1. samudragupta

    Vodafone 3g/2.5g users on android please confirm!!!

    hi all, i am currently on vodafone mumbai 3g, and for the last few days i am unable to load play store. (screen shot attached). two of my friends on vodafone 3g and 2.5g repectively are also facing similar issues. i am also unable to access ebay intermittently. Playstore and ebay loads fine on...
  2. Niilesh

    BSOD while updating graphic driver, PC doent start

    I was updating graphic driver, in between Win crashed and i got a BSOD.I Rebooted the lappy saw that it was running in very low resolution(i think 640*480). I installed the driver again but it didn't fix the problem then i restarted the system but i am unable to get to desktop. I have tried safe...
  3. Ashokkumar01cbe

    MEMORY CARD unable to format

    i tried to format my sandisk 8 gb memorycard .. for the couple of times using the format option but i am unable to format it.. i use sd format software to format it it it also woes.inserting the memorycard to pc after 10 minutes it do doesn,t show how much memory space is available ...please...
  4. M

    facebook problem

    hi i was recently downloading a software from the internet when ,in the flow,i accidently affirmed a request to post on my facebook profile by some other person .they manipulate my profile by liking odd pages and communities and posting feeds.i am unable to change my priorities to prevent...
  5. shreeux

    Subtitles file unable to detect in sony bravia 40 INCH BX45 LCD TV?

    My all downloaded movies file like avi,mp4,mkv i put a subtitle file same name with movie folder in both extension srt ans ssa file and press the all 4color button still unable to play in tv..through my usb...Plz suggest your opinion.....How to play...
  6. pratik385

    Connecting two laptops with adhoc

    Hi guys, I've Reliance Broadband connect, 12mbps upto 25gb and then 1mbps unlimited PLAN I live with 4 roomies so want to share my internet with them... It should be flexible, you know when i connect the cable i should be able to share it and when my other roomie is using it he should be able...
  7. Desmond

    How to unlink my Youtube account from my Google+ account?

    I kinda connected my Google+ account to my youtube account and now I am regretting it, can anyone tell me how to unlink it again, I am unable to find it anywhere. Thanks Update : Disregard this. Figured it out.
  8. D


    i tried to partition my laptop harddisk using paragon partition manager...but i got the message already four partitions are there so unable to create more partition...is there any ways to create more than four partitions....
  9. C

    [Query] WD Hard Disk RMA query

    I ordered WD 500 GB HDD from FlipCart. It overheats and Im unable to install OS. Frustrated with it. I bought it 1 month ago but assembled PC 3 days back. Still unable to configure anything or get PC working as I cannot even install OS. How does RMA works with FlipCart. I'm worried that I lost...
  10. ud0103

    Topic: SkyDrive

    I've already posted thousands of questions on microsoft's forums but still have a question unanswered.. Can any 'f the skydrive users tell me how to get rid of the unable to sign in problem ?? The taskbar icon keeps saying signing in but never actually does that.. :(
  11. C

    Electic Shock in Cabinet and WD Hard Drive not found in BIOS.

    Hi friends. I assembled a new computer. I switched on computer and then tried to install Windows 7 using CD. It did partition of the new HDD and trying to install OS. After it completed 25%, generated error that it is unable to find some system file. I tried again and this time some other system...
  12. O


    Help i have envy 15 laptop. I foolishly downloaded a ps3 jailbreaking software i runned the exe 2 times and after the next start of the computer i m unable to do any work. Cpu usage remain 95-100. I click start it happens after 10 seconds. Help needed pz
  13. R

    BSNL Pantel tab T-Pad IS701R -unable to unlock, touch screen not working

    I have received T-Pad IS701R one day ago on 26th jun after very long wait. I opened box, and trying to ON it..It got started, blue screen is able to see but it's unable to UNLOCK. The strip for which is to unlock is not working. I am unable to start it on very first day :cry: Can someone help...
  14. Desmond

    Unable to boot into recovery

    Hi, I use a Dell XCD28 phone. I updated ClockworkModRecovery to the latest version ( via ROM Manager. Now I am unable to boot into recovery. When I try to boot, the phone gets stuck at the splash screen and nothing happens hence forth. I want the older version (version 3 something)...
  15. buddyram

    Unable to Boot into Ubuntu 11.10 after Hibernation!

    Got struck in a strange problem. Last night i left the Ubuntu 11.10 hibernated, today when i switched ON the system, i was unable to boot into the Ubuntu OS. Ubuntu drive is given a space of 50 GB and swap drive space of 2 GB which i think is sufficient. I find no problem booting to Windows...
  16. E

    Unable to play games on 2 Laptops wirelessly through Router

    I have configured a wireless router and me and my friend are connected to the same. Both can ping each other and both of us are using Windows 7 OS. We can also share and access each others files. But the problem is when we play a game(Counter Strike/Fifa) I'm unable to see the other person. I...
  17. O

    Unable to Boot from USB

    I have Envy 15-3017tx. I have windows 7 x64 installed from hp. I have c drive of 931 gb and now i shrinked the size 40 gb. I want to install back track on the unused space left after shrinking. I have made bootable pendrive by unetbootin. Now the problem comes. I m unable to boot the pendrive...
  18. montsa007

    Dlink 2750U + MTS Modem = Unhappy Me!

    I bought this DLink 2750U to tether my MTS Mblaze connection. I am unable to proceed anywhere, please help :( I use Win 7 64Bit.
  19. Siddharth_1

    Unable to move files from Ex. HDD...

    I have a portable Seagate 320GB HDD from which i am unable to move some files. I want to move its files into my computer and empty the hdd. But some files get stucked at the same point while moving them. I am using teracopy to move the files. Pls help... Thanx in advance
  20. H

    unable to install services, acess denied

    Dear Friends, i was trying to install user mode framework, in which i got access denied error. I gone through log file and found its unable to install services. log file and if file are attached. Mine is a network laptop and i have all the rights requires to update system. Do i need any...
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