1. Ayush_ANI

    Serious Problem Occurred

    APP CRASH every time & lots More... Hi Friends A Serious Problem Occurred. I have MB ASUS M4A89GTD PRO, AMD phenom II X4 955 BE . When I update my MB BIOS, I faced some problem like PC hang(when i play songs or doing multiple work), Only Vista OS can install not any other OS can install...
  2. nims11

    Digit Software Archive with GUI

    few weeks ago i posted my command line version (here) of digit software archive (YADSA). Now, using Qt, i have given it a GUI. its my first Qt project (and my first open source one too!!), so please suggest any possible improvements, bugs, feedback. in addition to GUI, i have updated the...
  3. A

    Not able to update galaxy 3 .Pls help!

    I am new to this forum. I had started reading digit an year back and since then been I have been reading all the issues I could get hold of. Since then there has been a great change in me. I have learned quite a bit but still I am a novice in computers. Let's leave that part because there is...
  4. V

    Did Pc go blind?

    On 6-7-11 i bought sapphire radeon HD 4350 1GB card & installed on pci-E slot. After installing its drivers system has slowed and hangs after few mins. I rebooted many times but nothing changes & also in device manager did not show any incompatible. Now i tried to update the ati catalyst...
  5. gamer669

    update cancelled, problems have arised - xbox 360

    i was connecting to live when it asked for some update. i said yes and it downloaded and installed 1 update. again it asked to update , and while it was i pressed B to cancel . now it is reading all my GAME dvd as Vedio dvd. also all my avatars are missing. i have followed all ur above steps but...
  6. avichandana20000

    what is RAID?

    I have goggled the word to understand it but cannot make any solid concept. Roughly what i have understood is two or more HDD will work together. (Make me correct) and please update me on this.
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