1. S

    Unable to set upload speed limit in uTorrent

    I am unable to specify the upload speed limit in the uTorrent v1.7.5. I am using it on vista. I am able to set the maximum upload speed but it is not taken into consideration. Eg. Say I set upload speed of 20KB for a torrent but the speed may be 30-35KB. (I have maximum upload speed of 60KB). So...
  2. thewisecrab

    Unable To Remove StorageProtector Spyware And a Virus!!!

    Hi guys My friend was surfing the net casually (didnt open any illegal or warez site) when suddenly his computer was bombarded with messages like: Your PC is unstable To solve this problem click ok or click on windows troubleshooting to solve your instablity or Your system has performed an...
  3. A

    Unable to click Start Button and Task bar

    Every time I start my computer I get a message window as under: Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. I again and again pop ups after closing it. As such I am unable to work. Also my Start Button and Task bar always showing dumb...

    unable to add Canon printer.

    Hi,i've been trying to add canon printer since morning but unable .Can u tell me how to add printer.My distro is FC6 nd Printer is Canon PIXMA iP 1800.Thanx in Advance:confused:
  5. saurabh kakkar

    unable to play any video in ubuntu 7.04

    hi i m unable to play any video even the Experience ubuntu.ogg either in Mpalyer and totem in my ubunut 7.04. i m able to hear sound only and that too in totem plz help me i have installed all the restricted packages but all in vein :( this is the second time that i started totem to play...
  6. hansraj

    how to transfer sheduled tasks from one pc to another

    guys i want to keep a backup of my scheduled tasks and also want to tranfer them from pc to laptop n vice versa. i am unable to find a proper solution.. any help ???? Platform: windows xp sp2
  7. A

    How to remove W32.Almanahe.B worm

    Hi all, My NAV, 2005 detected C:/Windows/Linkinfo.dll file corrupted with W32.Almanahe.B!inf virus. It says Unable to repair the file. I have searched the removal method from NAV website. But while trying to edit the registry entries, I could not find the entry values mentioned in removal...
  8. T

    unable to open the gmail in internet explorer

    hi i am unable to open the gmail in the internet explorer browser.when i try to open it it will says Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. otherwise the gmail can be opened in the firefox browser.
  9. cool_callis

    dvds became unreadable

    abt two months ago i burnt some video lectures on three moser baer dvds in data format. now i need those videos but when i insert these dvds in tray of my laptop, these are not readable and my system hangs but unable to read these dvds. the data is very important to me . suggest me a way to...
  10. krishnandu.sarkar

    ntde1ect.com - the virus is irritating

    A virus named "ntde1ect.com" is creating many problem. I use McAfee but it's unable to remove the virus....Can anyone help me plz.....
  11. K

    Unable to create file

    I am Using the WinXP. I am unable to create a folder and files in the Particular path only "d:\Siva Research". I get the msg like "Access Dined".... I do not know why it is??? I attached the screen shot of it. Please fix this Problem.... Thanks in advance
  12. sk_thinking

    How can to connect internet in suse 10.3

    need to connect internet in suse 10.3 i am unable to connect internet in suse 10.3 how can i do it.......
  13. saurabh kakkar

    Unable to install Cutter

    I m unable to install Cutter in my windows xp earlier it use to install perfectly but now when i try to install windows gives the following error message : plz help me to rectify this problem
  14. saurabh kakkar

    Unable to see Scrap entries in orkut

    I m having very unusual problem . i m not able to see my orkut scrap entries I have tried using I.e 7 nd Opera but all vain . I have scanned my system for virus using Kasper sky but no virus found Here is a screen shot of my orkut profile : I m unable to figure out the problem...
  15. Q

    How to connect my fone to pc

    Hello Everyone, can anyone tell me how to connect my k750i to my pc via data cable......? it could not find any device, i tried SE pc suite too but still am unable to connect my fone...... is there any thing wrong with my usb port's ? if yes how can i fix it.....? Thanks..... in advance
  16. prankie

    Securing WIFI connection??

    i just got myself wireless router of DLink for my home.... right now anyone (neighbours!!) can access it without any password... how can i password protect it??? i've put an administrator password to it... but i m unable to put access password!!!
  17. B

    problem in uninstalling

    dear friends I want to uninstall roadrash game from my computer. Atthe time of uninstalling i get a message that unable to locate c:electronicarts/roadrash/del1st3.isu. uninstallation will not continue. please help os windows xp bkm
  18. B

    Airtel Messenger

    hi, yesterday i enabled airtel messenger for abt 50 rs per month..... i am using a nokia 3230.. i downloaded the software from their wap site...... i keep getting login failure..... so i am unable to use it.... any suggestion on what the problem could be????? I checked all the setings.. most...
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