1. Ricky

    Need help in downloading embeded flv file

    Hello, I need to download a FLV files embeded in a page which can be accessed only after login, problem is that you only see those video only certain number of times, they are kind of classes for one of my friend, he wants them to download and see them whenever he wants, preferably in his...
  2. masterkd

    HTML META tag error!!

    i'm using following code using as client pull <HTML> <head> <TITLE>HTML Learning</TITLE> <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5;url=www.google.com"> </head> but when the page is refreshed after 5 secs it is giving file not found..i've tried other url and local html files too but same...
  3. prttal

    HTML and C++

    I want a c++ library which can add a web browser in the application and save the page viewed through it or it could save the page by just entering the URL as parameter.
  4. slugger

    Help save Video stream to HDD

    I need to download & save the video streams from this site on to my HDD Live webcast of Aero India 2011 International Seminar All my current methods of catching the stream has failed me 1. Flashgot 2. Grab++ [Orbit Downloader] 3. URL Snooper + RMTPDump URL Snooper gave me this...
  5. paroh

    Avast 5.889 (www.edudel.nic.in)

    Free version Avast 5.889 blocking DelE Directorate of Education (Malicious url blocked) Can any one please confirm as there is no problem day before?
  6. P

    Wanted - Web Designer

    Dear all, There is a requirement of Web Designer (company/freelance/anyone) to design a website.. Major use of the website will be a BLOG. Main page redirecting to blog would be fine. Few of the requirements are below: Will it be possible to use hosting of blogger.com (its from Google &...
  7. leo61611616

    Goo.gl Now Open For All with Stats and Easter Egg

    Google has announced that its url shortener Goo.gl is now open for all. Google had launched Goo.gl last December and integrated it with several Google products like Feedburner, Google News, Blogger and Google Toolbar. To create a short URL, go to Goo.gl, paste web address and hit Shorten...
  8. S


    i have a problem.when i try opera browser the screen zooms to 1000% automatically.if i try to minimise it it restores to 1000% again and again.when i checked bsnl broadband shortct properties it shows shortcut as num+.when again i try opera browser and write url as www. the +++++......sign...
  9. cute.bandar

    URL doesn't change in the address bar

    Hi My friend has made this website mypcjunction.com . The problem is that if one clicks on a link on the site. The URL is the address bar doesn't change. It remains as mypcjunction.com . Why ? what can be done to fix this ? Thanks
  10. T

    Broken download problem solved

    I had this download problem when downloading from youtube and other video shareing sites. If it is a big download, I have to halut the download process as I can not download for a strech.( i have a slow connection). So, most of the files were not 100% complete.Nor they resumed after say a day...
  11. maxmk

    Facebook Fan Page

    Hello everyone... I have found that many of Forum members have their website fan page with Face book... Lets Exchange the Fan Page and increase Fan's. Here's the URL of my blogs fan Page *www.facebook.com/pages/eITwebguru/189260727216
  12. bhushan2k

    Google launches URL shortener, goo.gl

    This week seems to be a launching of URL Shortener week. Google just launched their first ever URL Shortener Goo.gl after announcement of facebook’s URL Shortener fb.me which is already in use in mobiles for sharing and spreading links in a quicker fashion. READ ENTIRE ARTICLE
  13. maxmk

    Help Needed to buy 22' LCD or WLED Monitor

    Hello Everyone, I am thinking to buy an 22' monitor and short listed following Two monitors from AOC 1) AOC 22" Wide - V22 Verfino URL: *www.aocmonitor.co.in/22_v22.html Price in Nashik: Rs. 14,500/- 2) AOC Model 22" Wide - 2236Vw URL: *www.aocmonitor.co.in/2236Vw.html Price in...
  14. A

    How to diwnload video from net

    Hi, Now a days every sites showing video in site using adobe flash player. for "you tube video" lot of options r there to download, but in any other sites how to download. i tried using *keepvid.com or VideoDownloader, but it wont work. these site ask to enter video URL, but using that...
  15. ravi_9793

    A wordpress theme designed by me

    Hello friends... After lots of learning, I finally completed my first wordpress theme design. Theme url: *www.wpyag.com/free-wordpress-themes/first-free-wordpress-theme-from-wpyag-usko/ Demo: *demo.wpyag.com/?preview_theme=usko Download...
  16. ritesh.techie

    How To: Create a self updating banner

    Create and customize an animated banner that cycles through your feed's five most recent items. It's an easy way to promote your content anywhere you can place a snippet of HTML. Most of you know what a banner is and where it is used, for those who are still not aware banner is an image that you...
  17. tweety_bird_bunny

    php post data problem...

    i have just started learnin php.. at one point i make the user select a value from drop down select list..... and use post method to submit the data futher to web pages.. however the post data lives thru only one call, n to keep it valid bw other url calls, i have to include a post form in...
  18. TheHumanBot

    Am I a Nerd???

    Nerd TEST Right Click on Image of Result then Click on Copy Image Location or Copy Image URL (find similar option except Firefox and Chrome) Add URL into IMG Tag and DONE !!!
  19. E

    Useful Links in Choosing a Better Monitor - Come get Some & Give some

    ***** IMPORTANT***** 1) Members who didn't know anything about these links before and found it useful after seeing it - PLEASE LEAVE UR REPLY/OPINION so that this thread stays at the TOP and will be helpful to others. 2) Just because I've started this thread, doesn't mean Only I will be...
  20. gdatuk

    how an url shortening service works?

    Any idea on the logic behind any URL shortening service like the tiny.mc, is.gd or snip.url? every day some new service is cropping up but unable to find from google how it actually works.. any leads or ideas?
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