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  1. sridatta

    How to find Domain URL of a Sub Domain

    hello frenz.... Can we convert the sub-domain path URL to Domain Path URL.. suppose say, http://images.google.com is the subdomain. The folder path for that subdomain is /images/main , then the Domain Path will be http://www.google.com/images/main. This is possible if i know the folder...
  2. N

    Php Get

    When a person enters a url such as abc.com/index.php?id=10, how do you return the url to the browser? Urgently needed. Please Help. :confused:
  3. Manshahia

    ISU Blocked URL?? HELP...

    Yesterday i installed a software which was meant for hiding the IP address of a computer. When i started it, it assigned IP address of Saudi Arabia to me. Now when i connect and try to access ORKUT.com, it says ISU Blocked URL. Wat is the problem?? Wat can i do ?? Y is it saying that??
  4. sankaranand

    Creating custom url for your Orkut Profile

    When you compare sites like HI5, Bebo, LinkedIn, Friendster with Orkut the main bit Orkut lacking was a Custom URL for your profile page. A Custom URL is a small and easy to remember web URL by which one can access a profile page in a site. Basically one...
  5. K

    About VB.NET

    Can Anybody tell me How to find video lessons about learning of the VB.NET in google .If anyone know the website then please send URL of it.:confused:
  6. K

    About VB.NET

    Can Anybody tell me How to find video lessons about learning of the VB.net in google .If any one know the website then plz send its URL
  7. dotcommakers

    dell coupon

    i am going to buy Dell Inspiron(TM) 6400 Notebook does any one have dell coupon or any url where can i get the coupon? regards
  8. S

    [URGENT] Proxy Server for windows

    Hi friend, I am looking for some easy to install and implement proxy server application (windows based) which will help me in monitoring my network bandwidth access along with URL restrictions. It should also maintain visited URL logs from each workstation on my network. I have near about 45...
  9. virus_killer

    FlashGet prob,,!!

    hi techies, am using flashget to dwnld files, now the problem is i want to dwnld all files of ny album or u can say i wnt dwnld each file indevidual one after one, so whnever i click on the "batch dwnld" option and paste my file's URL, it gives me an error while clicking on OK...
  10. V

    URL of streaming Radio Stations ??

    guys is thr any way to find the Direct URL of streaming Radio stations ?? ... if URL is know i can Directly play the Radio using my Media Player ... there by avoiding to go to the site each time & listening to radio.... hope somebody can help out in this .... cheers
  11. abhi_10_20

    IE not working.

    My internet explorer is not working. But the other browsers are working fine. What may be the problem?(every time i type a URL, it gives the "action cancelled" page). I have checked with all the settings and connections.
  12. N

    help wid JS urgently

    Okay, here goes. I got the script below from the internet. It creates a slideshow with clickable images. Each image in the slideshow can be the link to a unique URL. Problem is, when I click on an image, the target URL opens in a new window, which I don't want. Is there anyway to tweak it...
  13. A

    AMD 64 nOObs guide

    Hi Just have a look. It is really nice. amd64oc.blogspot.com sorry, forget to mention the url
  14. Ishan

    to save embedded online videos

    i have posted this coz someone in soft. troub. section wanted this...i have provided the link to this there. ok I got this from techtalkz.com once...and i saved this tutorial...even someone have posted the samething in this forum... Well i searched boht the places but wasnt able to find...
  15. sude

    There are security hole/s in my PC

    Hi diGit Forum users, I have a PC having XP with SP2 and NOT HAVING ANY INTERNET CONNECTION. recently i installed "SpyBot-Search and Destroy 1.4" and ran a scan. After the scan it showed me 5 Entries on "DSO Exploit". Clicking on the Entry it showed me the following details...
  16. ramprasad

    Max memory/slot

    Hi I have a Kobian 845 NFSX motherboard and my friend has Intel 845e motherboard. I would like to know maximum RAM per slot these boards can accommodate...? Any url giving a comparison across many motherboards should be greatly useful....! Tried to google, but serach ended in no...
  17. ~Phenom~

    How to put an icon before URL in address bar?

    Hi guys, I was just guessing how to put an icon before URL in address bar like "Y!" before Yahoo , "G" before Google , "d" before digit. I want to put "R" on my blog's URL at blogspot.com . I know this has been discussed a long time ago , but I couldnt find that thread even after exhaustive...
  18. thetopcyborg

    BitTorrent, though connected normally, not downloading

    hey i just installed bittorrent and began my first-ever download with the downloads and uploads being 0. i started downloading Mario Forever-19 MB.........it downloaded finely till 7.6% but after that even though the connection status showed that the connection is normal, there was no...
  19. william

    Lockinng URL address

    Q How can I prevent any one from accesing a particular URL address from my web browser (IE-6)?
  20. R

    Any gamemax viewers?

    hey guys , anybody gimme the url of the gamemax game of the week pleeeeese
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