1. N

    How To save the Windows Update files ?

    Friends, Can anyone of you please tell me how to save the automatic Windows XP updated files, as i have found my system has updated itself for a long time , and i need to format my Hard disk ,and i can guess it would take a long time to download all those files as i am up on a...
  2. K

    Kottayam LUG Group Website is Updated

    THe Group Website is Updated .Checkout www.ilug-ktm.tk Hi Friends, THe Group Website is Updated .Checkout www.ilug-ktm.tk - Added Some members details to the members Directory. - Changed the webdesign according to all of ur opinion(Black Text in white baground). - Added A new...
  3. K

    Partition magic on brand new hdd

    i have used partition magic for dos to make partitions on my new hard disk(160GB). while i intend to do the same on my friend system his system assembler told me that its not advisable to use disk manager or paritition magic or any other except the fdisk. if its so, why microsoft hasnt...
  4. it_waaznt_me

    -={ Request for Tutorials here .. }=-

    Please post all your requests for tutorials in this section .. Threads asking for tutorials on this and that will be deleted without notification ... Ill keep this thread updated and there will be a request fullfilled system ..
  5. V

    problem in updating windows !

    Hi. I'm facing a problem in updating windows. I've XP pro. in my pc. when i'z updating the windows in shows a message "product key is not valid so windows can't be updated plz inform microsoft." and itz not updated. what all i've to do in order to update the windows. plz help me. vishal
  6. P

    infected by w95.cih HELP!!!

    i'm using win xp pro os and it is affected by w95.cih virus , it creates about six to seven .tmp files wnenever i open my pc in my c:\windows\temp folder each of 80 mb file size and my comp. becomes very very slow. it takes about one hour to get back to normal .though norton 2005 detects them it...
  7. A

    Longhorn Transformation Pack 9.0

    I am no fan of it , but here it goes. Changes in version 9.0: Added contributed skin "Western (By Scott Eichelberger)" Added first-run slient transforming mode for automatic transformation and uninstallation (perform when Windows starts) Added Longhorn Transformation Pack - Maintenance...
  8. techno_funky

    *****Longhorn Transformation Pack 8 RELEASED!*****

    With Longhorn Transformation Pack you can transform your Windows XP into the upcoming Longhorn (the new Windows edition from Microsoft). This is version 8 and includes support for Windows XP Service Pack 2 as well as a lot of other enhancements. Changes in Version 8.0: -Added M3 Boot...
  9. M

    Backup NAV Updates updated by LiveUpdate.....Is it Possible?

    Am Using WinXP as the OS. Need help to backup my NAV2003 updates updated by Live Update feature. Is it possible? If yes, how??? Looking forward to ur help..........
  10. sms_solver

    Related to Nav 2003

    I am using Winxp sp2 and have dial up connection I have updated NAV files, virus definition files. It nearly took 2 hrs for that Now my NAV is up to date. Is there any way to transfer the updated files of NAV to another PC with NAV so as to make it up to date as well :!: I know the...
  11. ShekharPalash


    I'm on WIN XPSP2, AV is NAV 2004... I use DAP 7.2 as my default DWLD Mgr. Yesterday I downloded Musicmatch Jukebox 9 from its website... DAP Downloaded it prefectly up tp 99% and stopped on 99%... I waited for 30 mins to see for left 1%... didn't completed... Again today same happening...
  12. mariner

    ok ! here they come again !!

    well guys w32.blackmal.c is here . hurry up and get updated . effects all windows os. *securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.blackmal.c@mm.html remedy is available here *securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/defs.download.html
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