using putty to install applications/edit settings in optware


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Hello everyone!

i have a tp-link router with me, wndr3600, thats running on ddwrt. it has two pen-drives plugged to its usb ports, one has optware transmission on it, and the other is just for downloads and storage. the set-up was given to me by a friend.

now am a neophyte in this, and hence seek your help. i want to access the router/optware using putty, edit transmission settings (in settings.json), as well as be able to install additional java apps onto the pen-drive. i need to know how to go about this. i just tried SSHing into it using putty, and could just go till establishing a connection. i don't know any further.

the router is connected to my desktop pc (win 8) using ethernet. please guide, if you may.


UPDATE: alright. i was able to access ddwrt as well as settings.json of the transmission-daemon, using winscp.

UPDATE 2: figured some things, like installing java on the server, etc.

requesting mod to please close this thread.
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