1. sam_738844

    4K vs UHD

    Over the last year, the terms UHD and 4K have become so conflated that TV makers, broadcasters, and tech blogs are now using them interchangeably. Let me just say this now: 4K and UHD (Ultra HD) are not the same thing. Yes, as far as the consumer is concerned, there isn’t much of a practical...
  2. J

    MinGW.... how to run it?????

    Ok... So i downloaded the installer and chose everything under "basic" setup. It installed following-> It went fine and I added the environment variable as "C:\MinGW\bin" But now I dont know how to run this thing. Please tell. PS-> Newbie in C, just started today.
  3. 7shivam9

    Very STRANGE Problem :-(

    Ignore my Bad English , this is going to be long I am not sure where to start from :| so ill just write in points. > 4 dvds > 15 GB ZIP FILE > 15 GB ZIP FILE Splitted with Hjsplit. > 1 part of 15GB ZIP FILE File in Each DVD. > DVD are properly Burnt. SCREENSHOT -->...
  4. Theodre

    Is galaxy Note 3 Really Worth 48k??

    I was planning on buying the Samsung galaxy note 3 till morning until when i bumped into some websites stating the cons of the product which is the latest flagship of the korean giant!! I am now confused between three phones and for good reasons... 1. Nexus 5 : Mainly because it has an 8MP...
  5. flyingcow

    Digit SKOAR! Giveaway #1

    :hyper::hyper::hyper::bananana::bananana::bananana::bananana::bananana::nanananana::nanananana::nanananana:8-):-D:mrgreen::bananana::bananana: I won the skoar giveaway!! Sad thing is i forgot what i won xD
  6. G

    what is sRGB?

    I have a Samsung syncmaster 793df 17" flat CRT monitor. By accessing side button MENU i found an option sRGB OFF, if i ON it my screen becomes brighter and above it a thermometer looking thing with "K" beside it changes from 9300K to 6500K. 1)What is this option? 2)Should i keep it ON or OFF...
  7. sksundram

    Hangouts- snapshot- save- location

    I was wondering where could I find the photos taken as snapshots in google hangouts. it's not in my picasa web albums or in my google drive or in my google+ photos album. and one more thing, how to delete those photos coz I learned somehow that it can't be deleted. anybody?
  8. Gollum

    When I got to open my Z820

    I do a bit of useless graphics crap in the office on a unnecessarily overpowered PC. Its called as HP Z820 Workstation Its supposed to have 2 CPU's but I got only one But lets not spoil the mood with my misery. After opening the Side panel All you see is NOTHING lol the thing in the...
  9. R

    Need an Affordable Android

    Need an Affordable Android Mobile My friend Arun(who's torturing me to post this thread in Think DIGIT), wants to buy an android mobile with the following specs::-D :-D 1) Android OS(Above 4.0 Jelly Bean) 2) 5 MP Camera 3) 3G 4) Expected Brands: Sammy, LG, Karbonn, Lenovo. 4) And, the...
  10. deepak_ds

    Need Good Headphones

    I need a decent pair of headphones within 3K. Music quality should be great and it should be comfortable. I like colourful headphones. Need a bit of advice about Skullcandy, iDance. Heard bad about Skullcandy. It doesn't sound better than my Sennheiser HD 201 but still it is crisp and clear and...
  11. ghantaukay

    [Want to Buy] Wanna buy a Karaoke system

    Guys.My gf is a pro singer. I intend to buy her a karaoke system...full blown ....with microphones and the whole thing...can u suggest one available in India...price between 20 to 25 Grand
  12. mikael_schiffer

    So much $$$ on Anti virus yet we are still infected!!

    I have KIS 2013 and Malwarebytes . Both original maal 100% . Spent more than Rs3000 since November last year, on these protection software, yet i am regularly infected by irritating trojans and worms and malaria what not shits . There was i time when i used to rely on free software like AVG...
  13. bhutanesedude

    Create BD in SQL Server 2k8 R2

    HELP ME Please.... OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 SQL Server 2008 R2. Please let me know how to create database and from where I can do so. I am very new in this thing. Your help will be of high appreciation. Thank you.
  14. V

    Problem in webpage.

    Everytimes i open a website in mozilla or crome this thing pops up.Please Help!!:-?:-?:-?
  15. A

    removing mysearchdialserach from my browser

    how can i remove my search dial search malware from my google chrome browser toolbar whic has appeared on its own.i have tried all stunts as availaible in the internet but the dam thing is still there.please help urgently. is there any special tool. i am using the stupid kaspersky internet 2013...
  16. T

    Samsung galaxy s3 or nexus 4?!which one

    nexus 4 had snapdragon s4 pro powerful than s3 but battery life and camera of s3 much better than nexus 4 which one should i buy? another thing i want to know is s3 processor is capable to handle android next version ie key lime pie.

    Youtube is not working

    Whenever I try to play a video after few second a message keep appearing "an error has occurred.Please try again later". Flash player is update and also clear cookies and cache all the thing in browser, tried in every browser but still no luck. Any suggestion.
  18. gurujee

    Replacing HDD in laptop : Problem

    My 5 year old hard disc almost died some days ago. Thats why i bought a new one Segate Momentus 500 gb from flipkart which has sata3 port where as my laptop config says old hd was sata1. I had inquired about it in net and found out that sata3 is backward compatible. I am a noob. I havent...
  19. ithehappy

    No audio after sometime in Win 7 x64

    This is a weird problem I am facing for last 2-3 days. I don't have a speaker, and the sound via headphone stops coming after few hours. If I reboot the system or even send it to standby and then wake up it comes back, then say after few hours, maybe 2 or 3, haven't measured, it is gone again. I...
  20. W

    Cost of 2009 Dell 1440 Inspiron

    Hello guys, Planning to buy a second hand Laptop. Its Dell 1440 Inspiron, purchased in 2009 october itseems. It was bought for 36k...Selling price seems to be 24k... Is it reasonable or should I bargain....Whats the decent price of that now? One more thing, it seems the battery is bad...
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