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:machinegun::machinegun::machinegun::wwe::wwe:BSNL= F***ED UP S**THOLE

Sry for that i am fed up with BSNL and their crappy connection and bad CS for over two months and thinking of leaving them in a ditch this month only :evil::evil::evil::evil::punch::punch::punch::punch::punch::punch: .

I hail from kolkata and i am looking for ISP that provide both good downloading VIA torrent and gaming speeds .
Plans should be withing Rs 850

And one more thing How reliable is reliance wired connections Thunder 699 and night zoom 649 plans
please do help me guys

any body



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Whatever you posted about BSNL is nothing new. I ditched them 6 years ago after only 4 months use after they started billing erroneously and many other issues. As an alternative, you can use Alliance Broadband, their unlimited plans are good with peering. I have been using them after ditching BSNL. Barring only some odd downtimes, their service is good. Of course, if you are planning to go with cable that is...

Just remembered, my in-laws use BSNL and BSNL took around 1 month to change from the Rs.250 plan to the unlimited Rs.499 plan and they even reset the password without informing my in-laws. And the funny thing, no one at the exchange or the telephone customer service has any clue.
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