1. sygeek

    Game Company Creates a New Graphics Technology 100,000x Better

    Brisbane-based Company's New Graphics Technology "100,000 Times Better"
  2. heartripple

    How to use DLNA in my N8????

    I have Nokia N8 and I have heard about DLNA technology. My question is what is DLNA and how to use it ???
  3. vickybat

    Sony testing virtual reality device

    Sony's again showing off their technology marvels & this time with an old technology that never saw fruition. They have developed a prototype headset that's used as a goggles with twin oled screens capable of doing 3d as well. So the user has to wear it and get immersed by any content...
  4. Y

    Suggest few good seminar topics ...

    Am a Btech CS final year student. Can someone please suggest some good seminar topics. Some emerging technology or field or sometopic in particular ! :)
  5. G

    Programming and Technology related newletters

    Hope this is the right place to post :wink: I've subscribed to the CodeProject news letters and am absolutely loving it :smile: The articles in it keep me abreast with the latest programming languages and techniques. If any one else knows any other similar News Letters please point me there...
  6. L

    Gyro-controlled Motorcycle

    Gadget Maestro | Gyro Technology
  7. rhasta

    BE Printing Technology - Interesting to study or boring?

    Hey guys can anyone tell me if printing technology is interesting or boring? I might apply for BE Printing technology at Manipal University so I needed an expert opinion..
  8. Tejas.Gupta

    Chip's website vulnerable to XSS

    I Discovered XSS vulnerability in Chip's Official Website Chip - India's Most Trusted Guide To Gadgets And Technology :stirpot: :rofl: Check this out - Search Results | Chip - India's Most Trusted Guide To Gadgets And Technology :thumbs:
  9. S

    Amazon Kindle Wi Fi

    Want to buy new/used Amazon Kindle Wifi Kindle, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology: Kindle Store Kolkata/Bangalore/Chennai sellers only. Thank you.
  10. NewsBytes

    Computex 2011: Intel showcases its Embedded Technology in digital signages (Video)

    The innovations at Computex 2011 just don't seem to end. In addition to announcing its Atom, Ivy Bridge and Medfield plans, Intel had a section dedicated to showcase its work in the field of Embedded Technology. We came across an Intel booth which was showcasing its use of embedded technology in...
  11. Baker

    Is technology really affecting our Human Skills

    first of all am not here for any debate..... am just putting my 2 real time experince... 1:last week i went to our village office in my native , it is for getting some approval for house construction , for that i need to write a request on paper.. after leaving my college it was the first...
  12. mohityadavx

    Advice which college 2 go

    Hi! I want an advice on which college 2 go for dong my B Tech earlier I had my plans 4 germany but then everybody said go abroad 4 master.Now I will do my BTech in Computer Science or Information Technology only. Here are some colleges between I am confused where I am getting admission ( I...
  13. KDroid

    IIIT - Hyderebad (CSE) vs IIT Kanpur (CS)

    Keeping all the factors in mind, According to you, Which is better? International Institute of Information Technology - Hyderabad (Computer Science & Engineering) or Indian Institute of Technology (Computer Science) IIIT-H's CSE is considered be better than any of the CS courses available at...
  14. nilanko

    Intel virtualization technology

    My Intel Core i5 M480 supports Intel virtualization technology. I get an option to enable this in BIOS. But I don't know what this thing is. Should I enable it or leave it disabled?
  15. NewsBytes

    Sling Media brings placeshifting technology to India with Slingbox 120 and Slingbox PRO-HD

    Placeshifting technology, which involves viewing and listening to live, recorded or stored media on a remote device over the internet or a data network, is fairly unheard of in India. Sling Media Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Echostar Corporation announced the launch of Slingbox in Mumbai...
  16. gagan007

    BloomBox - Does It Have Any Future??

    I have been following the invent of the BloomBox ever since it became in public light around a year ago. It was promising then and everyone believed in its potential to bring about the drastic change in the current energy scenario. Millions of dollars have been invested by many venture...
  17. T

    Google showcases voice translation feature for Android users.

    Google recently showed a demo of its new automated translator, which translates the voice in one language to another, much like text translation using word lens . A user having an Android phone can speak and hear in his native language. The technology is still in its alpha stage and currently...
  18. A

    Alien Technology

    Hello friends, I recently came across a wonderful book Alien Technology by Ananda Mitra published by SAGE Publications About the book: Alien Technology explores the consequences of technological alienation on individuals and communities in the modern times. The world is already...
  19. skippednote

    Need some Authors

    My website InternetXploders which i have recently setup is in need of some contributors. The website is related to technology and music. Let me know if anyone here wants to join.
  20. L

    New Technology - A camera affixed behind your back?

    source : Well Technology actually helps people and eases in day to day life! But sometimes Technology can also be gross and sick :P LOL..Yea this is the case for an Iraqi born professor who actually wants to view...
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