1. A

    C in linux/unix

    Hi! I am Adithya U,17 year old Engineering Student(IT) from Hassan,Karnataka This thread is all about running c programs in linux/unix Read it in my blog I hope this is enough for today. I am awaiting for your responses. Be sure to check this thread often...
  2. M

    Nokia E90 has been relaunched!!

    For all those guys waiting to buy Nokia E90 - it has been relaunched today after removing all the defects which were present during the initial launch. I bought it today for 38k (Delhi prices) though the prices will come down to around 35k once the availability issues get sorted out.
  3. M

    Suggestion Please For

    Hi To Start webHosting I m getting a server with 1 GB RAM & 500 GB HDD should i go for it ? Price $130/mo it comes with cpanel + site builder I m getting this under a offer whihc going to expire today so please reply fast guys that i m going right or wrong Thanks
  4. arunks

    Free sms and calls website software as shown on aajtak today around 3.15pm

    Hey guys.. today i saw a news bulletin on aaj tak telling abt some software or website for sending sms and calls and that too from any other's no. to anyone... Can anyone figure out which is that software...? Has anyone else seen that report on aaj tak today???
  5. Vishal Gupta

    Happy Birthday to goobimama (22)

    Happy Birthday buddy. :) hv a blast today. :D
  6. M

    A step ahead of Gandhi

    Dear friends today i am posting an article likewise which i have never done before. i have been either always asking others for help..whether be it in finding out a solution for a problem or asking for a software:D or i have been thanking or encouraging others. but today i want to bring to light...
  7. Third Eye

    Happy Birthday Google

    Google has turned 9 years old today. Happy Birthday Google
  8. K

    I saw Team India today!

    Today i saw Team India who were on their way to Mumbai's Vankhede Stadium from airport. They were travelling in an open-top double-decker bus and waving out to the crowd. I saw all team members, especially Yuvraj who was at front and waving the Indian Tricolour and dancing to the music. Their...
  9. netguy

    Mobile Re-starting automatically and abruptly

    I have got Nokia 3110 c ....I bought my mobill on Aug 15 th In the first week it was normal The second week I attended a marriage and started taking pics and suddenly my mobil got SWITCHED OFF and RE STARTED automaticallly....... I ignored it it happened to me around 5 to 6...
  10. esumitkumar

    any weblink to watch india pak match today ?

    guys I dont have TV but have a broadband if anyone knows about any weblink telecasting india pak 20-20 match today ...plz share or PM me :) TIA Sumit
  11. Projjwal

    Wht is todays indian idol result

    frd i missed the todays show of indian idol pls tell me who out today?
  12. krates

    is orkut is only for india

    just curious is orkut an indian site as i have never seen a foreigner in orkut as well as today at 15 august they have putten india 60 years of independence ???
  13. casanova

    Laptop under 35k

    Hi all. My friend called me today as he wants to buy a laptop. His budget is max 35k but prefers around 30k. He needs a Vista ready lappy with Core2Duo. Please suggest quickly as he plans to buy it today itself as he wants to come to Pune tomorrow. He will be bying this in Mumbai.
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