Xiaomi phones discussion thread


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Hello everyone! I am sure a lot of people here have been curious about Xiaomi's foray into the Indian market. This thread has been created for the sole purpose of discussing the various devices the company has launched, the issues users are facing and first-hand feedback from the owners.

My question is that does anybody have any update on when will the Xiaomi Redmi 1S launch in India? And does anybody know about a kitkat update for the phone? I was to originally go for the Xiaomi Mi3, but I cannot afford to spend 15k on a phone. This phone I'll be buying from my mother's last salary so I need to be absolutely sure about my decision.

Should I go for the Redmi 1S? Does it have any major flaws? Software updates?


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Oh no not another Xiaomi thread.

Please do a search of this forum with 'xiaomi' as the search string, you will most likely find your answer.
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