1. K

    Gaming PC, 65k Budget, to source from Nehru Place - needed ASAP

    Can someone please refer me to a reliable source at Nehru Place who can build a desktop in front of me while I wait?Would SMC be the best solution? I need the system urgently, by today evening. Always looking for improvements on the below as long as they're all squeezed within 65k (give or take...
  2. krishnandu.sarkar

    BBM Released For Android and iPhone

    * Source : BlackBerry Messenger BBM Releasing For Android And iPhone Today - TechEnclave
  3. K

    LG 42ln5710

    Purchased this TV today! :-D :-D
  4. B

    [Query] Asus mobo RMA

    Hi, I submitted my Asus motherboard for RMA last week, I need to know in RMA do they replace the mobo or repair it as they told me today that they are waiting for components. Also plz let me know about experience at digicomp, lamington road.
  5. kg11sgbg

    Was TDF site being Hacked???

    @TDF Friends, yesterday at about 10 p.m. while I was trying to open the Forum site of TDF,a pop up **** video with arabic language was displayed onto my screen. I tried with several browsers and the result was same. Today morning onwards EVERYTHING IS NORMAL ONCE AGAIN. Did any one of...
  6. N

    Urgent Help needed: USB Extension cable

    Bought a USB extension cable today. Its just 150-200 cms long. I bought it for my tv which has a USB port on the back and its difficult to connect pen drive there Today I tried connecting pen drives and my external hard disk using this cable, but they were not recognisedat all I used the...
  7. RON28

    Tata Docomo giving 3G speeds in 2G packs for 7 days

    Hello today i got this message from Tata docomo, getting 3G speeds from today morning
  8. sahil1033

    Comed-k uget

    Anyone who gave COMED-K UGET 2012 (PCM) and has the question paper with him, please please scan and upload it here latest by 10 PM today i.e. May 10, 2013. It's kinda really urgent. Thank you.
  9. harshilsharma63

    Obstacles in shifting from Windows to Linux

    Hi, I was thinking what all could be the problems in making a complete shift from Windows to Ubuntu? I know games don't work in Linux (as of today), but is that it? Is that the only problem? Are there any other problems that one may face?
  10. vanpr7

    CPU Overheating Issue (Urgent)

    Guys I have been having heating issue since today on my cpu. I changed my cabinet from an CM elite 360 to a CM HAF 912 today n while disassembling the pc and removing d parts from older cabinet I noticed a small capacitor lying on d floor similar to one on the motherboard. I couldn't find where...
  11. blackedition91

    Altec Lansing VS2621 - Need help in replacing fuse

    Hey guys, I have a 2 year old Altec Lansing VS2621. It was working fine till yesterday. Before going to bed, I turned off the power supply at the switch board, but did not turn off the switch on the sub woofer. I turned on my PC today afternoon. Everything except the speakers was working fine...
  12. rajatGod512

    dllhost.exe problem

    Can anybody please tell me what is dllhost.exe (COM Surrogate). Lately , I have noticed it is using huge amount of RAM like 5-6 GB . When I restart the problem is gone . It appears occasionally , Today It reached to 7GB RAM usage and I got a notification from windows telling me to close programs...
  13. bajaj151

    Should I RMA ?

    My 2Tb Goflex is 3 months old. Today I checked it using Crystaldiskinfo and got this result:
  14. krishnandu.sarkar

    Bsod registry_error

    Hello, I have faced this BSOD REGISTRY_ERROR before 2-3 times but on rebooting the PC, everything went fine and I didn't cared to notice the same in detail. And everything went on fine till today morning. But the problem started severely when I booted the PC today evening, everytime after...
  15. S

    Problem with dispaly of laptop............

    this is the display of my laptop when i open my laptop today. can any one tell what had happened to display of my laptop???
  16. kg11sgbg

    [Praise] Re: VeeDee Enterprises of Mumbai and after Sales Services.

    To all my @Forum Friends... I truly pay my Respect ,Honour and Gratitude to VeeDee Enterprises of Mumbai for their OUTSTANDING + EXCELLENT service to me. I had purchased a VeeDee E-10 Tablet(actually:---> WONDERMEDIA 8850 Tablet of VIA + ARM chipset)on the month of September 2012. It is...
  17. D

    How to restore/fix underclocked HD6850; PC won't boot or go past login screen.

    I have the MSI HD6850 card, bought last June. I've been using it since then, no major problems, most games run on medium/high settings fine. About a week back, some games started to freeze between gameplay, and then after a few days, Win7 would hang whenever I'd be using it, games running or...
  18. D

    How to unlock iPhone 4S running on iOS 5?

    Hello, My relative bought a iPhone 4S from UK with a O2 Sim. He went there for studies and now have shifted to India. He wants to unlock the phone so he can use a Indian SIM. He inquired to a unlocking expert but he demands Rs. 7,000 for unlocking. So, he will be sending me his iPhone today...
  19. A

    micromax funbook talk not booting

    Three days before I bought new Micromax Funbook Talk tablet but today I put It for recharging and after that It is not booting at all .I tried recharge it from USB also but frustrating ..till today it was working fine and now this problem .I am really disappointed .
  20. A

    SoundMagic ES18

    Hello Guys today i got my SM ES18 Pair for me Bass is low i do not why but voice is very clear so i have to burn it or not ?
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