1. JojoTheDragon

    HTML Help!

    Can anyone tell me how to create a image-map so that when i hover the cursor on the specified location and click on it, it takes me to a url? also please give example codes. I'm a new learner.
  2. A

    changing form and input to go to .htaccess redirected url!

    This is my form <form name="search" method="_post" action="index.php"> <input class="searchbox" type="text" name="q" /> <select name="type"> <option value="all" >All</option> <option value="1" >Rapidshare</option> <option value="2" >Badongo</option>...
  3. gary4gar

    Migrating Wordpress to Blogger! Suggestions required.

    Migrating blogger to wordpress! Suggestions required. Hi, I am in process of migrating www.gaurishsharma.com from blogger to wordpress. *For Theme i am thinking of choosing this. not final yet so open to suggestions *Which moving i want to preserver backlinks, as URL structure of...
  4. aditya1987

    Rapidshare Premium Account !!! HURRY!!!

    ~snipped~ Login From This Url: *ssl.rapidshare.com/cgi-bin/premiumzone.cgi
  5. M

    Strange way of Opening Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft - Check out

    Strange way of Opening Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft :cool: Type gghhjj in URL box and then Hit Ctrl+Enter - For Google Type mmjjuu in URL box and then Hit Ctrl+Enter - For Microsoft Type yyhhnn in URL box and then Hit Ctrl+Enter - For Yahoo! I think these are redirection facility provided...
  6. thewisecrab

    Cant Install any script with Installatron

    As the title says, On my new website , (With DA and Installatron) I finally decided to get down to business with the designing. While selecting the CMS (currently in 2 minds between Joomla and Drupal..anyway this is not the issue), after I click on install, I have to select the path. Now here's...
  7. N

    Using Core2Duo - Post your cabinet name and URL

    Hi, Please post your cabinet name with URL (if available) if you are using Intel's Core2Duo with our without graphics card. Nandu
  8. M

    World's Longest URL with unique content - Must Watch

    Well here I present world longest URL: *thelongestlistofthelongeststuffatthelongestdomainnameatlonglast.com/ In this site you will find really cool information for some of the longest/biggest stuffs along with photos.:cool: Must watch for everyone.:cool: Cheers!!:D Please Post Some...
  9. Power UP

    Firefox 3 help !

    I recently upgraded to FF3 but the "Go to the address in the Location Bar" is not activated permanently as it was in FF2. Firefox 2 Firefox 3 It only appears in the url bar when i manually type anything in the url bar. Although "Reload current page" button is available its not as fast...
  10. S

    how much is allowed

    suppose we take a news from a site(big or small) and post it in a blog...and give full url of the original post as source.... is it allowed... what if we give name of site only... i have seen many big site only doing input from.... with out url... is it allowed... 2)if i read the...
  11. ashu888ashu888

    NOD32 Blocking a URL, How to unblock it !!

    HEy guys, NOD32 is blocking a URL (its a forum site) so here is the screenshot of that blocked message by NOD: How to unblock the URL ?? (i tried the EXCLUDED ADDRESSED option) in advanced setup tree, but it only works for a login page, and for the rest of the pages (since thew forum site...
  12. S

    Very Useful service to convert many links into one

    Hey, You may have a lot of favorite links on the web, and you can save these with your browser too. But what if you need to access from another system like cafe or somewhere other than your PC. You can not remember all of these links. By using *Shrink2One.com/ you can have all...
  13. W

    Can I check my url with Internet Explorer in Ubuntu 7.10?

    Hi, I just install Ubuntu 7.10 to my PC & I want check my url in firefox & IE for errors. Is there any solution for this?
  14. superboysahil

    Help! A bug keeps bugging me

    When ever i access to web (through Opera and others) my IE windows open up with sorta like this url...
  15. debiprasad_sahoo

    Why WWW in URL?

    It is not always needed to put www. in the url. www. is just like other sub domains which can be configured in DNS. Means if you want to serve different sites for www.yoururl.com and yoururl.com you can configure this in DNS. But when the WWW started, people append www. in their url. I want to...
  16. the.kaushik

    Change the default address field search for firefox

    Actually i faced this problem after installing DAP. My default address field search changed to some speed bit search and it was just a mess and i was not able to remove it so after doing some hunting got a solution! This is how it works. Open firefox. In the URL field type about:config and...
  17. max_demon

    ~*~*~* IS.GD New URL Shortener *~*~*~

    Guys, I've found a new URL Shortener website which is *is.gd/ . It Compresses your URLs in only 2 words !!! *tinyurl.com/ gives us a long URL, So i must recommend you to use is.gd URL shortener ~*~*~* Happy URL Shortening *~*~*~
  18. H

    Need Advice for website!!!

    I have just created my new website. Problem is that I am going to purchase Google Adwords credits soon and before I start to advertise for my website, I need YOUR OPINION on How I can I mprove my website/What more should be added/Looks are fine etc???? My website's URL is: *HaroonR.co.nr...
  19. Sridhar_Rao

    Fed up of Dell custom page not found

    I have a dell inspiron b130. whenever I enter a url, IE displays a dell custom page not found with an url something like ttp://www.google.com/hws/dell-usuk/afe?hl=en&channel=us&s= After refreshing once or twice the website may show up but I am fed up of the Dell-google custom error pages in...
  20. T

    hoe to get the url of the videos

    hi, i want to download the youtube video files and some video files which cannot be straightly downloadable.how can i get the url of it.
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