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  1. paroh

    Firefox Startup time

    What is ur firefox startup time version 3.6.6 with or without Addons extensions. 23 Extension enabled 15 Extensions Disabled Startup time is between 6-7 Seconds
  2. bajaj151

    Error at Startup...plz help !!

    I am getting this error at startup : Windows\System32\config\system file missing or corrupt" Error at system startup. I tried the solution given here:http://www.askvg.com/frequently-asked-problems-with-solutions-part-1/ but nothing works for me.
  3. D

    Deleting startup items of other user

    I have an admin account and another standard account in win 7. My problem is that how to edit(remove) startup items of the standard user account.
  4. koolbuddy92

    Monitor flickering and clicking sound

    Whenever I start my pc, the monitor produces 2-3 flickerings with a clicking sound. I have an IBM E54 CRT monitor. On the startup, it used to show the bios name and other stuff but now it directly shows windows loading... looks like the moniter gets activated after a delay of 2-3 sec. on the...
  5. dhanusaud

    Sysmtem freezes in startup for few seconds

    Hello guys, I am running new installment of windows xp sp2. Unfortunately it hangs at startup for 5-10 seconds. Also it hangs for same interval when I right click on desktop. I never had this kind problem, so any help will be highly appreciated. :) Regards,
  6. MAK

    how 2 automatically lock after 1 min..

    Hi! I have a software called tweakui which automatically logins in my winxp account..... Now i want windows to automatically go to swithuser mode or lock mode after all the startup item have been loaded........ is there any s/w which can do this automatically?? any idea...
  7. Sathish

    Graphic Card not detected in startup. but fan spinning fine>PL HELP

    my 7300GT graphic card working fine from past 2 years.. but suddenly it did not detected on system startup.. but the fan in the graphic card spinning fine as usual.. i have checked the graphic card with an another system and it works fine..so the problem probably on the motherboard /bios...
  8. confused

    Suggest Program to view and modify Startup & Process list

    hi guys, i noticed that my dad's laptop has nearly 95+ processes running. Also its quite sluggish most of the times. So I installed Spybot and deleted most of the unwanted stuff from the startup list. Still on rebooting the no of processes is 70+. Its running on Vista Home Premium, and specs...
  9. M

    help ...dual boot vista and xp

    hello everyone ... i was using xp and vista on my pc .....(xp wainstalled previously on c drive and then i installed vista on d drive) ..everything was working fine ...i used to get the option to choose from xp or vista on system startup....but yesterday xp was giving some trouble and...
  10. D

    Taking long time to Boot-UP & Startup

    Taking long time to Boot-UP & Startup Recently i installed Oracle 8i and Visual studio 6 on my PC..Since then iam encountering a problem i.e. my PC takes more time to BOOT-UP and Start-up(perhaps 7-10 minutes)...if i uninstall the 2 above mentioned softwares then it again becomes normal...But...
  11. J

    How to optimize PC Startup.

    My system takes a long time to startup and shutdown. It's Very annoying for me. Plz suggest some software to manage and optimize system startup.
  12. nvidia

    Is it possible to edit Vista startup files from XP?

    Hey guys, Is it possible to edit Vista startup files from XP? Some worm is preventing me from using Vista. I just get a blank screen after welcome screen. Same problem in safe mode too. :(
  13. J

    Someone Help me please.... :((

    I got these errors at startup of my laptop
  14. R

    Drives not showing in Vista

    2 of my drives dont show in vista although i can see them in xp.i get a windows cannot find drivers for this device error twice at the startup even when i click download updates it doesnt. plz help me
  15. T

    scheduling a system startup

    Is there any way I can get my vista notebook to startup at a specified time? I could find many applications on the web that allow a user to schedule a Windows shut-down, but not one that can get the system to start up on its own. Any clues, or am i just asking a silly question?:???::?:
  16. S

    SUPERAntiSpyware key problem

    Frankly... I am using key generator for version 4.20.1046. Key will be accepted at the time of entering but whenever it is going to be accessed its server then "Trial Expired" window appears. What I'm gonna do? How can I stop it? Note that In the preferences I have unchecked "Check for...
  17. techking_dinesh

    Some Problems With my PC

    Well PC is running fine Everything opens and all I have Complaint with the performance I know with time technology gets outdated bu still i think my pc is underperforming now 1. Startup Time : Few Months back it was 32 secs. I did a registry edit and brought it to 22 secs. I formatted once (...
  18. S

    startup trouble

    hey guys, have any solution for this missing slyiyaib.dll message, which shows up at startup.. .
  19. anshul

    Graphics Card fan making noise.

    My graphics fan(8600 GT) has started making noise when my PC starts. I opened up the cabinet and noticed that It made such noise at low speeds, that is during startup. I cleaned the dust on its fan......but does not help What do I do.......?
  20. niharuce

    startup woes

    I am using Windows Vista home premium. I disable the unwanted programs from startup using msconfig. But each time I use Yahoo messenger or encarta dictionary or IDM they add themselves into the list of startup programs. Is there any way I can disable them?Plz help
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