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  1. D

    Help in buying TV Tuner Card

    Hi guys, I am desperate to buy a good n cheap TV tuner Card Motherboard - MSI 790GX Monitor - BenQ 22Inch E2220HD with DVI and VGA Input, Currently using DVI for PC input. I want good picture n sound quality plus i would like to view TV on PC for long hours such as Wimbledon Matches/F1...
  2. Renny

    TV Tuner question

    Hi, Zebronics - TV tuners - External LCD* ZEB-L2012 I've want to buy this TV Tuner, since its an external one can I record shows on my computer from it? Will I be able to connect my PS2 to my HD monitor using this TV Tuner?(Through the A/V input and output from D-Sub) Any other better...
  3. curioustechy

    usb hd tv tuner - best

    hi guys, i've cornered myself to this one "AverMedia AVerTV HYBRID VOLAR HX TV Tuner Card" AverMedia AVerTV HYBRID VOLAR HX TV Tuner Card | Tv Tuner Card | Flipkart.com can anybody suggest another one with same specs but lesser price...(only usb type and hd recording is must)
  4. M

    external Tv Tuner

    hi guys I got benq G2222HDL Monitor with DVI n VGA input I am using DVI from my pc input so I am looking for a TV tuner to connect at my VGA I am using setup box its not hd i guess so far i find this one better and cheap on flipkart Flipkart: Frontech FT External LCD TV Box JIL 0617 with FM TV...
  5. Amithansda

    [HELP]Need to Connect Xbox360 to LED monitor

    I have LG 22'' LED monitor (with HDMI ) (e2260) for my PC...and last week I got an old Xbox360 (with standard RCA connector)from my sister. The Xbox is running good, the only issue that worries me, it got no HDMI port!! Problem:How can i connect this xbox360 to my monitor and 2.1 creative...
  6. Y

    external tv tuner (without the need of cpu)

    i have a LG E2060T 20" LED monitor (http://www.lg.com/in/computer-products/led-monitor/LG-E2060T.jsp). i want a external tv tuner with remote that can work with monitor only without the need of cpu. my budget is around 3-4k. so plz help guys..
  7. Y

    external tv tuner (only monitor)

    i have a LG E2060T 20" LED monitor (LG E2060T | 20" HD LED LCD Monitor - LG Electronics India - Opera). i want a external tv tuner with remote that can work with monitor only without the need of cpu. my budget is around 3-4k. so plz help guys..
  8. happy17292

    internal TV tuner??

    budget: Rs.1000 [+/- 300] New/Used : any will do as long as its working fine Requirements: to record TV programs from SD set top box/gameplay from gaming consoles @ SD resolutions [using composite cables] Type : internal PCI / PCI-E based TV tuner plz suggest a good quality...
  9. L

    External TV Tuner box

    plz suggest a good external tv tuner card.... my budget,3k:-?:-?:-?:-?:-?
  10. L

    Cable Connection

    Can I use a TV Tuner Card for my cable connection? if yes, how?:-?:-?:-?
  11. K

    TV tuner card

    I want to buy a external tv tuner card within the range of Rs.1200.. Can anyone suggest a good one?? I will use this on both laptop and desktop... And, I want to know that how good a USB tv tuner is?? Is it comparatively good enough against other external tv tuners???
  12. meetdilip

    TV Tuner Card

    Please help me find a model with 1. USB external tv tuner card with recording at decent quality. 2. Works with Windows 7 64 bit and Windows XP. 3. Plug and Play with remote. 4. Schedule recording. Budget 1.5 K, can go upto 2 K.
  13. V

    Connecting Monitor to cpu and tv tuner

    Hi all, I have one pc (cpu and monitor). now i want to connect an external tv tuner to this monitor. so that if i want to watch tv just i will switch on tv tuner and if i want to work with computer switch on cpu. so how i can connect these things, what external devices required. Please let...
  14. F

    Want to buy a tv tuner card [HELP]

    Hey I just bought my new pc but I miss my tv. So, I want to buy a internal tv tuner card which can record live tv. Please notify me about max. supported resolution & also good quality:|
  15. A

    Problem Regarding TV Tuner Card

    dear sir, i bought a tv tuner of intex 2.0 which i installed in my laptop but the tv button is not active i m using window 7 operating system kindly suggest me wat to do:sad::sad:
  16. GhorMaanas

    TV Tuner and DTH

    Hi, i have a secondary tata sky SD connection. i was planning to use my TV tuner card to record programmes from the DTH. however, i read on a forum that this isnt possible with current STBs as there's some inbuilt protection in them to prevent such a process. i would like to know is it really...
  17. T

    RF TV tuner for Satellite TV.

    Hello expert, RF TV tuner for Satellite TV. Earlier I had local Cable TV at my home and I use to watch all channels through USB TV tuner card attached to my Laptop. I was able to watch/change any channel irrespective of what being watched on my Master TV set in leaving room. Few months...
  18. S

    Query regarding TV tuner card.

    Hello, I have an old 17 inch CRT monitor lying round the house. The CPU is not there. I want a external TV tuner card which would allow me to watch cable TV on that monitor. Which would be reliable model for this purpose? No extra feature is required(recording etc).
  19. D

    External TV Tuner card for lcd monitor

    Hi Looking to buy a External TV Tuner card for lcd monitor.It must have AV in and vga out. Basically I want to connect PS2 to my monitor.. Anyone selling??? Thanks
  20. X

    New TV Tuner In Kolkata

    I need a TV tuner card within 1.2k ~ 1.5k. Its for my home use. So guyz can u both suggest me which is good. My head is just drifting around whether to go for internal or extenal. Plz help me outta this prblm.
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