1. satyamy

    Software for Uploading Video onto Youtube....?

    Is their any software which can upload videos onto Youtube.com or the uploading it from web browser is the only way ?
  2. vish786

    my avatar looks dirty??

    hey guys i hav a bit problem with my avatar... look at it.... its not showing the image properly.... its not clear... wat shall i do... i also tried to uploading from site but it looks the same.... wat 2 do??:)
  3. Gigacore

    Fastest File Uploading site?

    Which is the fastest uploading site. Please inform me wanna upload 1 GB file!
  4. swap_too_fast

    uploading a webpage of website

    hello friends, i have created a homepage of my website on free web hoster( dajoob.com) , but i am unable to do full job. I have created homepage with macromedia dreamwheaver 8 and i have use flash buttons in that, i have upload it into my given space of website, i make html page as index.html...
  5. M

    Typical Problem with torrents

    hi all, i am going through a typical problem with torrent files. i use the latest version of utorrent. i have posted a file to share in a different forum i.e. i am the initial seeder. i am uploading lot of data but it is affecting very low towards availability. as far as i know availability...
  6. Pravas

    Home@250 Internet Connection

    Hello all, i am planning to get connected to Vsnl's 250 home plan. It says it gives 0.4GB of free uploading and downloading. 1.Will it give me that amount of free downloading uploading every month? 2.When we surf internet temporary files or cache stores files in computer memory ....is that...
  7. M

    does uploading increase download speed (torrents)

    Hey friends... i want to know whether uploading while using torrents the download speed increases gradually or not??? since the download commpletes well b4 the upload i use utorrent Suggestions plz.....:idea:
  8. KoRn

    Online uploading probs!!

    Hi guys, U c I uploaded some of my files over the internet at mediamax.com(u must be knowing about it).Well after uploading an installation file ie.Windows media payer 10.I downloaded it into my other pc which is in another city..the problem is when I finished downloading the file in...
  9. gau_pppu


    is it nessesery to limit the upload rate of utorrent to a certain limit if yes then tell me what should be the limit; whyle downloading a file through Utorrent it donot upload anything, uploading start only after the task is 100% compleated, is there any possable possable way through which...
  10. savithk

    How is BSNL Broadband

    How is BSNL Broadband ????? downloading....uploading speed. P2P....speed ????
  11. savithk

    Dataone slow uploading

    i have BSNL DataOne conn... downloading speed is good but uploading speed is very bad . it is Dataone problem ???? iam useing BitComet for P2P . upload speed is slow ..... so downloading speed also slow ???????? please help me
  12. gursimran_2006

    Which browser is best for uploading!!!

    Which browser is best for uploading purpose.
  13. go4saket

    Which Is The Best Free Web Hosting Site???

    Hi Guys!!! Which according to you is the best free web hosting site. Free means absolutely free and if possible, without any annoying pop ups and banners. Web space, speed, uptime, reliability, uploading features etc play a major role... Chao...
  14. saurabh.sauron

    eMule help

    i cannot download anything in eMule. it is always waiting. The download queue is always large. even uploading doesnt help. help.....
  15. mohit

    How do i extract these ??

    hey guys .. i downloaded some stuff and ended up with lots of zip like files which need to be extracted .. i dont know which software will extract these files.. i am uploading a screenshot of the folder with those files .. plz help.
  16. C

    Info About Java Uploader

    Hi Frnds Can u tell me from where i can download Java Uploader Software for uploading Java games to my Samsung C200 phone?
  17. Charley

    Multiple uploading websites required.

    There are many websites for uploading but I'd like to know specific sites which can upload multiple files say 4-5 files at a time. << Cheers >>....
  18. S

    How MUch DOWNLOADING taking place?? urgent...

    CAN anyone tell me during chatting and also during voice chatting how much downloading and uploading is taking place... (approx)... IS there any free software with which i can find how much downloading and uploading as been done???? [/i][/b]
  19. S


    I had installed emule a week back after reading so many positive reviews from you guys about it....but the probem is its uploading a HELL LOT than its downloading......just to give an idea upload speeds are 25-30KB/sec on average and download speeds are a mere 10-15KB/sec....i cant cancel the...
  20. V

    Syetem Restarts By itself

    Recently My System started to become very unstable. It restarts by itself (Cold/force Restart i.e. No shutdown) and every time it restarts i get error messege like I have included the Two Files here *www.spunge.org/~valtea/sos/Mini051505-11.dmp...
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