1. A

    FX 5200 on vista

    hey guys i got query will vista run smoothly on fx5200 (256) if yes is it worth buying it @ 1500 bux. thnx in budget is 2k as i dont play any games...
  2. anilmail17

    Vista+XP but how??

    plz tell me how to dual boot vista and xp on machine already running XP? Also tell where can i find my motherboard drivers for vista or is there any method i can use my XP drivers in VISTA? Reply me soon, its really urgent. thnx in advance
  3. B

    help in blogging

    i hav created my account on myspace but dont knw much abt a blog... can anyone explain it..?? thnx
  4. Manshahia

    Battery time Low??

    my phone's battery is not giving optimum performance... Sud i buy a new one?? Also wat wud b the price and from where to purchase. I m using N-6630 Thnx
  5. caje143

    Which Mobile Is The Best

    Hi Everybody... Well i am about to buy a new Mobile.... Budget 25,000-28,000 i wanted to know out of the following mobiles mentioned below which one is the best in terms of Camera,Sound,Looks(Design),Performance.... 1. NOKIA N70 2. SE W850i 3. SE K800 4. SE K750i 5. SE W810i Well...
  6. S


    Plz can anyone send me request for bwtorrent.....plz thnx in advance
  7. Pravas


    Hi is there any new realease of Mafia. And please anyone have save games of mafia or know any site where can i find it. Thnx
  8. forever

    Mouse for Gaming

    im an avid quaker so i need a good mouse , can someone advise any mouse around 1k, currently im on basic ms optical mouse , btw how is MS 1.1 intellimouse , i heard its a good value for money mouse , all suggestions are welcome , thnx :)
  9. GeekyBoy

    TV Tuner card

    Can anyone suggest me a good tv tuner card for RS 2500-RS 3000 ?? THNX IN ADVANCE:D
  10. hareesh

    Diff between MS Pro Duo & Micro??

    hi Can any one tell me the diff between MS Pro & MS Micro.... and their prices....???? thnx
  11. A

    Need A Graphic Card for 10K

    Hi , I need a graphics card for 10K(not greater than 10 K) ...a pcie card .Suggest me one... Thnx In advance
  12. nix

    ipod or something else?

    guys suggest me an mp3 player...for me, sound quality is most important. followed by capacity and battery life. i will be buying a separate headphones if the bundled one is not good. capacity must be atleast around 5 GB. FM and photo and all not important. budget is 10-12k. anybrand...but it has...
  13. T

    Guide me plzzzzz

    I am a second year comp. engg student(Pune univ)... i am planning to do a short term course or may be a certification course...... during my vacations in dec..... i m really confused which course i should opt for i am plaaning to do a java course and then give the certification xam during febs...
  14. K

    Where is my Start >> All Programs ..

    Hi, I cann't view my programs list, i.e. Start>> Programs this shows empty. Why & What is this happened? Help me Thnx
  15. R

    cheat codes

    can any1 give me cheats for -nfs underground -gta 4 vice city - thq wwe raw thnx ...
  16. A

    Need a good RSS Reader

    Hi, Please tell me a good RSS Reader Thnx in advance
  17. saurabh.sauron

    Some Fedora queries

    how can u install vlc player in Fedora Core 5. it doesnt find the package using yum and i get dependencies using RPM. also, is it a 77 MB tarball (i am downloading that right now)? is there no .bin file to install it? one more query... is it possible to install anjuta IDE on FC5 using yum? thnx
  18. R

    Symantec Virus Definition

    I've Symantec's Antivirus And It's definition file. My doubt is how to install this definition file in my N70. Thnx
  19. mak1012

    high compression

    hi!!! guys one of my friend got one GTA VC game in compressd form, this was 257 MB. but when i decompressd it came to 1.26GB how it is possilble to copmress so much???????? please reply as soon as possible thnx.
  20. S

    help in makin n PC

    well i need to make a pc for my frnd....he has a budget of 25-26k.....nd just need it for mostly for study purpose....nd is interested in intel only as he doesn't do any gamin it wuld be gr8 if u all can help me in it... thnx shikhar
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