1. A

    Ice Cream Sandvich Update on Xperia Pro(Owner please Reply)

    Hi All I own a Xperia Pro and it update to ICS has been out. I want know has anyone have updated their Xperia Pro. How is the performance. Is their any cons, and what are the benefits.
  2. A

    Can unlock windows phone 7.5 get update?????

    Hey Guy’s I wanted to know if I unlock my Samsung focus (mango updated), can I get update from Microsoft which came later (most probably windows 8 update). Thanks.
  3. Kev.Ved

    Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ Speed

    What is the consistent & maximum speed that you get on Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ USB dongle? Do mention your city if not updated in mini profile & do you get a full signal strength?
  4. D

    G.Skill RipjawsX F3-17000CL11 8Gb model

    Hi my friends I reacently bought G Skill F3-17000CL11 4 x 2 modules and they wont boot at 2133Mhz with or without Extreme memory Profile. My setup: Intel 2600k @ 4400 (just bumped the multiplier to 44) MSI P67-G45 (B3) (Already updated the bios because and still same) Gskill DDR3 8GB...
  5. S

    Flipkart.com, should i buy a phone?

    i want to buy motorola defy. I found it on flipkart.com with cheaper price than market and that too with updated android 2.2 froyo. Should i buy it online?? which is better, buying online or from a shop?
  6. M

    one touch access failed/subscribe to packet data

    In my nokia x2 01,I have activate bsnl gprs and able to connect internet. However,when I am trying to connect to the internet using my Labtop,I am getting the above errror. I have installed latest updated pc suite/ov suite in my laptop. What could be the reason for the error? any...
  7. ashis_lakra

    GPU and PSU tables

    This Charts will help you to decide which PSU is best for which Graphic card. Got more information on this thread , very informative, updated. *forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?showtopic=264
  8. P

    How the websites with dynamic content are updated

    Guys how the dynamic contents of websites are updated whether any automated tools are used to update contents of a page or every time manually open edit the page and update the content. For example take thehindu.com every minute or hour the page needs to be updated with new news whether they...
  9. Sid_gamer

    Guys please Help me OC my i7-920

    Hey everyone, I want to start OC'ing my rig but I am a complete Amateur at it so I would like all of you to help me do it step-by-step.. Also I want to know how can I flash my BIOS as i haven't updated it from the time I purchased my rig.. Regarding the Hardware I use , You all can refer my...
  10. M

    MySQL : Has recently updated his profile help

    how do u display a user who recently updated his profiles ... like in facebook u find : XXXXX has updated his profile picture etc. etc ...
  11. Desmond

    Problem with Catalyst Control Center & Low framerates

    I have a Sapphire Radeon HD4850. I've been experiencing low framereates in most of the games I play, ever since I updated the driver and CCC. Now, CCC does not run. Nothing happens beyond the splash screen. Please help.
  12. E

    Updated the N97 to the latest firmware yet ?

    The Nokia N97 received a new update to the version 22 firmware. Have you updated your device yet ? The update brings lots of bug fixes and generally increases the performance as well. I just tried it on my old N97 and it has indeed got much better. Highly recommended update !
  13. reddick

    Query about new sysytem

    About : New Dell Inspiron 15 I recently purchase new 'Dell Inspiron 15' laptop n the original 'Windows 7 Home Premium' came pre-installed with it. I want to ask some queries related to it :- 1. There is no partition in HDD as whole 320 GB is in C: drive , is it necessary to partition d...
  14. D

    an auto backup software

    i want an auto backup software that i can use with my external 500gb hdd & a shared laptop...my conditions are- i have a folder in my internal hdd which gets updated almost every 5 mins (i am a student, it is kind of like a project folder)...i want to be able to create a backup of this folder on...
  15. P

    video blues

    i m having a problem with video playback. during some parts of the video, the frame skips and sound is distorted, but the rest it plays fine. i've tried it with gom player, vlc and media player classic. the offending filetypes are .avi and .mp4 (usually high quality hd) the softwares are...
  16. soumya

    Office 2010 scheduled for June release

    Microsoft is set to launch an entirely new updated wave of Office applications in June 2010. The Office suite will be updated for Windows, including ribbon support for all products, and will also be launching Office 2010 for Mac OS X sometime in 2010. Office 2010 will be released in six...
  17. Rahim

    DCC Kolkata

    Digit Community Chapter Kolkata is exclusively for Kolkata residents, know the latest and stay updated on meets / events and activities in Kolkata.
  18. D

    DCC Moradabad

    Digit Community Chapter Moradabad is exclusively for Moradabad residents, know the latest and stay updated on meets / events and activities in Moradabad.
  19. D

    DCC Kochi

    Digit Community Chapter Kochi is exclusively for Kochi residents, know the latest and stay updated on meets / events and activities in Kochi.
  20. D

    DCC Chennai

    Digit Community Chapter Chennai is exclusively for Chennai residents, know the latest and stay updated on meets / events and activities in Chennai.
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