1. E

    Which is the best mobile apps for news gathering?

    Hello All, I like to know, is there any good mobile apps for news gathering and sending purpose. I found many in internet and little confused with its technology, can anyone help me to find the best and technology behind it.
  2. TechnoBOY

    Starry's CEO on building a new type of wireless ISP

    After making a noble attempt at bringing wireless television signals to the internet (and failing), Chet Kanojia is now trying to offer broadband internet wirelessly. How poetic. His new company, which launched this morning, is called Starry. It uses high-frequency millimeter-wave technology to...
  3. Cyberghost

    Two Indian Engineers Sued Apple For Stealing Their Patent And Just Won Rs 5,600 Crores!

    Gurindar Sohi and Terani Vijaykumar might have been names that would've gotten lost in history, until this happened. The two engineers of Indian origin, who were a part of a team of four inventors, just won a case against the tech giant, Apple Inc. for using their patent technology in the...
  4. Flash

    India’s Modi wants to woo Silicon Valley, but censorship and privacy fears grow at home

    Modi’s intent “is to showcase what a big market India is to Silicon Valley for start-ups and to create an environment that will attract technology companies to invest in India,” according to Arvind Gupta, the National Technology Head of Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party. Modi’s big push is called...
  5. T

    Tizen Developer Summit - Bengaluru

    Organized in different cities across the world, Tizen Developer Summit aims to assist local app and platform developers interested in contributing to the growth of the Tizen ecosystem Tizen Developer Summit 2015 scheduled on July 30-31 in Bengaluru at Ritz-Carlton for all the Tizen app...
  6. M

    Technology News

    Do you know any recent technology news that have like an impact on society or something. Its for a school thing, but the only news that i can find relates to gadgets and stupid stuff like the iphone and something about tata car i would appreciate it if you send the link too
  7. M

    Need help to setup wireless Digital Sound Package - TV + Home Theater

    Interior work is running on in my new House. Now, stage come to buy an electronic product line. For drawing room-20'x 18', I need suggestion on combo of latest technology FHD-48"-60" TV + 5.1 Home Theatre system. Sony top of mind for both - TV and HTS, any day. I wish to grab wireless...
  8. Desmond

    Tech Demos Discussion Thread

    This thread is dedicated to sharing and discussing tech demos for various gaming engines. Some are listed below: Cryengine 4: * * Unread Engine 4 *
  9. mikael_schiffer

    THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE Graphic Card Industry !!!!

    Ive been using my XFX HD 4670 1GB DDR3 on my old PC for almost 4 years. Since i have some spare cash left from Christmas, thought of replacing with a new one. I payed Rs 4000 something something for it, so i plan to replace it with something in the same price bracket. After checking Toms...
  10. srkmish

    I feel movies have reached a level of saturation and boredom with respect to special effects

    While watching iron man 3, when Tony Stark handles the touchscreen interface in his office with his hands, its supposed to be like "Cool" , but that technology is already a reality( maybe not in that detail). Kinect can manage that UI if someone codes it that way. Similarly, other cool...
  11. K

    Finding images on web

    Hey guys , Where can I find hi resolution images related to technology? I need it mainly for my blog and it should not be copyrighted. I have looked through unsplash but I could not find any technology related pics in that. I wan hi res images of laptops , mobiles, and everything else. Where...
  12. rhyansy

    NVIDIA PowerMizer Technology Question

    Anyone who heard of this new feature that NVIDIA is claiming? It claims to extend battery life by optimizing the GPU but does this affect the CPU? Here is the NVIDIA description: NVIDIA PowerMizer Technology | NVIDIA
  13. A

    Any better alternative to Google Nexus 7?

    The thinner Google Nexus 7 tablet is a powerful tab which boosts good functionality. The 9 hours of HD video playback, 10 hours of browsing the web is easy too but the tablet has grown old for me & I need a good alternative for the device which can help me gain better gaming & multimedia...
  14. A

    Graphics drivers for AMD Enduro suported laptops

    * This is the direct link to AMD Catalyst 13.12(latest non beta release), will this work on laptops with AMD Enduro technology or are there some other drivers needed ? Thanks! Abhijit
  15. R

    Dolby Vision’s Brighter Display Technology Will Actually Make You Want a 4K TV

    Read on: Dolby Vision's Brighter Display Technology Will Actually Make You Want a 4K TV | Gadget Lab |
  16. R

    A smartphone with two screens - one of which uses e-ink technology

    What do you about this phone, digitians? A smartphone with two screens - one of which uses e-ink technology and is "always on" - has been launched. BBC News - Phone with e-ink second screen launched
  17. Vyom

    Avoiding the bull**** that companies tries to feed us: A good artice from digit

    Beyond the bull**** As a technology journalist, keeping up with this ever changing world can be quite a task. A new product is revealed, a software is updated, a startup is bought over, there’s something new every day, or every hour – it’s just mind boggling! Most of what I write about as...
  18. W

    Gujarat leads in e-transactions of public service

    e-public of Gujarat leads India Gujarat accounts for over 25% of all e-transactions recorded in India from January 1 to July 26 this year, according to 'eTaal', a central government web portal that disseminates e-transaction statistics. From land record registration to registering a new...
  19. C

    B.Tech from ip univesity

    I will probably get maharaja surajmal institute of technology CSE in ip university,delhi.i have a poor jee rank so not getting any nit's. I have also got admission in mukesh patel school of technology management,narsee munjee university mumbai in MBA Tech IT programme .which will be the best...
  20. Harsh Pranami

    Which water purifier to buy???

    Please help me out. My max budget is 12-13k. I know nothing about water purifiers. Should I go for UV or RO technology??
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