1. K

    which one to buy?

    hello, I want to buy an Ultrabook, which should have an decent performance as well as start up time. Also one important thing to be added is that I want an gaming Ultrabook, means i need an discrete graphics card in it,not like Intel HD graphics 4000,etc.I have researched on internet about it...
  2. D

    seriosly confused.....smartphone adv..please please......

    oh yea im yet again here for the same Q.....really confused abt buying new budgt is 15k...and many ppl here said to go for lg thing which matters me is the camera.. heard lg l9 has poor camera...and the next thing is speakers...heard music on lg l9 is not what...
  3. gdebojyoti

    How to build a fly bot?

    Hello everyone. I want to build a flying robot for my final year project next year. I have experience with building basic robots (line followers, candle blowers, dtmf, etc). From what I understand, the concept is very simple. 4 rotors at 4 sides. Perfectly balanced to keep the whole...
  4. GhorMaanas

    1 long beep followed by 3 short beeps - Asus Motherboard

    Hello everyone! although i checked up on the net on this issue and have almost found the answer to it, but still would like to confirm this with members here. i have an Asus P8Z68 V-Pro motherboard. i tried to switch it ON y'day after many days, but it kept restarting for several times during...
  5. sumit_anand

    Are 4K and oled tv the next big thing in display market?

    Looking at the launches at the CES 2013, pretty much it looks like all the major brands like Samsung, sony, lg are more focussed on 4k and oled tv's unlike last years CES where the launch of 3D tv was the main highlight for every brand. So what you think about the next big thing in the display...
  6. S

    htc one s or the xperia p

    i like both but confused one has a brilliant screen and the other has the monster in term of internals.but the thing that is annoyintg me is the 3 dot while running apps in the one s which should i buy
  7. C

    Unable to skip to a point in youtube videos

    I am unable to skip specific part of youtube video in firefox When I click on a point in the progress bar, the slider jumps to that point and the progress bar fills to that point. However, the video just starts playing & buffering from the beginning again even if video is fully downloaded...
  8. hari1

    Preventing reload from document.write

    Please see this html code:- <html><head><title>title</title> <script type="text/javascript"> function change_case() { document.form1.type.value=document.form1.type.value.toLowerCase(); } </script> </head> <body onLoad="form1.type.focus();"> <form name=form1 method=post...
  9. N

    Restricting IN USER permissions/Password Protecting Commands

    Hello Digitians, I am using a Laptop at my home, that is like used by cousins as well more or less it becomes a " Public " entity even if its at home. So the thing is I use uTorrent to download my stuff.. and Incidently my cousins come and stop the torrent/Delete my files etc. I DONOT want...
  10. TechnoHolic

    Real War Games

    Please tell me about some 1st person shooter games with full team just like [call of duty series/medal of honor/battle field -series] and one thing i don't like i.e. artificial characters/aliens.. need some names of real war game.. Regards
  11. E

    software to membership management ??

    hi, mastros my friend has started a new gym , and he wants a software that can manage membership payment due dates profiles and so on. do you know any thing like that can help out ?
  12. R

    Canon Powershot SX150 IS?

    Hello All Wanna buy a Camera around Rs.10k. There is only model which comes to mind right now because of all the features and the recommendation of everyone and that is Canon SX150 IS. I have operated it also at a store and find it to be nice. The only thing which troubles me is the...
  13. GoonerGamer

    Isp's expect bsnl

    :machinegun::machinegun::machinegun::wwe::wwe:BSNL= F***ED UP S**THOLE :evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil: Sry for that i am fed up with BSNL and their crappy connection and bad CS for over two months and thinking of leaving them in a ditch this month only...
  14. I

    cabinet and graphic card buyin help.

    hi guys..i have got 2 questions.. 1. I want to buy a new current cabinet is actual budget is 4 to 5k I want features like awesome looks, excellent cable management, low maintenance..etc.. Following cabinets are in my mind rite now.. corsair 400r, Nzxt Guardian 921 RB...
  15. ithehappy

    Am I a terrible CS 1.6 player gone worse or something else?

    Well I know it's silly from me to ask this but still I wonder! The thing is for last two nights one of my friend and I were playing CS 1.6 online. And on both days he defeated me quite badly! It was a 50 round match yesterday and he killed me more than 30 times! But that's NOT the thing...
  16. V

    2D to 3D conversion

    How does the 2D to 3D conversion fare in comparison to the real thing?
  17. GoonerGamer


  18. R

    How reliable is Serve Pro warranty thing ?

    I'm seeing on ebay that dealers are selling imported products like cellphones and stating Serve Pro warranty which includes both software and hardware thing. Like for this item :Samsung galaxy...
  19. CommanderShawnzer

    mass effect 3/Origin problem help!!

    ok well i purchased ME3 today (DVD version) now when i click install the little grey loading sign thing spins and then message pops-up this thing is happening for the past month( when i clicked the "redeem product code" button this message always pops-up) this temporarily unavailable thing...
  20. I

    Is it possible to reinstall bios??

    Guys couple of years ago i was a complete noob plus idiot.. i had purchased dell inspiron 580 desktop for gaming..(i dint knew about this forum that time) i have already spend so much on it like i changed graphic card, smps..etc etc i stil regret my decision.. but the thing is i...
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