1. A

    Any digit member in Dehradun willing to help setup a smartphone for my parents

    My parents are old, living in Dehradun. I got them to buy a smartphone but they are unable to connect to wifi. Probably some setting issue. Unable to help them from Delhi. Was wondering if someone would care to help locally. Will be really thankful.
  2. S

    Nokia Lumia 520 Flight Mode issue

    Unable to turn off flight mode in Nokia Lumia 520 Tries resetting the phone. Tried software recovery still unable to turn off flight mode.
  3. sandynator

    Which Movie player Supports HEVC/H.265 video in Android

    I'm trying to play a F HD MKV movie encoded in x265 in my Asus Zenfone 5 as well as nexus 7 2012 but unable to play it smoothly. MX player plays it very slow & audio pauses in between after 30 secs. VLC is unable to show video properly but audio seems to be smooth sailing. Media player...
  4. M

    Unable to locate the voice recording file

    I am unable to locate the voice recording file in my Nokia X2. I can see it in the file manager on my phone but not on my PC when I connect the phone.
  5. Darshan Singh

    Unable to upload photos

    Hi guys, I am unable to upload photos in a post. I have reduced the file size to around 180kb and the resolution is also according to standards (1600*1200) but when I try to upload photos under 'Manage Attachments', it gives an error saying 'Upload of file failed'. Does anyone have any idea...
  6. kg11sgbg

    SIM not readable in Android tablet; option greyed out

    One of my Android Tablet's is running very well,except for the network connection through sim(3G). I had deactivated/closed :duh2: the sim management function by sliding in the button,and took out the sim. Now whenever with any 3G sim be it Vodafone or Aircel or Idea,I am trying to reconnect,the...
  7. rohitshakti2

    Apk like mobogenie as I am unable to connect with it

    I have installed mobogenie for backup of my ph and for installing the udpates of my apks through it. But my Moto E is unable to connect through it on my pc. So is there any other apk such as this ? regards
  8. ax3

    firefox bookmarks corrupt !!!

    hi, i have freshly installed win 7 ... was using ff 34 on old os ... have upgraded to ff 38.0.1 ... bt the problem is, its not importing my .json file for bookmarks ... it say "unable to process, file might be corrupt" ... bt if i open it in notepad its there ... how do i get old bookmarks ...
  9. SaiyanGoku

    Where to buy Inkjet printable Vinyl?

    So, after reading Laptop skin I wanted to make a Vinyl Skin for my own laptop (and then probably show it off to friends). Only problem is, I'm unable to find Inkjet Printable White Glossy self adhesive A4 vinyl sheets. Can anybody direct me to a product listing preferably from Indian e-stores or...
  10. vickybat

    Unable to run wildcard queries in hibernate search

    Hello guys, I'm unable to run wildcard type queries in hibernate search. Hibernate search is not the ORM persistence api we all are acquainted with but is a different thing. It's a full text and search api that searches through documents by indexing them. It's built on top of apache lucene...
  11. R

    Ram suggestion required

    Hi Guyzzz, Confirgured my pc in september 2014 based on your suggeswtion : AMD fx6300 Gigabyte motherboard XFX R9270x GPU 8 GB kingston hyper x blu ddr3 that cost me aroung 4800 rs Now the thing is that I want to upgrade my RAm to another 8 gb but I am unable to find it online. Can I fiut...
  12. kg11sgbg

    Unable to write DVD or CD through DVD writers in Windows

    I am unable to read or write DVD/CD (accessing data,burning an OS,etc.) through my DVD writers in Windows 7. What is the problem????
  13. stellar

    Can't Access WI Fi

    In my Color X factor Star 3.5 i can see Wi Fi is connected but when i open browser and other apps, it says " Connection Failed unable to connect. Please review your network settings".How can i fiddle the setting to run net from wi fi.
  14. A

    help regarding galaxy s3

    greetings !!! Guys i got a new SGH-I747M galaxy s3 from canada [kodoo] with dual core + 2GB ram. Stock 4.3 :-D I got it unlocked at a local shop for Rs. 400 :-? But i got network issues. My phone doest get connected to the network. At the notification bar i got emergency calls only...
  15. sling-shot

    Unable to load www.fednetbank.com

    For the last 3 months or so I am unable to load https://www.fednetbank.com in Firefox desktop version from home. Either in Windows or Linux. Nor with a new profile with no add-ons. My ISP is BSNL and I am on 800 unlimited broadband DSL plan. It works while using IE on my laptop. No with Opera...
  16. ratul

    Indian teenager is worshipped because he has a seven inch TAIL,

    but may need it removed as he's unable to walk.. :shock: Typical India.. :wink: Read more: Indian teenager is worshipped because he has a seven inch TAIL - but may need it removed as he's unable to walk | Mail Online
  17. T

    How to configure TPlink w8968 for alliance cable broadband in kolkata

    hi.. i bought tplink w8968 for alliance broadband, as the sales person at the shop told me that it supports telephone line broadband and cable broadband also...so i bought it but now i'm unable to configure it to connect with alliance broadband.allaince bb provided me ip address,gateway &...
  18. W

    Help upgrading pc

    My friend has this configuration i3 Core 530 @ 2.93 Ghz 4gb DDR3 RAM 1333 Mhz 2gb ATI Radeon HD 6450 Motherboard Intel 82578DC Gigabit CIL ODYSSEY 450w He is unable to run games like GTA: Liberty City. Plz suggest which component he must upgrade
  19. N

    Tired of unable to understand this file sharing thing

    Hey friends, i simply sick of messing around with homegroups and file sharing procedures. I m having one laptop on Win8 64 bit and other laptop on Win 7 Home Premium. I want to share a folder specifically with my other laptop. Please some one help me whats the difference in homegroup and how...
  20. A

    unable to create new mail in thunderbird & play video on youtube

    dear friends, i can't create a new mail set up in thunderbird, it gives me an error massage"sorry-we are unable to communicate with our sign up server-please check your connection." and my second problem is that i can't play video on youtube, it also gives an error massage. my...
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