Windows 7 PC freezing for 10-15 minutes on start-up


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Hi there,
My Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit) PC is freezing up for 10-15 minutes on startup. It was giving this problem after it was kept idle for 3 months. I recently changed my computer Hardware but the problem persists with old hardware aswell. The hardware that I changed includes : Corsair vs 350 PSU, APC 600 VA/ 360 Watts UPS, Asus DVD Writer. I uninstalled some softwares & removed some from the startup list (which I doubt) but the problem still persists. Kindly give me a solution.

Thanks in Advance.


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Try creating a new user profile and login.
Check whether your PC still freeze inside new identity.


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Here's the screenshots. Total 4. ScrShot1.jpgScrshot2.jpgScrShot3.jpgScrShot4.jpg
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