1. amit2005

    LAN Problem

    hi ....I'm using dataone bb with mt841 n my fren r able to share the net connection..but we r not able to share files b/w ourselves......i'v tired work group computers ..on my pC only my PC is displayed ..while on his pc his is shared folder r displayed..but we r not...
  2. hahahari

    A proxy question

    Guys I ahve a hosting server and I want to use it as a private router or aomething to route some of my traffic through. How can I do it?? I mean to ask like a private proxy and not for everyone. Thnx for any help fellas.
  3. hahahari


    Guys I have asus M2N MX SE Motherbuord and I want a new HDD....which one should I go for I checked and seems segate 320 Gb does the job but I need to know if My Mobo supports SATA2. Thnx for all input.
  4. S

    about normalization

    hi guys, can any one tell me in which circmstacnes we dont have to normalize the tables in database (reasons also) thnx
  5. hahahari

    Amd 64 2x

    I have a AMD 2X 64 Bit 4400+ processor.I presently run XP Pro 32 bit.does the OS do full justise to my Processor or can it be better utilised?And if I change to XP pro 64 Bit,will I have software compatiblity isssues? Thnx fellas
  6. anilmail17

    Data cable??

    i have nokia 2626. there is a mini USB like port near the charging socket. Can anyone tell me which datacable i can use to transfer data between phone n PC. thnx in advance
  7. BBThumbHealer

    Computer Quizzes Sites

    Hi Buddies, Can i know a few sites where computer quizzes are available. Thnx BlackBerry7100g. any techie there to reply ? :confused:
  8. assasin

    30min-1hr battery backup wanted

    hi ppl!:p at present i'm using an APC Back-UPS RS 1100va (double battery) but its giving me only 18-20mins backup and it costs 7.3k i want backup for bout 30min-1hr (30min minimum).so wat pwr solution do u ppl suggest,keeping in mind that i want something which will provide me with same...
  9. M

    2.1 speakers????????????

    guys i wanna know which 2.1 speakers are having good sound. Price range must be below 2700/- thnx............
  10. R

    CD Lock & Detection Software

    hi is there any software to detect what type of lock is used in a particular cd ? pls suggest me software for the same. thnx
  11. Sparsh007

    Little help with Quidway WA1003A router

    Hi guys need help with this Quidway WA1003A (came with BSNL connection)router i cant access this from where we can edit settings of modem before i could access it (1st time when installed) and even i tried to access after little time but connection used to time out...
  12. Sparsh007

    Airtel Live help

    Airtel Connection Help hey guys i am in sikkim,india when ever i try connecting to mobile office or NOP it shows Packet Data:Connection not Available hope u will help me soon thnx
  13. assasin


    in my present config (plz see my sig) the 6600LE is the BIG bottle i'm thinking of upgrading to a new Dx10 GPU and i intend to buy the XFX 8600GTS. now my q is whether there will be any bottle necks in my system after i install any one of those cards? or sud i play the waiting game and...
  14. BBThumbHealer

    Azureus At Startup

    hey buddies... i wanna start up azureus when my windows startup ...but i unable to c any such option in the interface options of azureus... so how can we do that ? Azureus v2.4 :eek: Thnx BlackBerry7100g.
  15. S

    help needed in firewall

    hi , i am using win xp 64bit can anybody tell me good firewall 4 this os, & it must be freee thnx
  16. BBThumbHealer

    Qualifications For A Moderator

    just does a member becomes the moderator of the forum ? OR wat does it takes to become a MOD ? thnx BlackBerry7100g...:o
  17. techno geek

    can ny1 gimme satyam campus pics

    hi guys can ny1 provide me satyam pics plzzzzzzzzz thnx a ton in advance
  18. rohus24

    Query with mp3 player

    hi guys own a transcend t sonic 610 player. i find its transfer speed very slow. 2day i mounted it in ubuntu and saw its properties 2 my surprise i found out that it as running on usb 1.1 and not 2.0 as said in their box so is there ne way thru which i can enable usb 2.0 in the player.. thnx...
  19. BBThumbHealer

    Mac Taskbar

    i want Mac Styled Taskbar For Windows XP or in other words the Finder Bar ! i want to place it at the top of the screen like in Mac OS X n not at the bottom... from where can i get it ? Thnx BlackBerry7100g...
  20. BBThumbHealer

    Pics Driving Crazy....

    a relative of mine wants to send sum pics....they are in resolution of 3072*2048...:D n a size of whopping 2.7 MB in JPEG Format...:D i wud like to ask u ppl how to reduce the size of the pic widout comprimising wid the quality.... Like 2.7 MB to 400 KB wud be gr8...don't give the idea of...
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