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  1. NucleusKore

    Funny Underwater Video

    Sorry, don't know how to post it to play here, embed url of youtube does not seem to work. Here is the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNqPTOb31S8
  2. krates

    A simple trick to increase your download speed by +2 or +3 BPS

    A simple trick to increase your download speed by +2 or +3 KBPS It works for me i don't know about others Well sometimes you need to download a big file and your sluggish net can’t do the job for you with this trick your net will download files for +2 or +3 kbps then your actual download speed...
  3. Gigacore

    Which Webcam to buy?

    Hi Guys.. I'm planning to buy a decent webcam this friday.. please suggest a good one within 500 - 600 Rs :) Please suggest the model and if possible, give the URL.. :) Thanks in advance..
  4. D

    Help required urgently

    I want to creat a autologin url to login to icicidirect.com website i mean i want to use that url to login from my mobile phone WAP browser login url : "https://secure.icicidirect.com/customer/logon.asp?" i have captured the post data...
  5. pirates1323

    Make long URL short - no ads

    Make long URL short http://minizo.com
  6. Y

    Mcafee Updates URL

    hi friends i found this URL to download mcafee antivirus updates http://vil.nai.com plz give me the link for norton and kaspersky antiviruses updates
  7. J

    Short URL Link

    Hey…I am sending an URL link with @mailsend. The link is very long…It’s not possible to make a Hotspot link with the URL....For Example: The http://test.com/.....?OpenDocument You Have any idea to Make Short link. Thanks for any help you can give me...!!
  8. S

    Video card - is it worth installing a new one

    Hi all, This is my first post. I happen to be an avid gamer. playing Civ IV right now. I have a compaq presario SR IL 1930. I will bother you to view the configuration at this URL (I really want u guys to advise me on this one, so do go to the URL and see) -...
  9. C

    When you log on...

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to know as to which website you first visit when you fire up your web browser.(except for this forum's URL ofcouse :) )
  10. I

    A real Challenge Can we do it???

    Hi... Looking for software/setting which will 1. Restrct access to USB port. 2. Will let use access only "Prespecified URL" using IE on perticular terminal. I am using XP. Can we do it???
  11. slugger

    forum 4 mec engg

    hey guys do u kno of this forum 4 mec engg, dat i had registered 2 but forgot d url :D :D if it helps d guy named alib_i is also a member of d same forum [he used d same handle] i'd pmed him ages ago but no response if der is anybody who knows of d forum i'm talkin' abt plz gimme d url or if...
  12. S

    Need VISTA themes for my Windows XP...

    I need Windows VISTA theme for my Windows XP.Can anyone send me the URL to download the theme from any site.....:)
  13. nithinks

    Blogging in Word 2007 -Uploading Images

    Hello members, When we configure Word 2007 for blogger, Inorder to upload images, it asks Upload URL Source URL what are these things? I have registered for flickr and i am unable to find these URLs . check this Shot at 1969-12-31
  14. skghosh44

    Folder/file lock

    I want a good freeware file/folder lock with pass word. I shall be glad if any body suggest me which one is the best ofcourse freeware with url.
  15. A

    mtnl triband blues

    Hi all, I am using a MTNL Triband line 512 kbps, my problem is that I am unable to use my FTP (using Filezilla) to transfer JPEGs and TIFFs to a server outside, the FTP program has a trouble shooting site, it tells me I have a floating URL and there is a firewall at my end, I am using XP and...
  16. N

    Infected by Spyware/Keylogger

    I'm in trouble.... I clicked on a link in my orkut scrapbook and it took me to a phishing site, asking to login again. I closed that window (browser FF). Then I tried to report the sender but heck! I was not able to paste the phishing url in the 'report abuse' message. The moment I tried...
  17. karnivore

    How to download from YouTube

    I don't think downloading from Youtube is illegal or something. So i hope this post will be allowed. Anyway, probably many of u know this. I came to know of it just a couple of days back and have used this trick with success. So i felt like sharing it with u guys. Go to Youtube and select...
  18. morpheusv6

    Outlook 2007 problem

    Of recent(after a virus attack affecting IE7 and Firefox; removed the virus successfully), I cannot open any link of an email from within the client. I get an error message: General failure. The URL was: ".....". The sysem cannot find the file specified. What could be the problem? Do I have...
  19. J

    Warm Womel.d

    Is anyone who knows how to remove Warm womel.d other then avira anti virus? A brief description is available on the URL http://www.avira.com/en/threats/section/fulldetails/id_vir/2770/worm_womble.d.html
  20. [A]bu

    How to change Avatar

    I have my Avatar but don't know how to change... I tried in my CP but also it says invalid... there is a place for entering URL and i dont know
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