1. Desmond

    Peripherals in Pune

    Can someone please tell me about shops in Pune that sell peripherals? I know that there are a lots of them, but I want to know some where you guys would most likely go and/or someone who would guarantee to have some product that I want or at least be able to obtain it for me. - - - Updated -...
  2. ajayritik

    New External HDD 2 TB WD not getting recognized/detected

    I got my new External HDD 2 TB today and when I connected to my PC it said unable to install device drivers and the HDD is not getting recognized. I have WD 1 TB External HDD which is working fine. Is there something I can do? I tried swapping the ports as well. - - - Updated - - - Guys...
  3. R

    5.1 not working

    i brought intel DZ75-ML, I connected my creative 5.1 speaker but it is not working...i have updated the audio driver also..pls give me some suggesions
  4. seamon

    Increase resolution of screen.

    I increased the resolution of my laptop screen to 3200x1800 by down scaling method. - - - Updated - - - Comments?
  5. theserpent

    Negative Experience Amazon.in the worst E-commerce website in India

    I have purshaced from Flipkart,HS18,Ebay but never faced any thing like this before. I ordered 3 Game Cd's on sunday and they just updated "details shared with courier" I contacted them yesterday asking why hasn't any details updated yet,They said they will check it out in some hours,Today...
  6. V

    is it a bug? irql not less or equal natio.sys windows 8.1

    hi all, i have been facing this since i installed windows 8.1. Prior to that everything was smooth this crashes the windows everytime i start downloading a movie in torrents (utorrent_latest) for a period inbetween (say a month) everything was smooth.Without any specific care taken. but now...
  7. mikael_schiffer

    Ideal temperatures for Laptop-Is this too high?

    its been almost a year since i got my fan cleaned. However, i am out of warranty so i dunno should i clwwan it myself or should i ask somemone else to do it for me - - - Updated - - - Thats while surfing youtube on Chrome browser, 2 tabs open. No other tasks running in the background.
  8. rider

    Laptop suddenly shuts off while booting in new battery

    I just replaced the battery of my hp pavilion dv6-6165tx laptop with a lapcare replacement 6-cell battery. It works fine, gives backup of 3.5-4 hours. The only problem I'm facing is that whenever I turn on my laptop in battery. It shows boots or even get into home screen but suddenly laptop...
  9. F

    Usage monitoring in TP LINK W8968

    We are using a shared BSNL Broadband connection. We want to monitor usage from every device(i.e. amount of data used) What can be done ? - - - Updated - - - ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??? ??
  10. seamon

    16 GB Ram.

    Should I upgrade to 16 GB Ram? I currently have 8GB in Lenovo Y500. I was thinking about Corsair Vengeance or Kingston HyperX. Is it required or should I wait for some time? Is 8 GB ram enough for current-next gen games? - - - Updated - - - Is it a good idea to upgrade? Anyone?
  11. Nerevarine

    Xbox 360 controller woes

    I purchased an original wired 360 controller from ebay for Rs 2.1k.. For a while now, it had been working great but recently, it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting endlessly until I hit a BSOD If I plug it in my laptop, no such error occurs and the controller works fine.. I really dont...
  12. Raaabo

    Forum Updated 5/2/2014

    Please report any errors you come across here. Some avatars might be missing, hopefully not. :) The blogs and CMS are for later use, we've upgraded to the vbulletin suite to try and improve your experience, but it's a work in progress.
  13. H

    Samsung Galaxy S II I9100G good choice or not?

    ok guys am going to buy a smartphone and i someow like the s2.Always wanted one..so what i want to know is that will this phone be updated to jellybean and can i run games like dead trigger,riptide and score...temple run etc on this phone and if there is any other phone in that price range...
  14. R

    Iphone4s working only on Vodafone

    Hey guys, Someone I know has an iphone 4s and bought it a while back. He added his vodafone sim and so far so good. Yesterday he decided to add idea/dolphin but an error was displayed. The same sim are working on other phones but not on iphone. The phone doesn't seem to be factory...
  15. N

    Assembled PC Configuration within 20-21 K

    Hi, I need a detail on assembled PC configuration within around 20K excluding the following accessories: i) UPS ii) Monitor iii) Speaker P.N. - This is based on domestic purpose and eligible to consume updated s/w including Photoshop and other Coding tools. Thanks in advance for...
  16. chandan3

    help me guys how to fix this

    i updated latest driver
  17. pacificb0y

    ping problems while Gaming online cs 1.6

    Just Looking at those F##### pings earlier i use to Get 30 to 50 now 280 to 350 ,i freshly installed windows 8 ,updated my nvidia drivers and did every possible things to sort this out ,but failed
  18. doomgiver

    My STUPID OS (crashes, freezes, the works)

    This is mostly a rant, though i'd like to know why my system is crashing so hard. My desktop keeps : 1. crashing programs (i think its a flash problem) 2. BSOD'ing (not that frequent, more like 2-3 times a week) 3. Freezing (random freezes, 4-5 times a day) more problems : only 2.5 GB ram out...
  19. rahulbalmuri

    Crysis 3 Black Screen Problem

    Crysis 3 Problem :( I have installed Crysis 3 on my Sammy Laptop with i7+8gb RAM+650M graphics card+Samsung SSD 250gb and windows 8(clean install from win7) it doesn't work guys.. after going for the new campaign the intro video goes very smooth.. and then its just black screen?? how to...
  20. rhitwick

    Windows 7 Update issue

    Check the screenshot, This goddamn update is getting downloaded and installed for one week now! Is it a bug or my OS really getting updated all this time. How to resolve this issue? Also anyone else faced similar issue?
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