1. E|e<tr0|!0n

    Updating non-legit Windows 10

    My new laptop(which originally had DOS) has a cracked windows 10 ver 1511 installed by my local retailer. How do I update it to Redstone builds without screwing anything up? I fear using Windows update may lead to microsoft discovering the non-genuine copy. Is there any other reliable way to...
  2. K

    HP 240 G4 Notebook PC BIOS Update

    Hello everyone. I want to update my system BIOS. The BIOS version currently installed is F.1A. The latest version available on HP website is F.22 Rev.A. I downloaded the setup file & ran it on my system. The the setup cancelled with an error message stating, "This BIOS update is not support...
  3. bssunilreddy

    The Windows 10 Creators update will launch on April 11th

    Hai, The Windows 10 Creators update will launch on April 11th The Windows 10 Creators update will start rolling out to consumers on April 11th, finally bringing Windows 10 Game Mode to PC gamers as well support for additional mixed reality experiences and Beam streaming integration. It...
  4. J

    What are the effects of Google Penguin 4.0 major update on website?

    Hi Google said that it has completely roll out the Penguin 4.0 update. What are the changes that can be seen on website which are effected with this update?
  5. B

    Nvidia GeForce Experience Update Error

    Hi Friends, I updated the Nvidia drivers from the Nvidia Control Panel icon which used to be in the right hand corner of the screen near time and wifi icons etc. The Nvidia GeForce Experience update (what is this btw) started downloading and installing and then I got an error that C++ has...
  6. V

    Digilite Motherboard Bios Update required.

    Hello Everyone I got to know the reason the new graphic GTX 1060 isn't working on my Dl-b75m due to bios update issue. Sadly when i check with their website they don't have any support/downloads for the bios of their mother boards. Also when i checked by opening the case of my Cpu , my...
  7. B

    Printer not working after Anniversary update of Windows 10

    Printer not working after Anniversary update of Windows 10+other issues Hi Guys, I shared a Canon LBP 2900B printer connected to Windows 10 laptop to a system with Windows XP computer using the steps as mentioned in the links below(check in the order of the links)- How to connect Windows...
  8. ithehappy

    Have Windows 10 nuisances been sorted out?

    I ditched 10, came back to Seven, wanted to give it full six months for their stupid bugs to fix, six months are over. So I just want to know whether with latest updates the bugs have been got rid of or not. By bugs I mean the following: - Start Menu's Search index would completely stop...
  9. A

    Adaptable Storage Feature

    You all should have know about the 'adaptable storage' feature in android marshmallow. Because of this feature you can use your external sd card as the internal storage. Moto series is bringing this feature to the masses by the android marshmallow update. But i don't know why companies like...
  10. B

    Errors in Win 10

    Hi guys, My cousin got a Win 10 laptop last week. We are facing few errors. The Windows version is Windows 10 Home Single Language, check this http://oi64.tinypic.com/2wn7q7m.jpg We got this error yesterday afternoon, when Firefox with few tabs was opened. It all froze for few minutes and...
  11. Cyberghost

    Nexus Mods user database may have been breached

    Change your password if you have an account at Nexus Mods—the situation isn't clear, but there are indications that internet miscreants might have got at the user database. Overall it sounds like Nexus founder Robin 'Dark0ne' Scott has had a bad weekend. Announcing the incident on the Nexus...
  12. ajayritik

    Having trouble viewing and copying files from PC to iPad

    I recently updated my iPad to newer version using the Update option after connecting the iPad to my PC. After that update I'm unable to view the videos from the videos app on my iPad. When I use softwares like Shareit and Xender from my PC I can see the videos of the iPad in the contents of...
  13. reddick

    Software Update 5.1 for Moto G 1st Gen.

    Hi There, I want to ask that did anyone updated his/her Moto G with this current update? If yes, Please share the improvements/differences you had noticed. Whether you guys recommend it to download :?: The reason being I'm asking this is when I updated my Moto G with 5.0 , I did not like...
  14. tkin

    Any TATA Credit Card users here? Need help

    Hey guys, If there are any TATA Credit Card users here I need your help. I have two questions. 1. TATA Card is a partnership with SBI card, so does SBI card offers apply for TATA Cards? Like the upcoming SBI Card offer in Flipkart Big Billion day sale? Reference...
  15. Cyberghost

    An update for Windows is rendering many older game discs unusuable

    Microsoft has released a security update for Microsoft Vista 7 and 8 that will stop game discs that use Safedisc DRM from working. This was already the case for Windows 10, which also doesn’t support discs running SecuROM, but these games were previously still usable on systems running...
  16. IronCruz

    Regretting for gifting Windows Phone

    I gifted my aunt a Windows Phone Lumia 540, because i didnt find any good phone in that price range in android, as Moto G2 and Asus ZF5 both were only available online. I didnt want to purchase a Chinese phone because i dont know where to go for service if any problems occur. I feel very regret...
  17. Cool Buddy

    Windows Update woes

    I have just spent a whole day trying to update from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and ended up with Windows 8 on my laptop! Please bear with the long question. My laptop, which I had previously updated to Windows 8.1, had slowed down considerably and it was also not showing the upgrade app for...
  18. axes2t2

    Quickpic is now part of Cheetah mobile.

    https://plus.google.com/109111834781483187991/posts/T26qnJYdHST Time to find a new gallery app or not update the current version.
  19. J

    Cheap motherboard for refresh i3s?

    I would like the i3 4160 but im afraid of the bios update needed with the budget b85/h81 boards. Please guide me
  20. D

    Queries regarding updating to windows 10

    Im a newbie to tech. My laptop is running windows 8.1. I have following doubts regarding updating to windows 10. 1) Is the update free for lifetime ? I've heard that windows 10 update is free for first one year only. Later it will be charged. Also I've heard that we have to update until one...
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