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  1. A

    Tv Tuner

    suggest me a good tv tuner either external or internal..not more than 1.5 k..i'm getting my rig today only.. plzzz hurry
  2. v2kisad

    Suggestions for buying an External TV Tuner

    Hi Guys, My External TV Tuner (AverMedia AVerTV Box GenieI) has stopped working.I'm looking to buy a new one.Please suggest a good replacement. Is there any model available that support HDMI out,as I have a Full HD Monitor and given a choice wouldn't like to use VGA anymore. I'm open to...
  3. M

    Please Suggest

    I have a portable DVD player with inbuilt TV tuner which is not working. I think the motherboard is damaged. But I am very much sure that the 7" LCD screen of the player is perfectly fine. Can anyone suggest me or help me how to make use of the monitor for other purpose like using it to watch...
  4. N

    Conflict with TV Tuner and Graphics card.

    Hi guys, I have Intel DG41RQI Motherboard which has 1 PCI-E slot and 2 PCI slot. PCI-E slot has ATI Radeon 4770 HD graphics card. And as you see in pictures below fan of graphics card completely covers 1st PCI slot and leaves around 2mm gap to lowest PCI slot. I wanted to buy internal...
  5. Akshay

    TV Tuner card for iMac

    TV Tuner for iMac Any suggestion for TV tuner for iMac? I have a cable connection which I want to plug in into USB based TV tuner to watch television on iMac. I have hauppage tv tuner but its little old and I have not found imac drivers for it. Budget - cheaper the better....
  6. utkarsh007

    Tv tuner card software

    Hi ery1 i have intex tv tuner card and with it came xp drivers which i insatalled. Also there came some honeystech software to stream video. but that is not working. I am using windoes media center and works fine. for that i can't use its remote and also the video quality is not good. Plz help...
  7. B

    TV Tuner card with HD support for DTH HD

    Hi guys, Im in search of a decent tv tuner card with 1080p for DVB-S , to use with AIRTEL DTH HD . Im having 22" LED monitor. Can you people provide me with suggestions and where to buy?? EDIT: I prefer internal tuner card, as i need some basic recording too
  8. N

    tv tuner

    I have a Samsung SyncMaster633NW TFT monitor. I want to buy a External TV tuner card. Please give me suggestion.
  9. Skud

    Software for TV Tuner

    Hi, I have got a old Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-150 TV Tuner card without any disc and remote etc. I would like to watch and record TV in my computer. I have a Airtel DTH. Please suggest me a good software to view and record at high resolution. Freeware prefarable but won't mind spending some bucks if...
  10. prttal

    A TV tuner card for a laptop

    I would like to purchase(not very costly) external USB tv tuner card for a laptop. I would also like to know the way if usage, like the antenna etc.
  11. masterkd

    TV Tuner card suggestion

    I'll be subscribing for either tata sky or videocon DTH soon and for that purpose i require a tv tuner card!! Required features HD ready Live pause real time recording with timer FM tuner Budget : not sure about the budget, so trying to keep an open mind..i guess 4-5k will be suffice...
  12. D

    External TV tuner

    Hi I am looking for an external tv tuner (must with av in and vga out)..Should be compatible with lcd monitor(crt compatibility is a plus).:razz: If anybody selling,please let me know. Thank you
  13. L

    TV Tuner Help

    Hi, I have a beetel external TV tuner and my problem is that like with external tuners i have to connect my monitor to it in order to watch TV. But i have to disconnect my VGA cable from my PC and reconnect it to my tuner. Is there some kind of splitter or something available which can...
  14. saswat23

    TV Tuner Advice

    I want to buy a TV Tuner, probably an External one. But my question is can i watch TV on my Monitor without turning on the rest of my system. I want to use it with my 22'' LCD monitor which only has a VGA output. And which one would be a good choice under 1.5k. At max i can stretch it to...
  15. T

    TV tuner - internal or external?

    Hi, I want to buy a tv tuner card. Which one would be better-internal or externak? Which one will be good in case of internal? My budget is 1.5 k.
  16. P

    Advise 18.5" Monitor

    Hi, I am planning to buy a 18.5" Monitor for my PC. Have seen BenQ G922HDL (LED), but never used a Benq or rather anything other than Samsung. Also, looking for budget External TV Tuner (With Remote). Pls advise.
  17. ajayritik

    Best External TV Tuner Card

    I have recently purchased Dell ST2220M 21.5. I would like to use it as a TV can comeone suggest a good model of TV Tuner? I saw UMAX model available in one of the shops. How good is this? Any other suggestions? ---------- Post added 08-03-2011 at 11:04 AM ---------- Previous post was...
  18. A

    Playing Saved movie from HDD using Tv Tuner & its Remote control.

    Dear All, I have a PixelView PlayTV Pro TV Tuner Card with remote which works fine. Now my requirement is to play a movie file from my HDD and I should be able to control the movie using the TV tuner Remote Control. Please let me know which software I can use to do this. Thanks. AH
  19. mitraark

    Broadcast TV over LAN

    Hello everyone, For the upcoming Cricket World Cup i got cable in my room and bought a USB TV Tuner Stick [ Beetel Fun USB TV TUner Stick ]. Also , i wanted to be able to stream the channel through our Hostel LAN Network. I can across this very simple guide of how to do it from this...
  20. d3p

    Buying Advice : TV Tuner

    Hi Guys, 4 Days left for ICC WC 2011 Cricket & as a typical indian, i too a fan of cricket. Suggest me a TV Tuner for my Desktop [Budget is not a concern, but should by HD Supported]. Already own a Tata Sky HD. Moniter : Alienware 2210AW Optx 1080p.
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