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Hibernation + Windows Explorer Problems


Broken In
Hibernation + Windows Explorer + Boot Screen Updater Problems

System Configuration:-
Sony VAIO F15219 + Dual Boot OS (Windows 7 SP1 64-bit+ Linux Mint 15)


1. Although I have all the latest drivers installed in windows 7 alongwith all the required Sony's utility software,I simply cannot hibernate.
I have tried
a)powercfg -h to manually turn on the hibernation which work well as I can see the newly created hibernation file
b)powercfg -devicequery wake_armed to see if any devices are waking up my laptop during hibernation of which there are none.
c)Hybrid sleep is disabled
d)powercfg -energy Report Project-Free-Upload
Funny thing is hibernation works perfectly in Linux Mint.
Short of reinstalling windows what can I do?

2. Windows explorer is acting weirdly.Whenever I'm running a bandwidth monitor application or a battery meter which runs in background but visible on the taskbar,they stop responding completely after 2-3 hours.
So I ran sfc /scannow command which says that it has found some errors but unable to fix them.
Log Link: Project-Free-Upload
What should I do?

3.I'm unable to windows 7 boot updater s/w for changing my boot screen.The process appears briefly on task manger and then disappears.
In the past I've succesfully used the s/w on both 32-bit and 64-bit windows 7 with no problems.
So what can be done?
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