1. mihirvashist

    Office Key

    hi i just installed MS OFFICE 2007 beta from digit but i can't get the key i have registered with the website but still all i can see is two links abt downloadind\g the office, please help me thnx
  2. saurabh.sauron

    K Menu queries

    i have installed both KDE and GNOME in ubuntu dapper. for some reason, the developement menu has vanished from the K Menu though i can access the applications using the terminal. i could not enable the menu using the K Menu editor. pls help... thnx...
  3. B

    old issues

    hi everybody how to get the old issues of digit...thnx
  4. B

    os problem

    hi all i have a windows xp cd which is japanese version....original(my sister is to work there she got it) i have installed it on my there anyway to convert it to english version thnx
  5. saurabh.sauron

    Google Adsense

    i dont know if this has been posted before. i saw a few wordpress blogs using adsense and i want to know how they did it when wordpress doesnt allow it. secondly, how do we use google adsense in thnx in advance.
  6. niggers

    Help ! Where To Send Intel Motherboard For Repair

    Helllllooo, Plz help members ! My D865GBF motherboard is not booting, no display, if boots hangs within mins. so plz tell me the address where i can send my motherboard for warranty. I am in Punjab. Plz suggest some gud place. Thnx Members.
  7. A

    Need a Graphic Card for 8-9 K

    Hi, I need a graphic card for 8-9 K..Please suggest me a good one.. ThnX in advance
  8. A

    Price of 129 GB SATA II Hard Disk

    Hi, please tell me the Price of 129 GB SATA II Hard Disk Thnx in advance
  9. A

    Need a Configuration for 40 K

    Hi, I need the best config for 40K Please give me ur suggestions... *need AMD 64 bit processor *need a 6600 GT Card * dont want UPS and SPEAKER Give me the price list plzzzz.... Thnx in advance
  10. ymhatre

    Story behing Prince of Persia

    Guys I m great fan of POP series..... Though i had played both sand of times n warrior within n currently playin two thrones... but i want to know the real story..... Is there any ebook to know the whole story from starting......... Please ... thnx
  11. ymhatre

    Software needed for 6280....

    GUys just got a new cell 6280... I know thts S40 but i need some softwares for tht are there any links... please Also the baby got a twin camera.. one in front for 3G purpose... But how to use tht camera for normal use like click self image... Please Thnx
  12. S

    how to use mobile phone as a web cam

    hi there guys i have sony w550i i wanted to use it as a web cam is ther nyway or a software to use as i came across a software for k700i if yes pl tell me thnx
  13. D

    Digicam Query

    Hi all, Please suggest me a digicam in a budget of 15K. I m lookin for minimum of 5x opitcal zoom. Thnx
  14. hareesh


    Hi, This is for my frnd.he is an ardent nokia fan. his budget is 10-11K. but can be stretched upto 12K. yesterday he went to a nokia PD.and now hez confused!!!:shock:. he want a phone with all the new features...!! I suggested 3230..but somebody said that it hangs too much.....pls help... Thnx
  15. P

    Connecting PCs

    my uncle in his office wants to link 20 PCs via LAN, making one PC as a master PC(server), all the 20 PCs r havin onboard LAN card. Can anyone pls tell me: 1) how to do this :step by step if possible 2) what hardware will be required 3) what will be the approximate cost thnx
  16. A

    Guide to PCANYWHERE

    I want to know how to use Symantec's PC anywhere software for connecting two computers. Any idea.. Thnx...
  17. D

    Best Graphics card in 25K

    Hi everyone, :D i am going to buy a gfx crd shortly in a budget of around 25 K and wanted to know what were all your opinions. (plz,Specify the company name in your posts.Also fell free to tell other options). Thnx in advance 8)
  18. A

    help me install 120 gb hdd

    Hi frnz i had posted this Question b4 but donno it dissappeared somewhere i want to install 120 gb hd i have 40 gb already installed i want both to work at the same time i want to know how to keep the other hd as secondary master or slave n how do i know abt it thnx in adv
  19. D

    2 LAN Cards

    my onboard LAN is used by a PPPoE connection for the internet....could i insert another PCI lan card and connect my notebook to it? is it possible? if yes, is it the usual way of networking, or any xtra steps to be taken? thnx in advance
  20. D

    Overclocking FX 5200

    I kno i was dumb purchasing an fx 5200....but now that its here, there's not much else i can do but to o/c n save for the nxt one.... while i'm at it, cld someone who's done it tell me wht's the max gpu n memory frequencies tht can be reached with stability? thnx guys
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