1. tuxfan

    Spyware in IE not going!!

    A scan be Spybot (1.3, updated) gives me only 1 problem. The description reads: When I click on Fix selected problems it displays a message saying 1 problems fixed. However, when I again check for problems, it again shows the same problem :( Please tell me what's wrong? Why is Spybot...
  2. C

    *Help* - Domain Settings

    Hi, I recently bought a domain name and i want it to forward to my geocities free site.It has Url forwarding option. But i don,t know anything about Cname,MX records etc. Please help me on how to forward the domain to geocities account and Also kindly tell me how much time it will...
  3. mohanty1942

    Why two different pages for same URL ?

    The URL is www.imageshak.us When I type it in one PC I get a screen as given below. This is the correct one. But when I type the same URL in a 2nd PC I get a different screen as given below. (This page is not desired). I tried deleting histories, clearing autocomplete data...
  4. H

    Where can i get LONGHORN OS?

    hey pepople can anyone tell me where to get longhorn os?any URL also accepted. :D
  5. T

    Gmail & Office Outlook

    Guys I recently tried gmail and liked it so much that I intent to make it my default mail account. But when I tried to synchronize my gmail account to my office outlook by creating a HTTP type account, it asked for a server URL. Can any one help me by providing the required URL? Thanks
  6. P


    I want 2 download windows updates on CD so that I can give them 2 my friends. There is a URL of micrsoft's site which allows us 2 do so..Plz. tell me???
  7. jpushkarh

    Recovery ? ?

    This is the picture [Edit Batty] Okay .. I changed the IMG tag to URL ...
  8. D

    FIX IT fix it fix it fix it

    dears download fix it retaill URL *homepage.ntlworld.com/fiona.cameron3/Fix-It5-uwwwb.com.zip 8) :P
  9. L

    email grievances<YOUVEGOTPOST.COM>

    iam unable to access youvegotpost.com... infact if i type that url it gets redirected to ---aol.com whats happening there??????? :cry:
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