1. shreeux

    Call of duty black ops 2 Unable to play continuously?

    After 3rd mission....challange mission opened....unable to play 4th mission....
  2. A

    unable to acess google

    i was unable to connect google.com. when i tried in chrome im getting directed to chrome download page. when tried in forefox, its getting directed to firefox download page and for explorer its directed to IE11 download. tried all sort of cleaning but cant find a solution. Please do help us to...
  3. anon232

    Hibernation + Windows Explorer Problems

    Hibernation + Windows Explorer + Boot Screen Updater Problems System Configuration:- Sony VAIO F15219 + Dual Boot OS (Windows 7 SP1 64-bit+ Linux Mint 15) Problems:- 1. Although I have all the latest drivers installed in windows 7 alongwith all the required Sony's utility software,I simply...
  4. ajayritik

    Unable to connect to internt using laptop having wifi router

    I have internet connection setup with router. I had my old laptop which I tried connecting to internet however I'm unable to do so and get the following message in Network Connections screen of the laptop. The Settings Saved on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of the...
  5. kg11sgbg

    Unable to install any Linux Distro OS besides Windows 7

    Hi all,Very recently I've purchased a GIGABYTE GA-970A-DS3 motherboard(socket AM3+/Socket AM3),as my old BIOSTAR TA785GE 128M (socket AM2+) motherboard went kaput. This Gigabyte mobo supports UEFI as well as LEGACY BIOS. I have installed my Windows 7 PRO.(64-bit) completely successfully,but...
  6. V

    Unable to remove write protection from usb drive

    A friend's usb drive is infected by a some malware which is preventing the drive to be formatted or for that case to do anything with any of the files except open them. A scan with defender shows the malware but it is unable to clean it. Even unlocker is unable to delete those files. I have even...
  7. omega44-xt

    Cannot connect to WiFi of my router

    I have a BSNL teracom modem. I have configured its wifi using I'm unable to connect to Wifi....... Any solution?
  8. axelzdly1

    I need a serious change damn it! Can anyone help?

    I'm 19 .I think I really need to change my life-style.. My typical day goes like.. I wake up at 11 during my free days and then I start my PC, INTERNET ALL DAY! and go out a few times for 5 min or so.. and I sleep at 2 PM.. = 12 hours avg of computer..isnt that loong? I think most of the...
  9. S

    xperia neo L wont read sim

    my xperia neo L display was broken, i got replace the new display it was bit hard to find the matching one, now display work find but neo L is unable to read sim card, it reading none of sim, i tried for few place to get repair but they are unable to sort out the problem, they are unable to...
  10. harshilsharma63

    Unable to access TDF IRC cahnnel

    Hi. i installed mIRC on Windows 8 today. I set server name as "irc.thinkdigit.com/6667" and port as "6667" but I'm unable to connect. I keep getting the error "Unable to resolve server".
  11. Empirial

    Unable to Edit Tags & Album Art

    Hi, I'm unable to edit tags & add album art using iTunes, JetAudio & Professional Tag Editor, even that Artwork tab in iTunes is missing. iTunes : (As you can see, those missing tabs are visible in other file.) Jet Audio : Professional Tag Editor:
  12. GhorMaanas

    Unable to download anything!

    Hello everyone! a friend living abroad just connected to me to tell of a problem with his laptop. he says that he formatted his system recently, and since then, he can't get to download anything and has been unable to connect to gtalk, itunes, etc. throws up no error. although he can browse...
  13. abhidev

    Unable to find the drive id in Ubuntu

    Hi guys. I have win 7 and Ubuntu installed on my laptop. Yesterday I shutdown windows abruptly by mistake and when I restarted the laptop it started the repair sequence. But after an hour or so it said that its unable to repair. Then again I when i restarted win and tried logging in, its...
  14. saswat23

    FSP APN series 700W.

    Would like to have reviews/opinions/suggestions about this PSU. The specs for the 700W model: Found a review of it, but I am unable to read it on my mobile. 파워서플ë￾¼ì￾´&HDD - FSP FSP700-80APN Anyone??
  15. C

    unable to set up netgear router, please help!!

    i bought a netgear n150 jnr1010 router yesterday and after following the instructions in the manual to a tee i am unable to access the internet. i tried searching on google but couldnt come across anything helpful. i'd be really grateful to you guys if you all can help me out. btw, my isp is...
  16. omega44-xt

    Using "C" Language in Win8

    I want to run C programs in windows 8 but I'm unable to find a suitable compiler. Can someone please suggest a good compiler ? I have downloaded Visual Studio Express for Desktop on my laptop but it gives the following error when I run it... I'm unable to find the Project properties
  17. A

    Hey Guys,I have been facing a problem with my wireless network adapter

    I have a Dell Vostro 1540 lap with win7 ultimate. Recently I reinstalled my OS due to bluescreen error.The problem with wireless adapter is it is unable to start displaying code 10 error..Can anyone help me with this..???
  18. kool

    Plz somebody uplaod offline installer of WHATSAPP for Nokia C3-00 , i'm unable to update app.

    Hi guys, My GF is using Nokia C3-00 and recently she is getting error to update "Whatsapp" and she is unable to update, becuase of slow Reliance GPRS. :twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted: Plz somebody upload here a full installer of new whatsapp for Symbian S40 OS. :razz: It...
  19. kool

    ►►►Titanium Backup Pro !! Urgent Help !! Accidentally deleted system app.

    Hi guys, I've Micromax A100 (ICS). I installed APEX LAUNCHER v1.01 and then i converted from user app to system app with the help of Titanium Backup Pro. Now i downloaded APEX v1.4 but unable to install as it saying, its system app, installation failed. So i uninstalled APEX v1.01 by TBP...
  20. Y

    Unable to create/join homegroup

    My Wireless Router is connected to Desktop (running Windows7 & 64 bit) & Panasonic TV through wire. Two laptops running 32bit Windows7 connect to the Router through wifi. Network Location in all computers is set as Home Network. I am able to share music, videos and pictures on both the...
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