BBM Released For Android and iPhone


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Source : BlackBerry Messenger BBM Releasing For Android And iPhone Today - TechEnclave


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On waiting list!
I had made a bbm account on the leaked version last month.But,that was deleted i guess


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Can someone share the apk I have a tablet and it says not compatible in play store and won't let me download
Surprisingly it installed on my ipad


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What good is BBM when you have Whatsapp and a dozen other clones like it?

Security => This is what BBM was famous for
Push Messaging => Almost all the messaging apps like Whatsapp, Weechat, Viber support this now, so can't consider it as a +ve point.
Privacy => The most +ve point comparing to others. You don't need to share your Email / Phone Number in order to connect with peoples, just share the BBM Pin.


Theres no major apps released for wp bec wp install base is ****. Lot of developers dont even consider wp bec its just not worth their time. Its gona be very difficult for a closed ecosystem to survive here. This is why you should be careful while buying wp its future looks too bleak.


Can someone share the apk I have a tablet and it says not compatible in play store and won't let me download
Surprisingly it installed on my ipad

BBM doesnot support extra large screen ie 5-6"+ So it is not compatible with any tablets out there...
source:- me ;) i am trying to port on 2.3 from whole day and after decompling very first thing i noticed in AndroidManifast.xml is there are lots of restriction with screen size and DPI( like XHDPI, HDPI)... I think BBM should give compatibilty to more devices.


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Can't install on me Nexus 7. Also on my tiny P500.
Hope it arrives for tablets soon. :/


^ Did you ever pay for Whatsapp? 'Cause I've been using Whatsapp for the last three years, and the subscription automatically gets renewed, so its basically free....

And even then, its just Rs 50 a year

Lets see how BBM fares...


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I really like the idea of having a second identity separate from my phone number / email id (which is nowadays commonly misused across the web for logging into / leaching data from other sites).

Just being tied to the phone number is one of the biggest drawbacks of WhatsApp. I have to give my phone number due to work to many people, and get bombarded with unnecessary messages. ( I understand that I can block them, but who wants to keep doing that repeatedly)


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According to Twitter account “BlackBerry Scoop” – who’s been reliable in the past – BlackBerry will indeed come to market with a desktop version, plus also expand the app to fit tablets (iPad and Android). In addition, for all the Windows Phone 8 users out there, apparently BlackBerry is working hard to bring BBM for Windows Phone to you, too.


let's hope..
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