1. comp@ddict

    Solve for X: Google’s TED to Solve Global Problems?

    A couple of months ago, Google quietly launched a new platform whose thoughts quickly faded from everyone’s mind. In fact, few people even know about it’s existence. Enter, Solve for X. This platform can be very well called Google’s attempt at a TED. Solve for X is a place to hear and discuss...
  2. A

    latest technology buying

    Do you like to buy the latest technology that is right at the cutting edge as soon as it is available?:-)
  3. Vyom

    NASA shortlists Assam innovator for award

    NASA shortlists Assam innovator for award
  4. amjath

    The LEAP

    The Leap is the biggest leap to motion sensing device. A look inside Leap Motion, the 3D gesture control that's like Kinect on steroids | The Verge Well I ll pre-order as soon as it hits EU This is freaking awesome Check out an another video "Leap gesture control technology...
  5. giprabu

    Career guidance for "Information Technology and Computer Forensics" ..

    I've recently got M.Tech admission in the branch Information technology and computer forensics . I hardly know as what this branch is for . What would be the scope of that field after 2 years from now ? Only a very few colleges offer that course (AFAIK), so how good are the job opportunities ...
  6. abhijit_reddevil

    Need suggestion for air-conditioner

    Hello, I am looking for a 1.5T split a/c for my bedroom. Which one should I go for? My budget is Rs.30k. Is there any significant difference in power consumption between star rating of 3 star and 5 star? I am inclined towards panasonic econavi (is this technology really useful?) but I...
  7. lovedonator

    Which will consume less power?

    So I have an old desktop with Pentium D 2.8GHz,2GB RAM,a 17 inch lcd monitor and 2 Seagate barracudas 250GB and 1TB. And a comparatively new Dell XPS l502x with i7-2620QM,4GB DDR3,500GB HDD and Nvidia GT525M(with optimus technology). So If I want to download torrents overnight which system...
  8. S

    Digit 11th Anniversary Edition Pre-book offer

    ALL past issues of Digit and Fast Track until December 2011 with 11th Anniversary Special Edition. Visit India > Technology Guide News and Reviews | Technology News, Information and Updates on Gadgets Online. to Book your Jun'12 copy worth Rs. 250 for Rs. 199 (FREE shipping)...
  9. dfcols71

    how is this ups brand

    how is this ups brand any idea foxin, TECHNOLOGY REDEFINED
  10. R

    Urgent Info on compatability

    Guys i just wanna know whether "Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor supporting HT Technology 3.40 GHz, 1M Cache, 800 MHz FSB" is compatibale with DG31PR mobo ?? Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor supporting HT Technology 3.40 GHz, 1M Cache, 800 MHz FSB
  11. K

    is LTE Technology available in India ?

    I was just wondering. If the iPad-3 does come out with the LTE Technology in the U.S, will it be of any use here in India ? is the LTE Technology available in India ?
  12. Garbage

    Musings on India and technology

    Source - Musings on India and technology | Still learning … Thoughts of an Agile developer This guy has a point.
  13. T

    BMTC goes hightech :grin:

    BMTC first in India to offer wi-fi connectivity hot spots with state of the art technology for its commuters :) Source :
  14. V

    New PC configuration

    hi Team, i want to assemble a desktop, i will be using this desktop for virtualization purpose to test different virtualization software like parallels, vmware esxi, and others. please guide which processor, and motherboard goes best the processor should support VT technology my budget is...
  15. bubusam13

    Nokia Kinetic device demo

    I found it today on Youtube. If its a duplicate thread then delete it. But I like this technology.
  16. icekid

    Got sick of Yahoo! Answer and Created www.PleaseGuide.ME a technology support system

    I hope I don't get banned for this. But Digit Magazine is one of my inspiration of starting a Unofficial Support for everything technology. I am sick of Yahoo answer you don't find anything there.. Search engine is too much hard work and forums are too complicated for many people. So I started...
  17. socrates

    New Technology Will Boost Battery Life

    New Technology Will Boost Battery Life
  18. Zangetsu

    Need Water Purifier...

    Hi Guys :wave: I want to buy one.. but which brand & technology type i dont know pls suggest... budget is 5k..
  19. socrates

    Nokia incorporates PayMate's NFC technology for India
  20. root.king

    finaly we got the GPU+CPU

    looks like our future is more 3d with AMDs new FUSION TECHNOLOGY or search as 'amd fusion'
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