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Windows 7 giving BSOD after installing XP


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Hello everyone! I had Windows 7 pre-installed on my new PC. I installed Ubuntu on it and ran the system in dual-boot for some time. I removed Ubuntu after some time and repaired the bootloader. But it still showed Ubuntu as an option.
Now, yesterday I installed XP to run my printer (which had XP-only drivers and 7 drivers wouldn't run). Now my PC booted up directly into XP. So, to get 7 back, I repaired its bootloader just like I had done after removing Ubuntu. Now, the bootloader shows 7 and Ubuntu but no option for XP is found. Also, when I select 7, a BSOD shows for a millisecond and the computer shuts down. I have repairing the startup when asked but in vain.
So I guess I'm quite in a great fix now and need your valuable help and advices to recover my normal PC startup. I have already downloaded EasyBCD 2.1 so as soon as the PC will boot into XP, I'll use it to get the desirable boot entries.

I'm really in a fix now as I need my PC for work but it isn't just starting up. I seriously need your help and advices on how to getting into any of the two OS's safely to get my PC running back up again.
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^^ Thanks a millons dude. The method worked perfectly fine. Thanks a lot.

Moreover the forum is really great and I found a lot of other good things here.
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