1. D

    Windows 10 update ISO help

    I did not get the reserve windows 10 app earlier but downloaded the iso for media creations... Now i have reserved upgrade and it is ready but i dont want to download it all over again by windows update as it is like 2.3GB how do i use the iso that i downloaded for the free upgrade and i want to...
  2. S

    Windows 10 Update Queries

    So today's the day windows 10 have launched, I have a update in control panel waiting to upgrade my windows 8.1 Pro (Pirated) to Windows 10, I just want to ask will updating my OS to the new one retain my Programs?? I Have a lot of programs & games installed like GTA V, CS:GO, Asseto corsa etc...
  3. D

    Is there Any pirated Windows 8.1 copy which can be update?

    Hello Guys. I heard That some of the pirated copies of Windows OS can be updated like normal Paid Windows OS. I need Pirated Windows 8.1 copy which I can update. If anyone have any idea about this please share it and share link too. Thank you.
  4. abhigeek

    How to update from windows 8 to 8.1.

    I have restored my laptop using Lenovo OneKey Backup. In backup windows was 8. So I downgraded my windows from 8.1 to 8. Now I can't update to 8.1. I can't download 8.1, its saying that you'll automatically be prompted to install Windows 8.1 soon. I can't update my drivers because latest ones...
  5. D

    lumia 640 XL | internet sharing isn't currently available | after update

    Just a new phone. Everything was perfect, then after the last update, hotspot is not working at all. I use Airtel and Vodafone. Internet sharing works over "bluetooth", but whenever I tried over Wifi, it gave me the error "internet sharing isn't currently available". I've tried almost everything...
  6. Faun

    Bloatware and the alternatives

    I reinstalled windows 8.1 pro and setting it up with less bloat. Bloatware I have identified so far: 1. Adobe Flash Alternative: Switched to HTML5 videos in firefox. But still had to install it for other sites. Why it is a bloatware ? It's slow and the constant update service notifications...
  7. vito scalleta

    Sony xperia ZR Switching off

    Hey guys. My friend has a problem with his Xperia Zr He says after the lollipop update his phone switches off when the battery level falls below 15%. Any solutions ??
  8. jackal_79

    Lg G2 - Kit Kat Update - Suggestions ?

    Hi! I bought the new G2 D802T last week and it's currently running Android JB. I found that Kit Kat update has also been released for it recently. But i am getting mixed response on the update as some are having bad and some good experiences. Having attached one of the articles below, has any of...
  9. G

    update android using pc

    Hello digit, My sister has a micromax canvas a1. She got notification of android 5.1 update. But the problem is our wi-fi router is not working properly. So can I use my pc to download and install the update. My pc internet connection is working fine. Thanks.
  10. mikael_schiffer

    Software update always spoils my laptop parts

    Guys, ive been having so many problems with my HP g6 2005 AX (Warning:Cheap Quality) Firstly, my motherboard got spoiled (or thats what the Service Centre claims)..which occured right after i did a BIOS upgrade After nearly 8 months of wait and Rs11,000 spent, i finally got my laptop back...
  11. I

    Need to update a gaming rig. Please suggest the components that I need to update. Under 25k.

    My current PC configuration is: Processor: Intel i5 760 @ 2.80GHz. RAM: 4GB DDR3 @ 1333MHz.(Forgot the manufacturer name.) Motherboard: Gigabyte P55 USB3. Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 5670. Cabinet: Cooler Master.(Again, forgot the model. The PC is almost 5years old now and I bought it as a...
  12. bssunilreddy

    [Want to Buy] PC LED Strip Blue 1 meter

    Hai, I want to buy any PC LED Strip Blue 1 meter which is DIY also. Please has it update me as soon as possible. Max I can pay is Rs.600 including shipping.
  13. meetdilip

    Nexus 7 2012 error while updating to Lollipop

    It happened to me twice. The update from 4.4 is around 312 MB. It got downloaded fine but when I use Restart and Install button, tablet shutsdown and starts update only to show that there is some error and stuck with Android robot with a red triangle error icon at the opening in it's heart. In...
  14. harshilsharma63

    Real Racing 3 not working after update

    Hi. I got an update for Real Racing 3 and I installed it. But since then it just crashes on start. Is anyone else facing this problem? I'm on Lollipop 5.0.2 using a 2015 Moto G. I have tried re-installing it twice but no success.
  15. $hadow

    Official Windows 10 Thread: Installation and Issues (check first post)

    -PREREQUISITE- -INSTALLATION- Install using Media Creation Toolkit (if you don't want windows to automatically update) Install if the automatic update fails for any reason or if you want to download esd file manually and install. Next step: Free up some space on your Operating System...
  16. D

    Any software to update all the drivers.

    Hello I am looking for a free software and of course a reliable one to update all drivers on my pc and laptop. It is very tedious to go to the manufacturer's site and look for the latest version. There are many applications on the net but I am afraid of them messing with my drivers.
  17. A

    Lg optimus g gets kitkat update(4.4.2)

    Finally LG in all its wisdom has decided to seed the much awaited 4.4.2 update for their 2012 Flagship(LG OPTIMUS G). I am downloading the update on my phone as I write this.Ironically, the day I decide to trade my LG-OG in for a SGS5 is the day it decides to update to 4.4.2 :) Cheers...
  18. cacklebolt

    Xiaomi phones discussion thread

    Hello everyone! I am sure a lot of people here have been curious about Xiaomi's foray into the Indian market. This thread has been created for the sole purpose of discussing the various devices the company has launched, the issues users are facing and first-hand feedback from the owners. My...
  19. GhorMaanas

    using putty to install applications/edit settings in optware

    Hello everyone! i have a tp-link router with me, wndr3600, thats running on ddwrt. it has two pen-drives plugged to its usb ports, one has optware transmission on it, and the other is just for downloads and storage. the set-up was given to me by a friend. now am a neophyte in this, and hence...
  20. C

    windows 8.1 update 1

    As a result of clean install of ubuntu I lost my windows 8.1 (updated to update 1). But now after using the recovery disc to install windows, I am not windows 8.1 update 1. Is thr any way to update to it as the deadline has crossed:-(:-(
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