1. B

    Connecting 2 wi-fi enabled laptops

    Can 2 wi-fi laptops be connected without any routers?? plz explain .........................................thnx
  2. A

    Can I play my MP3 file in GTA:SA

    Hi, Can I play my MP3 file in GTA:SA (in vehicles) If so please tell me how to do it. Thnx in advance
  3. P

    i need a software.

    pls help me, can anyone please provide me C and C++ software its urgent? thnx 4 help
  4. S

    help needed in buying a combo drive

    hello guys i need to buy a new combo drive nd don't tell me to go for dvd writer as im short on cash so plz tell me the best combo drive nd its prices i will be greatful if the prices r frm delhi thnx in advance shikhar
  5. S

    should i go for 5.1 speakers or 5.1 headphones

    hi guyz, suggestion needed shud i go for the 5.1 speaker set or shud i go for 5.1 headphones. i want them xclusively for gaming. suggestions needed thnx
  6. Choto Cheeta

    Secrets Regarding Nokia 7610

    well there was tread somewhare about nokia code i didnt visited that ever.... but now when i need to see that treard i cant find it.... :evil: :evil: well i found this web site about inetrnel commands through punching few numbers... but...
  7. K

    is it possible?

    I hav two internet connections ( two diff modems and phone line) is it possible to combine them and do stuff life downloading,surfing etc.? thnx in advance
  8. harmax

    a simple tool which i couldnt figure out in GIMP

    simply put HOW DO U REDUCE THE SIZE AN IMAGE IN GIMP ?? without makin changes to its size i mean no altering 1024X768 to 800X600 etc thnx in adv
  9. harmax

    WHATS THE difference (SRPMS / i386) ????????????????????????

    when i was about to download fc4 from a mirror the ftp site gave me 4 options as shown in the picture the last two i figured out is not for me so whats the diff b/w SRPMS and i386 , which is better?? somebody please elaborate thnx in adv
  10. K


    please help me on how to play playstation games on computer i had heard of some software but getting it. thnx in adv.
  11. B

    yahoo messenger for mandrake?

    I switched to linux , i need the yahoomsgr download file and directions how to install it in mandrake.its the version given in digit previously. I'm new to linux and am tryin it out , plz help.........any tutorials abt linux would also help , thnx
  12. P

    anyone having a report??

    i have to prepare a 15 to 20 page report any topic(science,automobiles etc.) if anyone is having a prepared report on his pc then pls help me. if there is any site frm where i can get readymade reports ,pls tell me. thnx
  13. K

    How to convert 2D image to 3D image ..?

    is there any software or any way to convert a 2d image into a 3d image which can be seen by using 3d glasses. thnx [Edited Batty] Topic title made relevant ..
  14. P

    half life 2 problem

    i am having p4 2.8 ghz ,512 mb ram(ddr 266 mhz),ge-force 6800GT(128mb,agp 8x) card using xp OS.i recently purchased half life-2(original) , after installing it when i double click desktop icon it takes about 7 mins to open and after opening also steam doesn't gets updated( i am using sify 48kbps...
  15. P

    need drivers for intel graphic chipset

    i have intelG/GL/GE/PE/GV graphic controller on my motherboard(xp pro OS).pls tell which is the latest drivers for my chipset and where can i get ? i tried to download and install from but it stops in the middle and doesn't install. pleeeese help?????? thnx thnx
  16. koolbluez

    WinRAR users... small doubt...

    how do u make the icons or pics come in the unpackin window too.. instead of WinRAR's logo Need 2 know it urgently yaar... thnx
  17. R

    Suggest a pc for 30k!!!...

    Can someone suggest a pc config for 30k... thnx... no printer...
  18. H

    great website....translation needed..!

    hi there...ifound this website...this website has great templates...softwares and what not...but the problem is that its in some otherlanguage..if anyone can translate it..please...the links is.... thnx hearthacker
  19. T

    PDF help

    Hey wud like to know if there is any software or trick or tool to convert PDF documents to word format or images ... its really important n urgent... so if any one knows ... plz post asap thnx harish
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