1. Jaskanwar Singh

    TV Tuner

    guys my budget is max 2k. i need an internal one. and no fm required. is this a good one - Aver TV Speedy PCIE Internal TV Tuner PCI Express what advantage does this one have over - Aver Ez Capture Video Capture card Aver TV Super 009 Internal TV Tuner PCI bus i have no problem...
  2. K

    Need a Tv Tuner Card

    I am looking to buy a tv tuner card for my PC, never used one before. Could do with some help and suggestions Would prefer an internal card. The need is simply to watch Tv and maybe record something. FM or any other features not needed Some details about my PC Win 7 Ultimate...
  3. G

    Buying a TV tuner

    Hi, I want to buy TV tuner either internal or external. I have a samsung 933 SN monitor. And is there any TV tuners that works without an antena. I have a budget of upto 1,500. My monitor supports only VGA
  4. S

    USB Tuner Card

    I'm preparing to buy USB tuner card for my PC; is there any need for me to get USB tv BOX??????
  5. Y

    How to choose a TV Tuner Card?

    I want to purchase a TV Tuner Card and I do not have any knowledge about them. How can we differentiate between good and bad TV Tuner Cards? Please suggest a decent one.
  6. S

    DVB-S / DVB-S2 TV Tuner card - PCI

    i want to buy dvb s2 tuner card -- help me
  7. B

    Internal Hybrid TV Tuner - Urgent...!

    Kindly suggest me a best hybrid internal tv tuner card to record both cable as well as DTH telecast which will work in my phenom X6 based Pc.Budget upto 2000 rupees. Kindly suggest me the best model which is available in chennai in each category (PCI,PCI Express, USB) Kindly treat this...
  8. B

    Suggest a good hybrid tv tuner for AMD PC.

    System Config : AMD Phenom X6 1055 T Proccy MSI GXM65 motherboard. Kindly suggest a good hybrid tv tuner card for my PC which can record both analog (CABLE) and digital signals (DTH). The specified card model should be available in chennai. Thanks.
  9. pulkitpopli2004

    XBox connection with LCD monitor

    I want to connect xbox 360 with LCD monitor with help of External TV tuner card. I read on some threads that if you connect monitor with Xbox through internal TV tuner card then this leads in to some delay generated due to TV tuner card as signals passes to monitor through PC hence is it good to...
  10. B

    Hybrid TV Tuner for Phenom X6.

    Kindly help me to buy a tv tuner card which can record both analog and digital tv.(Hybrid mode) My config is AMD Phenom X6 1055T based. Kindly suggest the best one in all category (internal,external) USB is preffered. Thanks.
  11. pulkitpopli2004

    can BenQ Monitor be used as TV also??

    hiii.. I am planning to purchase a LED BenQ monitor for my PC 22" most probably. i just want to know dat how to check whether a particular monitor can be used as a TV or not??? do they have sum kinda internal TV tuner card or wht? n yeah installing a TV tuner card in ur CPU.. will that make...
  12. abhi.eternal

    Suggest: VFM External TV Tuner

    I have a pretty old computer and don't have a TV! Now I want to get a TV Tuner so that I could watch sports and those odd TV shows. I want an external one but it should not cost me much. Please suggest the best VFM tuner that I can get in Bangalore. If the tuner has some extra features, better :)
  13. ayushman9

    Suggest external tv tuner under 2.7k

    I am using hp dv6 laptop . I want to watch doordarshan & listen to fm through laptop as i m a student & always in move. please suggest a suitable tv tuner for ths purpose . Tuner having internal or bundled anteena , usb etc will be prefereed . Brand does not matter , but it should work...
  14. ayushman9

    Suggest TV-Tuner card for netbook under 2.6k

    I recently bought a HP DV6 Laptop ,but sadly ,they did not offer an inbuilt tv tuner card. Please suggest me a good tv tuner card ,preferbly USB ,but i can buy whatever you suggset under budjet. My primary requirement is watching DOORDARSHAN & listening to FM ,as i m a Student constantly...
  15. N

    Best external tv tuner box

    Hello, i just bought a samsung 22' LCD (B2230). i need a good tuner box (external). pl suggest a good box with price. thank you, nazar2k4.
  16. newway01

    Need Help - Display Garbled System Lockup

    Hello , check the attached pic.. My display turns into this after about 10 minutes of using. It occurs more frequently if I play videos or use my tuner card.. I have to restart my system to get back to normal. But then again it freezes like these after some 15 minutes or so.. Also if using tuner...
  17. M

    An i3 or i5 SYSTEM for under 32K

    Hello All, My friend wants an i3 or i5 (only) system for under 32K. The system will be used for internet surfing & some simple latest games. Graphic card under 7K will do. He also wants external TV tuner, so suggest monitor(18.5" or 20" LCD wide screen) & TV tuner BOX together. Please suggest...
  18. giprabu

    TV tuner card issue.. Pls help.

    I bought a zebronics i2010 internel tv tuner card.. But forgot to look into the system requirements while buying.. The problem is i'm able to get only the video but not the audio.. There is no Audio input socket in the card.. I'm supposed to give the audio input to a sound card but i don hav...
  19. P

    Low Cost TV Tuner Cards effects Mother Boards

    I've read many people suggesting low cost TV Tuner Cards from Tech-Com, Supercomp, frontech etc. But nobody mentioned any bad experiences with these low cost tv tuners. I'd like to share my experience with these tv tuners and would like to know anybody have any such issues. My First...
  20. M

    TV Tuner Card Freezes

    Hello All, I have Pixelview TV Tuner card PV A881 P (Conexant CX23881-39), I have installed the software and drivers that came with the card but everytime I try to scan for the channel the sound mutes and the computer freezes. I have tried different TV Tuner Card softwares (Chris TV...
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