1. ranjitsd

    Buying psu today, need suggestion

    I'm buying new psu for Rx 480, which I bought yesterday. I have antec bp450, my rig is i5 4460 and normal pc parts. My budget max 4/5k. Buying it today evening.need suggestion urgently. Using mobile in office, so can't use basic format for asking suggestion.
  2. root.king

    Help - GPU died

    Guys yesterday i did cleaned my pc cabinet and reapplied all heatsink paste, and GPU started to giving problems. After a close look today found a CHOPPED PART from back of GPU :-( can it be fixed... please look @ attached image
  3. meetdilip

    Ubuntu 16.04 will go stable today

    Ubuntu 16.04 will be available as stable download from today. Anyone planning to upgrade ?
  4. Mizanurification

    Rainbow Six Seige

    on mobile right now. will format the thread later. free open beta from today. Uplay ID: Mizzy_Buzzer
  5. G

    pagefile.sys moved automatically to E: Drive

    When I restarted my laptop today, I noticed that there was change in free space in local drives. Earlier in my C drive it was 9 GB and in my E drive it was 15gb. But now C drive has 17.3gb and E drive has 7 gb only!. I don't know how this space transfer took place because I have not moved...
  6. seamon

    Tried a PS3 today.

    So today I bought a cheap used Phat PS3 solely to play the exclusives 1) Uncharted Series. 2) Red Dead Redemption. 3) Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki. 4) God Of War series. 5) Last of Us. Initial impression = Looks **** on a 1440p screen. All hail the glory of the PC Master Race. - -...
  7. S

    WD My Passport Ultra 2TB External HD for Rs 6,696 on snapdeal

    I wanted a WD ext HD for a long time but didnt had enough money till yesterday so i searched and this was the cheapest+legit deal that i came across. link - WD My Passport Ultra 2TB Portable External Hard Drive (Black) - Buy @ Rs./- Online | Yesterday i booked it for 6699...
  8. P

    Why do we want to commit suicide?

  9. Alok

    E3 2015 Updates Megathread

    E3 2015 : PC Gaming Show PC-Focused E3 Press Conference Announced First-ever "PC Gaming Show" slated for June 16 E3 is going to be especially busy this year. In addition to the regular conferences from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft, and Electronic Arts (as well as Bethesda and Square...
  10. F

    PC not Booting

    Hi guys, My PC recently started giving me booting issues. I only see the motherboard boot screen in the start and it hangs there.. if i restart it then it boots Today it wasnt even booting on restart ,... i restarted like 3-4 times and then it booted I have reconnected all cables, ram...
  11. harshilsharma63

    24 hours Razer Surround Pro Giveaway

    Xmas Surround Pro Giveaway Razer is giving away Razer Surround Pro as Christmas giveaway just for today. Be quick and claim yours.
  12. 007

    Giveaway - Insurgency

    Hello TDF Gamers - I have few copies of Insurgency left. Post here if you need one. Remember you need to redeem this today fast. :)
  13. beingGamer

    Skype no longer available for Symbian :(

    Received this in my mail today..
  14. ssb1551

    New FZS v2 launched today

    Yamaha launched FZS v2.0 today. The only new feature is Fuel Injection other than few cosmetic changes. New 2014 Yamaha FZ-S gets fuel injection| How much do you guys think it'll cost in Bangalore?
  15. K

    transcend 32 gb micro SDHC

    I have purchase transcend 32gb SDHC micro class 4 before 3 months but today its not working properly having error not dedect SD card
  16. Cyberghost

    Civilization 5 Multiplayer.....

    I would like to try Civ 5 Multiplayer. Anyone please add me I'm free at 22:00 hrs today
  17. R

    Official: Nokia Android phones are coming very soon.

    After a great round of buzz and rumours, today Nokia has announced it is making Android phones. Nokia introduces a third Android device, the 5-inch Nokia XL This is Nokia X: Android and Windows Phone collide | The Verge
  18. koolent

    Bad RAM Slot?

    So, the other day, I pressed the power button and the fans spinned the way they are supposed to but, they kept spinning that way. No ups and downs in speeds. So, I switched the power off and back on, same story again. So I spanked the chassis to the side and it worked. It went on for...
  19. seamon

    almost got cheated today.

    Finally bought my Inspiron 15 today. I had ordered it a week ago. Today the shopkeeper had opened the package before I arrived on the pretext of installing new software. I got suspicious and downloaded HW monitor then and there and battery wear showed 2%. Now I am grateful to think digit...
  20. Mr.Kickass

    Nokia loses all its social media points with ‘F*** you’ tweet

    I'm a bit late to write this but its a must read for those who missed it
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