mean wat is cd livfs nd is not require . and wat will i be do with dis both file "CHEKSUM.md5 & CHEKSUM.SHA256.plz help me bro
  14. B

    time pass question

    an IT person falling from the high floor asking for a help wat wud b that word for help???:eek:
  15. T

    BIGG problem

    Today wen i started ma pc i noticed dat my computer did not have names to the drives which are listed in "MY computer" plz tell me wat to do to bring dem back do i have to format ma hdd??
  16. jal_desai

    Can anyone beat these speeds ???

    i m posting some screenshots which i took since last few weeks showing speeds with which i can download.... I M NOT BRAGGING.. but just to show tht BSNL aint that bad... i mean, their CC sucks but they offer speeds wat they promise u to. Orbit Downloader Speeds: uTorrent Downloading...
  17. H

    Moto Rokr U9

    Hey guy i'm in 4 a new fone.and this time i aint gonna buy Nokia.:D wat i'm considering is the ROKR U9.saw the fone 2day and found it to be pretty good lookin.moreover it comes bundled iwth the S705 StereoFM & Bluetooth Pendant which i can also with with my other fones.:) wat i wanna know is...
  18. saqib_khan

    Help, a virus attack,only desktop's wallpaper showing, wat to do?

    Hi, I m here with another prob :) After i removed virus, i m getting only the wallpaper in desktop and nothing else. I mean no start menu, no desktop icons no right click & left click. But only my desktop wallpaper is there shown. I m able to run task manager through Ctrl+Alt+Del. And...
  19. C

    How can i fix this in utorrent?

    the icon at the bottom of the utorrent client is yellow. unless it turns green, it cud mean a problem with my connection. (thats wat it says when i hover my mouse over it) wat can i do to make it green and improve speeds? shud i switch to another torrent client?
  20. R

    mobile programming

    i am new to this field... how can i create applications for mobile... can i do it using .net if so wat will b the best choice .net or j2me
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