1. A

    Zenphone 2 laser 550 KL app to sd card transfer

    How can i do this to fill up my sd card installed in this phone.the phone is new now updated to marsmallow and working fine.but internal storage is low,i want the sd cad to take all storage.screenshot enclosed
  2. Cyberghost

    Transmission Infected with KeRanger Ransomware

    It was discovered this weekend that popular BitTorrent client Transmission was infected with what is believed to be the first fully functional ransomware on OS X. Palo Alto Networks discovered the infection and report that attackers infected two installers of version 2.90 of Transmission's Mac...
  3. rhyansy

    2016Q1 MSI Gaming Notebooks Brochure

    Updated offerings from MSI India Notebooks https://www.facebook.com/MsiIndiaClub
  4. S

    5.2 supported MB only gives 2.0 / 4.0

    5.1 channel supported MB only gives 2.0 / 4.0 ASRock > N68C-GS FX This is the MB. It says it ahve 5.1 support. I am using Windows 10 64 - Yest the OS with most bugs Driver is latest - updated from VIA. Windows default audio properties shows option only upto 4 channel!! Ok...
  5. reddick

    Software Update 5.1 for Moto G 1st Gen.

    Hi There, I want to ask that did anyone updated his/her Moto G with this current update? If yes, Please share the improvements/differences you had noticed. Whether you guys recommend it to download :?: The reason being I'm asking this is when I updated my Moto G with 5.0 , I did not like...
  6. R

    Is Azom dead?

    Well, I'd been keeping myself updated with the laptop scenario in India, but Azom haven't updated their gpu lineups for the 900m series and the Exigo is no longer listed in Amazon.in The 870m they offered for 87k was a great deal but they haven't really updated their product lineup for quite a...
  7. D

    Superuser not working in lollipop s4

    It says su binary needs to be updated although nothing is updated. The root is verified. Even titanium backup is not working properly.
  8. A

    old hollywood vcd/dvd buy online

    looking for a Ava Gradner classic called BHOWANI JUNCTION-where will i get it online and cheap-any links - - - Updated - - - help somebody-where can i buy
  9. A

    Laptop under 45k

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) INR 45k, might be able to push it to 48k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook? Moderate gaming(mostly Fifa 14 and...
  10. Chetan1991

    Need good quality keyboard within Rs.2000.

    Hello everyone. I need the best keyboard that can be bought within 2k. I could spend more if the keyboard is really worth it. Need one that doesn't require too much force, doesn't has too much key travel, and lasts long. - - - Updated - - - :bump: bumpity :bump: :bump: :bump:
  11. Skyh3ck

    SuperX - Linux OS from India

    i was searching for various linux distros, and found this wonderful and really good linux distro developed in India I have not used it, but will download a new copy when they releases a new version with updated software and latest kernel Super X Libresoft SuperX DistroWatch.com: SuperX also...
  12. O

    Suggestions for earphones

    Hi Want to buy new earphones. Was going through the threads of experts and just wanted to know why the Sennheiser CX 180 has been left out completely? Is Sound Magic better than Sennheiser and other brands? Flipkart is offering Sennheiser CX 180 at Rs. 842. Is it not worth? - - -...
  13. gagan_kumar

    unlimited broadband provider in bangalore

    hey i wanted to know about which all broadband providers which offer really good deal are there in bangalore......... required speed : download:2mbps upload:512kpbs+ budget: 1500Rs/- per month max plz skip ACT,airtel and for the love of god don't even mention the name of BSNL...
  14. R

    Nokia X2 Launched !!!

    The Nokia X2 is now official and is a proper evolutionary step from the original Nokia X. There are updates both on the inside and out, but most notably, the Nokia X2 packs a larger 4.3" ClearBlack display. Its resolution, however, is still 800 x 480 pixels, resulting in a pixel density of...
  15. Harsh Pranami

    Need help removing shortcut virus

    Hi friends. My computer just got this weird virus from my roommate's lappy. Whenever I plug in any usb drive, all the contents of that usb drive gets hidden and shortcuts are created. Although I can access all the files by using the option 'Show hidden items', but I thinks it's good if that...
  16. S

    Please Advice IEM with mic up to 3k

    Hello guys, Can you Please suggest me a good sound quality in ear headphone with mic. My budget is up to 3k. - - - Updated - - - is soundmagic e30 or brainwavz m2 come with mic?
  17. S

    Laptop for animation works between 30-35K

    i need a laptop for my academic use (i'm a animation student though). i'm not prefering desktop because am not at home. a friend of mine says that he also had laptop for the same reason but software like maya and 3Ds max forced him buy a desktop - - - Updated - - - let it be DOS or no OS...
  18. H

    PSU suggestion

    i have an i3 3220 processor and iball lpe223 400 psu i want to put a new graphics card like hd 7770 or r7 250 will psu support - - - Updated - - - i have searched everywhere on the net it says that my psu is 400w is it correct? - - - Updated - - - how does the W get used?
  19. M

    Sony xperia M

    Hi guys, need some input about xperia M .. as i'm planning to buy this one. anyone using this phone please tell about +ve and -ve of this device.. is it worth buying? - - - Updated - - - and how is Moto E ?
  20. seamon

    Laptop Temps.

    I found this after playing Infinite Crysis for 1 hour today: Should I: a)Repaste GPU 1+CPU with Arctic Silver V. b)Make Real Homemade Laptop cooler 3.0. c)Try to decrease ambient temps using AC. d)None of these. - - - Updated - - - OK. I just did a "Kirtan" test. Prime95+Heaven...
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