1. bssunilreddy

    My Chrome is saying "Not Secure"

    Hai, My Chrome is saying "Not Secure" when I type in digit or any other site in order to log in to that forum or mail. It's like this as below: Is it normal for everybody when they are logging into Digit or any mail id? Please tell me!
  2. paroh

    Are you a criminal now? Users may get 3-yr in jail for viewing torrent site, blocked URL in India

    [/source]http://indiatoday.intoday.in/technology/story/are-you-a-criminal-now-users-may-get-3-yr-in-jail-for-viewing-torrent-site-blocked-url-in-india/1/745181.html[/source] Call it the new Digital India. The Indian government, with the help of internet service providers, and presumably under...
  3. Zangetsu

    Times of India Ad block issue

    I read Timesofindia on Firefox and facing this weird issue of Adblock in Firefox. The Homepage opens perfectly, but when I try to open a news url..all I get is a Adblock detected page. Even though I have removed Adblock plugin from Firefox the issue still persists. The same issue is...
  4. N

    How to Switch from Blogger to WordPress without Losing Google Rankings!

    Hello, everyone ! I started a blog a few months back with blogger platform. Now after sometimes I found it improving in terms of organic response and searches I am thinking to upgrade it to WordPress. Now I looked over many how to video and read a lot of blogs , but very confusion about...
  5. dashang

    need help in kendo Multiselect

    here is the reference Example of Server filtering in Kendo UI MultiSelect widget Now the thing is i want to add selected item after its being loaded . Since the data source is remote (acts like autocomplete) ,i cant attach it directly <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <base...
  6. mikael_schiffer

    Downloading videos like flv and mp4 from Video Streaming sites

    Guys, help. Been using trusty old EagleGet for months, worked great for downloading videos from youtube and research sites, but recently they made a change and it doesn't work any more. Good thing about Eagleget was that some websites keep shuffling the video url so download gets interrupted...
  7. S

    Request to find the model of the Laptop

    Hi, I have come across this photo of a laptop and I have been searching internet to find the exact model. I also tried Google goggles but couldn't find. URL: http://flic.kr/p/guHuhr It's neither in Macbook series or in Chromebook series.
  8. a_k_s_h_a_y

    bsnl broadband complaint link url

    hi guys I remember there was a URL where I posted a complain that my speed was still 2 mbps despite 4 mbps upgrade. Then they immediately fixed it . now my internet is down since 2 days, it says PPP Server link down/failed not connected. But ADSL link is up and fine. I want ot register a...
  9. Zangetsu

    Bootstrapp: Easy way to sell/buy

    Looks good 8-) "Lets users trade-in or trade-up pre-owned electronics, tablets and phones, along with games" Source: Bootstrapp: An online marketplace for second-hand mobile devices and video games URL: Bootstrapp | The easiest way to sell your gadgets. The safest place to buy preowned.
  10. Desmond

    Webcomics Thread

    This thread is dedicated to all good webcomics and webcomic series. Let me start off with : 1. Concerned : The Half-Life and Death Of Gordon Frohman A must read for Half-Life fans. One of my favourites by far. URL : Concerned: Comics Index 2. Joy Of Tech This one if...
  11. Sam22

    My new Forum Site

    Hi all, I am working on to create a Forum site of my own so that I can come across many more new online users and provide any sort of info they look for. The URL of the webpage is forums. Please share your views and let me know of any idea you would like to share regarding this. Thanks all
  12. M

    how to open blocked sites??!!

    how to open blocked sites like face book ,torrent sites.when i click on this sites in google it gives like "The URL you requested has been blocked".please help me...
  13. pratyush997

    DTDC Tracking blocked

    HI folks, Please help me out... I have tracking No. Airway Bill Details and its shipped via DTDC. When I try to load tracking info page it shows me this What to do...plzz Help me soon So I figured the way to get that...links provided by ebay were not working..Tried directly from the site and...
  14. S

    Jpg file copier/downloader from a url

  15. B

    How to access webserver in one machine from other connected to the same Wireless Network?

    I have an apache server which is setup in my laptop.I want to access the server from my tablet.Both my laptop and the tablet are connected to the same wireless network.Got the IP from ipconfig.But I am not open to open the url from my tablet,whereas I can access the url with the ip from my...
  16. R

    Url based search in FreeBase.com ?

    Hi friends, Friends please tell me how to search an information in FREEBASE.COM if we are given a URL. Normally, we search Google by typing the name or keyword of whatever we want, but it is not possible in FREEBASE.COM, we have to know the URL or else we have sit hours together...
  17. B

    URL Rewrite without using .htaccess

    Hello everyone,How can i change the url when I am navigating from one page to another. for example if the existing url is like "www.example.com/product.php?name=xyz&q=service" ,I want to change it to "www.example.com/product/name/xyz/q/service" But I dont want to use .htacces. How can I...
  18. S

    Creating a URL shortner

    I wanted to create a URL shortner for my website. Like as mashable.com uses on.mash.to/SoMEthINg
  19. Nipun

    Take value from textbox and add to url

    Hello! Is it possible to take value from a textbox and add it to URL in HTML? For example, if text in textbox is "Nipun", then add this to "google.com/search?q=" & make it Nipun - Google Search ? If its not possible in HTML, then which language can do this and how? :D
  20. S

    How does URL in Post get converted to title.

    After some Post here, i was really facinated by the thing that , after posting any commnets and post which contains any url. that Post's Url is converted to Page title of referring page and url is not Visible but is clickable... how does it work??? i try finding out on GOOGLE but not got...
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