1. J

    need driver

    i m having jil 0606 tv tuner card by frontech google no help frontech website no help if some 1 hv plz if any thing u can help plzzz i called frontech people and told them so many thing about hell website of frontech:mad: and they said "sorry" ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh plz...
  2. raksrules

    Suggest something to keep Laptop base cool

    Please suggest some thing which will keep my laptop base cool. If that thing is portable even better, which will assist in carrying it around along with the laptop.
  3. Pravas

    Looking for Good Camera Budget 25k

    I am looking for atleast 10mp camera above 10 Optical Zoom Good Image Stabilization batter life In short the best thing i can get in this range:D Preferred Canon,Sony,Nikon DSLR,SLR,or any i am expecting the best.
  4. D

    What to do with Old Cds

    Dear Friends, i have a stock of old digit cds (from 2001 ie: abt some 200 cds). What to do with that. Any thing you know or have tried
  5. sharma_atul85

    Web Dev in Linux

    hello everyone..I have joined a job for the last one month in web dev using PHP, dreamweaver and WAMP server .I am more interested in doing the same thing and with the same precision in Linux. So all you guys here please help me in getting the best alternatives of WAMP,Dreamweaver(PHP Editor)...
  6. Batistabomb

    Gmail Help ?

    Guys when sending messages to group of our friends in gmail,yahoo mail or anything,all of them see the reciepents each other ,so is there any thing like ,no one sees the other reciepents except sender and reciever here ?
  7. arijit_2404

    Completed BioShock - Some screen shots

    I've bought HD4850 very recently. After buying my first thing was to complete 'Bioshock' which I couldn't with my GF8600T :( I am sharing some of the screen shots I took using FRAPS during play. thanks.
  8. m-jeri

    lolz... And I bought....

    Hi all... Continuing from this thread * I was all set to buy n82 ans when to the shop and the guy handed to me a demo set. and the first thing i felt was. this for 20k?? way. and the reminded me of my casio data...
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