1. ithehappy

    Any uploading hosts / cloud supports Pause feature?

    As the title asks, are there any uploading hosts or cloud service which supports a 'pause' feature? Is that even possible with uploading? I have tried a few, GDrive, Dropbox, Box etc (I personally use Firedrive), but none of them have it. With an ultra slow upload speed, a pause feature would be...
  2. Hrishi

    Bizzare Upload Speed in UTorrent.!!

    While Downloading a Torrent , I noticed that there was a sudden spike in Uploading speed in Utorrent. My maximum uploading speed should be around 80-100KBps , but I am wondering why it crossed 2MBPS in utorrent. I don't think a 1mbps internet plan can provide such high upload speed , so what...
  3. O

    site builder

    Hi!!! I have been using trinity site builder for past eight months. It is awesome but uploading of images is really really tedious. So now I want to make a site which has a good look and easy uploading of images without any upload limit. I own a domain and hosting service is taken by me. No...
  4. M

    Driver help

    Am trying to update my driver,which are missing .... Uploaded with ImageShack.us i have searched high and low .... but cant find it so please help me am uploading my motherboards details Uploaded with ImageShack.us *** would be highly grateful if u guys can...
  5. R

    Hey! Guys I need some HELP

    Heya guys...Good Evening* I am currently using Corei3-2100 SandyBridge With ECS-H61H2-M2 MotherBoard + Simtronics 4GB RAM@1333Mhz It works pretty well infact Outstanding :) I need suggestion for *GPU* My budget is approx 6500-/ INR Currently i am on a stock fan. So suggest me if needed :) Here i...
  6. khmadhu

    Does my Upload speed effect my download speed?

    Hi, I got some strange question.. Does my Upload speed effect my download speed? although theoretically Bandwidth is the sum of download & upload,practically different users are experiencing different speeds, some people say there download speed decreases while uploading, while some say...
  7. vikasg03

    Somebody uploading without my knowledge

    Hi, Recently I shifted to ghaziabad and then I take BSNL Broadband connection.Now the problem start. As soon as i connected to net so many viruses start coming every time and then suddenly my download/upload meter (DU Meter) is start showing Heavy Uploading. Suddenly I check and I shocked...
  8. stevebadshah

    bsnl uploading query plz help

    hi is uploading in bsnl unlimited plan free? i have chekced the website it has given download/upload =unlimited( i understand from this that download and upload is unlimited)..but i want to know whether anyone of u guys got extra charges in bill? plz reply
  9. M

    Unnecessary processes in taskmanager

    Hey guys, im uploading two pictures of the processes running, i havent seen any pc with so many processes running at the same time.... also im uploading a picture of startup apps. pls have a luk and help me stopping them frm running unnecessarily. im getting pathetic running speed of my...
  10. M

    Why do People upload torrents ?????

    its not a crappy question so please dont give crappy answers ..... i really dont understand why people run the risk of uploading "stuff" on public trackers when RIAA only hunts the uploaders and not the downloaders ???????i mean for public trackers like pirate bay & mini nova u dont get any...
  11. X

    FS: Core 2Duo

    Hi guys I have a Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz 2mb L2 Cache processor. my quote :- 3500 + shipping. soon uploading the pics. pm me if u r interested. **Mumbai buyers preferred. bye and take care.
  12. V

    multiple uploading ...........

    plz tell me the procedure for multiple uploading............
  13. Davidboon

    free uploading on ortel broadband plans in orissa !!!

    yes its true, ortel a leading cable tv provider in orissa is providing free uploading on its 512 kbps plan. it's broadband plan rates start from rs 150/pm . so happy uploading for ortel users in orissa. but what we need is free downloading !!!
  14. sravan

    Downloading and uploading

    whenever i am downloading anything using flashget it shows more uploading speed than downloading speed though they are not torrents what is being uploaded?
  15. ruturaj3

    Uploading database

    hi, can anyone tell me how to upload database on the server. I hv created database on my local machine. And after uploading on to the server, what connection string i should use in my asp.net program.
  16. iMav

    Uploading at Download Speeds

    weird problem since yesterday azureus has suddenly started uploading at constant ~13kbps which is supposed to be my download speed and has started downloads at ~7kbps :confused: any ideas
  17. amanjagga

    Web Master's Thread

    Hi guys !!!!!!!!!:) I need you help. I have Gb's of data to upload :???: I want to ask is there any software avail that can increase the uploading speed? or any FTP that can help me in this prob? or any other trick or experience? Please help me guys as when i am thinking about Gb's of...
  18. V

    Uploading, Grabbing Thumbnail and Displaying Videos in real time using PHP.

    wats the Best For Uploading, Grabbing Thumbnail and Displaying Videos in real time using PHP ? Once a User Uploads a Video to a Forum or Site say Something Like Youtube,Want the Thumbnail to Captured & Displayed Once the Video is Uploaded by the User Any Help on this ?
  19. E

    Rapidshre uploading too slow on bsnl BB

    How to improve the speed of uploading to rapidshare (free account) i am getting good speed on downloads but when it comes to uploading files to rapidshare it goes for a long time (10-20 Kpbs max speed)... Iam using Bsnl 500 plan is there a method to schedule rapishare uplaods , i tried...
  20. dashang

    Need help in downloading images

    I want to download a series of images that are uploaded in image uploading site. I have tried DAP, internet download manager but both failes to do so. How to download image from image uploading site with just a link nad without entering image uploading site
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