1. D

    COC account for sale..

    TH8 turned TH7 maxed base with drag lvl 3, cc upgraded to th8 standard, 5 builders..What should be the right price for the account..?? im from india.. Would appreciate all the info i can get.. thnx
  2. A

    Overclocking my cpu

    I have an amd athlon x2 260 cpu and want to overclock it . I want to know if it will void warrenty of my gpu or motherboard as well or only the cpu thnx in advance
  3. C

    laptop within 25000

    Hey guys...plz suggest me a laptop within rs 25000.. thnx in advance
  4. G

    About ram speed

    Hi I have G Skill DDR3 1600 RAM. Earlier it used to show 1333 mghz so I changed it to 1600. When I checked CPUZ It showed me that the FSB:DRAM IS 1:4 . I think that it is faster than FSB. So is it possible to get 4:4 ratio. What will happen if I get that. Thnx
  5. Blue Ripazah

    How to Get smooth scroll?

    Hi can anybody guide me to get smooth scroll in windows 7. thnx in advance

    Samsung vs Lg Led TV 40 inch [uae]

    hey, im planning to buy a new led tv from uae .40 inch. i have two options either samsung or lg.i have read good reviews about both and im now confused. Should support 3d and SMART (optional) so any of you ppl bought LED from abroad.? and how about the international warrranty. thnx after...
  7. A

    wanna buy only Dell laptop..suggestions plz

    hi frnds, i wanna buy a Dell laptop with 1 TB,6-8 GB,HD ,nvidia and backlit not sure of other better specs..a little more light on them would be helpful ..plz suggest me the model numbers under 45000 INR .. thnx in advance frnds..wanna buy a little quicker replies would be...
  8. techbulb

    new tv

    I want to buy a led tv for use with pc, ps3 & set top box my budget is 15K & i have a question is there any -ve point in buying tv for use as monitor since i want to use it with my pc and ps3 both it would be helpful if it had minimum 2 hdmi ports thnx in advance:-)

    Best android phone in 8k.

    my frnd is looking for an android phone in 8k budget, his current selection is galaxy there any better phone in this range?? thnx in advance:-D:-D:-D
  10. S shipping to india

    i am buying led monitor BenQ g2222HDL from its available for 150$ (7500 rs). do they ship to india? if not is there any alternate? THNX IN ADV
  11. S

    led monitor within 7k

    i want to buy led monitor within 7k bucks. but i would like to know the difference between HD and non HD monitor. also the function of HDMI in monitor. and will i be able to grab one with the above mentioned features within my budget?? thnx in adv :)
  12. bhushan2k

    ear-phones under 1k for 5230 :D

    i know d phone is crap in front of other big phones..:P still have to use it for 5-6 months..any suggestion?? plz suggest withing 500 rps also..thnx
  13. A

    dual booting

    hey guyz i installed fedora 14 over windows xp. now the thing is whenever i start the pc and dont press the esc key fedora is booted but by default i want windows to be loaded. is it possible?how.. thnx
  14. stonecaper

    Best phone For 3.5k?

    Will Be bought From Letsbuy Thnx For Looking
  15. S

    3g handset

    My bugdet is within 5500.i want to buy a 3g mobile phone.......pls pls help me to find the godd 3g enabled handset..advance thnx....
  16. S

    Certification Courses...!!

    Can anybody plz suggest me which IT certified course should I do ?? I'm in TYBCA, n in vacations searching for an IT Certified course..!! thnx
  17. stonecaper

    Can Anyone share some Coupon codes? I promise I will share back when my Shipping arrives Thnx in advance
  18. S

    iphone querry

    hi guyz, i am thinking to purchase iphone from US can it be use-able in india in any mobile network pls suggest........ thnx
  19. tinku dhar

    Which will be the best digital camera for me help ....

    Well ... , im planing to get a Digital camera in a range 12000 to 15000 Rs there r so many cameras in market but i want to best of tht money so can anyone help me choose the best camera ? thnx in advance
  20. vilas_patil

    Where I can Find KingFisher 2010 Calender

    One of my friend is dying to get KingFisher 2010 Calender (not a soft copy). Does anyone here know about where he can find/purchase KingFisher 2010 Calender? thnx
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