1. saurabh.sauron

    Compaq Laptop

    I am planning to buy the Compaq CQ40-604TX Laptop, and I want to know how it compares with other laptops. Is it better than Dell Inspiron 14 or other laptops in it's range? pls budget is 40k...thnx in advance...
  2. sourav237

    Nokia 5130 xm or 2700 classic

    Which is better betn these two, my preferences are net surfing in lappy & music. thnx in advance
  3. C

    Shoul I go for Apache or Unicorn or CBZ xtreme??

    Hi guys on my erlier thread i got very gud reply....regarding apchea and pulsar, I hope u will share ur experience of ur own bike, which may help me and guide buy my Bike..!!! thnx.. :-)
  4. A

    Iphone for Sale

    Hi All, I am looking out to sell my iPhone (8Gb), Location : New Delhi If interested to pick it up for 18K; PM me, Thnx, Amit
  5. sourav237

    Antivirus for N70

    Plz suggest a good antivirus for N70 thnx in advance
  6. rhasta

    Task Manager

    Can anyone tell me how to enable/disable the task manager in the administrator account? thnx
  7. S

    Earphone Dilemma

    Hiee guys....i am plannin on buyin a set of earplugs for my mp3 player i cant decide between the EP630 and SONY Fontopia In-Ear Headphones Twin Turbo MDR-ED12LP....i have a budget of 1200 can anyone suggest better there anythng better than the EP630 for that price....i have prefer...
  8. O

    Source code of

    dear members, i want to analyse the source code of open office software for windows. if any 1 can provide me i will be highly obliged. thnx bye
  9. S

    Please Advise

    Hi all, i have never used a linux OS before so if you can advise me which linux to go for thnx
  10. stonecaper

    High Temperature for My p4 machine

    Hi, My p4 prescott processor shows 60 degrees on idle and 70 degrees on 50% working in speed this normal?plz help as i have limited processor warranty.i have D101GGC m\b and zion 512 mb 200 mhz RAM...thnx in advance:smile:
  11. H

    Help me mod my K790i

    hey ppl at last i've joined the SE bandwagon.hav bought the SE K790i.its my 1st SE fone.and i wanna mod the hell out of it. so i shall like to request all the SE gurus to plz help in my venture to mod the K790i. Thnx to all.:)
  12. rhasta

    Doubt for Internet Explorer

    Can i block adds and javascript with Internet Exporer 6? how? thnx
  13. P

    Better Processer!!

    i got 1 nyt 2 choose between an amd turion X 2 2.0ghz or an intel core 2 duo 1.8Ghz... id lik 2 noe wich of d 2 is betr n d pros n cons of each!!! thnx a lot in way advance...hopin 2 recieve gud replies b4 dawn morw as m travelin 2 india morw evnin... ~Peace ouT~ ~PunK~
  14. H

    multiplayer games for s60v3

    i want some multiplayer games for s60v3 fones whihc support M/P over bluetooth.just give me the names of the games and i get them. thnx.:)
  15. S

    suggest me a good phone....??

    hi suggest me a good phone which have good cam,music n software installation ma bugdet is around 10-11k thnx
  16. Faun

    Which Scooty to buy ?

    My friend has decided to buy a Scooty. She's not certain which one to buy. Suggestions are welcome, Scooty shouldn't be heavy (like activa). Waitin for replies thnx
  17. S


    hi!!:) i'm doing my engg in i have to go for taining of 45 days(6 weeks) but me in confusion that in which line should i go. means in RHCE or CCNA or MCSE? gimme ur suggestions n tell me which one is better and that should i opt. also i know that no one from the above is gonna...
  18. M

    Nokia 5610 Application Lost

    Hi Ive By Mistakenly Removed a World Clock Application which was preinstalled on my Nokia 5610 from my moile, is there anyway i can get it back? Thnx
  19. hullap

    iso making and burning software

    for question see title. and if possible, the software should have a Gui and should be minimalistic in the features PS- i already have k3b so dont recoment that thnx
  20. PCWORM

    Is 3g usable in india

    I hav plans on getting a 3g enabled phone for high-speed internet and other uses like Videocalling.... So, is 3G really functional in india and is there ne special charge for getting it....thnx in advance!
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