1. Empirial

    New Solid Sulphur Batteries Could Be The Answer To Your Smartphone Battery Woes

    When we talk about consumer technology, most companies claim that the innovation is the slowest in battery technology. This is because batteries are based on innovation in chemistry than in pure engineering. But a solution is on the horizon as the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in the US...
  2. avinandan012

    One step closer to virtual reality

    Virtuix Omni Prototype Unboxing & Technology Overview
  3. $ingh

    Mercury unveils 3G Enabled Ultra Slim Tablet-mTAB7G

    Mercury launches 3G enabled Ultra Slim Tablet-mTAB7G at an unbeatable price of Rs 7,799 bundled with Apps and Freebees. The launch offer from Mercury brings the package bundled with a Tablet case with keyboard worth Rs 889 absolutely free for the masses. Kobian, the leading player in computer...
  4. A

    Looking to purchase a AC in 30k

    Hi Guys looking to purchase a AC for my Bedroom. Most probably1 to 1.5 Ton so need suggestion. I am looking in one from this brand Daikin, Hitachi, Carrier & Panasonic(There new eco navy Technology). Other suggestion also help me to chose one.It should have 5 star rating. Waiting for replies.
  5. N

    USA vs Taiwan vs Japan in Semiconductor Technology

    Hello friends, who do you think is ahead in terms semiconductor technology? USA or Taiwan or Japan 1. R&D 2. Innovation 3. Breakthrough and Inventions 4. Future prospects etc. in terms of advancements in semiconductor industry.
  6. Vyom

    Indian Satellite "PSLV-C20" Launched on 25th Feb, carrying an Android Google Nexus One phone!!

    No, I AM more excited for the satellite to have launched successfully, than sending a Nexus phone along with it to space! :P But come on... they did carry a Nexus!! :D Anyway, so here's some citations: Source1: Welcome To Indian Space Research Organisation - LIVE Web Casting Source2...
  7. T

    What's the best source to get technology news?

    What is the best source to get technology news, please list specific sites, or magazines.
  8. B

    Gaming laptop under 35000 Rupees.

    Hello, i am very confuse that which laptop to buy. my budget is around 35000 Rupees. this laptop should be gaming purpose. i have choose "HP PAVILION G6-2301AX" configured with ... Is this laptop is best under 35K INR. If any other PLZ suggest.. Thanking you...
  9. dalbir

    3D sound technology

    5.1 ,7.1 and Dolby Digital are old technology now. We are on the edge of a new technology called 3D sound technology. Soon we will be experiencing a new kind of sound. It is called 3D sound. It is totally different from the older sounds that was experienced only from the front and sides...
  10. M


    HI friends i have just joined this community recently but i want to know the more detail about new technology.
  11. A

    [Query] sapphire service center

    hey is there any sapphire service center in pune note:- sapphire technology which makes graphics card
  12. U

    Technology fast forward; from 3D TV to holographic TV?

    What is the future of Television? Glasses 3D TV and OLED TV - from Toshiba and LG respectively - that can be stretched and twisted is yesterday’s news. What more technological advancement will we be able to see in this category within our life time? Or how do you wish to see the Television...
  13. chandan3

    Gaming moniter

    i m planning to buy 21.5 or 23 inch full hd led moniter which support ips technology 1 HDMI port 1 DVI 1 VGA 1080p 1920 1080 resolution under 15k
  14. N

    Nano Technology In Computer

    Use of Nano technology is increasing day by day. How it is used in Computer Technology ? Can anybody reply for this ? please share your knowledge. because in the past few years back when computer was launched it had big CPU. now micro-tablet pc are available in the market these are some example...
  15. P

    Webinar- IBM DB2 10 technology, 21st Sep, 3.30 PM-4.30 PM

    Hi, We are conducting a webinar on DB2 technology. This session will enable you to: Understand what DB2 10 database software is all about Know the reliability it provides on a choice of platform from Linux, Unix and Windows to z/OS Scale the exciting and powerful new features of the latest...
  16. axelzdly1

    Suggest me a TV within 40k to 60k range...

    I need some suggestions about buying a new TV for my parents asked me to buy one but im confused what to take.. Went to some showrooms to get an idea about them.. LG 42HD for 60k , Sony KDL 440EX650 for 65k were my options then.. LG's FPR 3D technology was impressive but i'd get a...
  17. R

    bacteria killing technology in fridges

    Is air purifying and bacteria killing technology in fridges for real? Or is it a fad or worse just a marketing gimmick??
  18. I

    3D TV prototype

    Are 3D TV in the market just prototype of a technology that is yet to be mastered?
  19. D

    Upgrading RAM

    My old computer has Intel D845GVSR mobo. I wish to upgrade the ram from existing 512 MB to 1 GB. The product guide states that it supports DDR 333 up to 1.0 GB utilizing 256 Mb technology. How can I find whether I am purchasing the right kind of DDR 1 GB RAM? Thanks in advance.
  20. A

    True motion technology

    What exactly is the True motion technology in HD TVs, and does it make any difference to picture quality?:-)
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