1. T

    Windows 10 PC very slow

    I am using a Windows 10 Dell Inspiron 5558 Laptop with Core i5 processor, 4 GB RAM, 2 GB nVIDIA Graphics. I purchased it on January 2016 & from day 1 the thing is damn slow. I regret purchasing it for Rs. 60000/- which was enough for an entry level Apple MacBook. I thought I would purchase a...
  2. F

    Cheapest Way to buy Google Play Cards/In Game Items in Lords Mobile??

    Hi, I heard there are massive discounts available... Any1 who has come across any such thing can you PM me or share details on how to obtain Google play money cheaper
  3. Vyom

    My TP-LINK TL-WR840N router gone full retard - Does hard reset about every half hour

    My router TP-LINK TL-WR840N (V2) have gone nuts. From today, it have started to drop connection. Upon investigation, I found that the all the setting of router settings got reset. The wifi name became, "OpenWRT" (since I have installed OpenWRT since long). Password gets removed, ISP setting...
  4. Zangetsu

    The Nostalgic Thread

    I have been in TDF since long and have some good Nostalgic memories/moments here :hug_NF: So, lets share our Nostalgic thing here If you don't mind
  5. A

    TP W 8968 problems

    modem wont work with or without wireles with my laptop though the bsnl chaps have configured it for my bsnl bbnd connection.however the dam thing is working flawlessly with my mobile phone in wi fi mode.However when i use my old workhorse siemens sl2-141 modem it works fine with both laptop as...
  6. A

    Validity of Online Education Courses

    We are currently seeing a surge of online courses being taught through various websites. Many of us might even have enrolled in some of the online courses and are learning through it. Almost all the online courses give their Certification of successful completion of candidates course. But the...
  7. bestpain

    [Complaint] very poor wd service

    i had submitted my defective wd 1tb hdd at the drop point on 29 may since pickup was not avalilable....but it has been more than 20 days and i havent got the replacement drive....when i contact wd they are telling the same thing everytime that the replacement drive has been shipped and they dont...
  8. K

    new wifi router with a good range

    hi needed help , wanted to buy a new wifi router , prince range 4k to 5k preferable a dual band , only thing would be a good range approx 1600 sq feet flat please help
  9. Anorion

    What is the dumbest thing you like to spend money on?

    Does not have to be tech related
  10. ax3

    download full website ! ! !

    hi, am an avid marvel comics fan ... liked their recent site on the movie "Age of Ultron" ... how do i save the site for future viewing without net connection ??? anyone done this thing ??? Thanx
  11. mikael_schiffer

    My New One Plus One (Day 1 Impressions)

    Got my new One+One today, which my bro ordered in Delhi. Its not a new phone anymore, since so many people already have it, and there are tons of reviews online with better photos. So what i will do i compare it with some devices i have. The model i got is 64GB model, which is the sandstone...
  12. N

    Lenovo y510p not starting up need urgent help

    i, I have a lenovo y510p and having startup problems. For few months bios was taking a long time to boot (but not always). Lenovo Logo would come about 5-10 minutes late. Today, When I turn on my laptop led and fans starts but screen is black. I tried swaping rams, trying running with one...
  13. T

    UPS help needed

    hi need some help from u guys a good ups for this rig Intel Core i7-2600K, Asus GeForce GTX 970 (2-Way SLI), NZXT Phantom 820 (Black) - System Build - PCPartPicker thinking of this APC BR1100CI-IN UPS - Buy APC BR1100CI-IN UPS Online at Low Price in India - as i have seen i in...
  14. D

    A WiFi Modem-router for 24*7 Heavy Operation..........

    Hi I have a BSNL Broadband connection with asdl modem(rental) provided by bsnl itself. The problem is my pc is up and downloading/uploading 24*7 so the modem keeps running too due to which 3 modems(craps) provided by bsnl malfunctioned and were replaced in 2 months time and they warned me that...
  15. K

    Suggestion On HAIRFALL !!

    A friend of mine is suffering from heavy hair fall. He is sick worried and has started to annoy me. He is seeking my advice. Only thing I'm good at is sitting in front of my PC and surfing web. Help me out please.
  16. A

    how to reset Facebook Account ????

    Is their any way to reset the FB account to a brand new account . mean to say that i want to delete all of my conversation , tags , search history , others who have search about me , post, friends...........every thing . without creating a new one. (Without going to activity log and delete each...
  17. D

    Tp link router disconnecting

    At first i thought some kind of Internet problem but the router keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. I have resetted many times but same thing happens. Sometimes it does not connect and i have problem connecting the modem settings. Is my router failing?
  18. ithehappy

    Lumia 930 or an Android again? So confused!!

    Lol, I am asking something about mobile phones, well :lol: Seriously, I can't stand my S4 any more. Main reason is weak vibration as I said in a different topic. Anyway meaningless to bring the S4 stuffs here. So I was set for the Lumia 930 totally, but yesterday I was seeing WP, and I am...
  19. ithehappy

    I am infected by a virus called 'upgrade-itch'. How to kill it? :D

    No seriously, for past one month, I am having this obsession. Every day when I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is go on eBay and and see either a 4770k or 4930k and click on buy it now, apply a coupon and then close that page. I don't know why, but it's just happening. And it never...
  20. GhorMaanas

    Win 7 low memory issue (esp. when transferring data between 2 ext. HDDs)

    Hello everyone! my PC (Win 7 64-bit, i7 2600K, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, GTX580 Lightning, with Avast AV installed) has accumulated a lot of data as well as dust in the cabinet, and i wish to clean it both ways (internally and externally). in a bid to do that, am trying to transfer whatever data is...
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