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  1. C

    How to add items to the startup list??

    How can we add items to the startup list???? Of course there's msconfig.exe but I want to add items which are not listed in msconfig. We can do this through the registry right? If so, where do we add the new entries and what is the format?
  2. S

    Ym aways coming in start up

    I want to remove Yahoo messanger from start up..i have done msconfig and unselect it but it comes back again at startup whenever i run ym again any permanent solution to disable it from running it in start up
  3. B

    Startup Problem

    Hi Guys, Thanx for all the help u have been giving me regarding my woes in the past. I have a very urgent query to make to u. this is regarding the startup of my computer. The problem is as follows: When I press the power switch of the chassis, both the red n green lights on the front panel...
  4. V

    strange virus problem plz give it a look(very urgent)

    Hi everybody once again i need ur help yesterday i connect my flash drive to my system and it detected a virus but i was not able to clean it and i thought it enters in my system too from that point i m facing some problems. I scanned my system and my antivirus app got some infections...
  5. alkesh_007

    Laptop freezing after startup

    Hello, HP BUSINESS NOTEBOOK NX6325 AMD TURION MOBILE X2 1.6GHZ PROCESSOR WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL SERVICE PACK 2 1 GB RAM My AC adaptor had stopped working so I bought a new one. Today after plugging in the new adaptor, once the laptop started, after 5 mins it freezed and i could not...
  6. C

    Need Help Windows No disk error at startup

    I get error on startup "Please insert disk in drive A" with title "Windows - No disk" How can i resolve this error, i have checked for any suspicious program running at startup but i didn't find any. Plz help!!!!!!!!
  7. ssk_the_gr8

    Is this a spyware infection?

    i have some weird program in my start up named fsm..it doesnt even have a path. I found this out in Mike Lin's startup CPL 2.8 can someone please tell me what it is? here is an image. And if i look for the program in msconfig i find a startup item with no name ,no command & a path...
  8. blademast3r

    Ubuntu resolution problem

    Hey guys ive installed ubuntu on my old system... the thing is that it stats in 1024X768 resolution nd my monitor does nt support it... but i think theres a way to change the startup resolution in recovery text mode...cud sm1 pls gimme the command??
  9. S

    No Startup Sounds

    :(:(ever Since I Installed Windows Vista Brico Pack, My Xp Startup And Shutdown Sounds Are Not Getting Played. Please Help:(
  10. R

    startup file

    is there any way to create any file which on being run puts a particular file in the startup programmes?
  11. S

    hanging problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hi everyone. i hv a zenith celeron system. configuration smthing like this Intel original 845 board processor -2.4 GHz Ram 384MB 160GD HDD- 2 * 80 OS- Win XP Pro. SP2 My problem is that my system goes hanged between any process N smtimes it hang on startup. I m not able to find the...
  12. M


    i hv avast av...yestrday i scannd my pc.. it found a virus in c:\windows\sys..\virusremoval.vbs it could nt repair the same...so i deleted it... now wenevr i start my comp..an error comes "could nt find the script c:.,,,,\virusremoval.vbs" i dnt want to hv this startup msg...and also wanna knw...
  13. trublu

    Ubuntu start-up query

    How do i make an application run at startup in ubuntu 7.10?
  14. Sridhar_Rao

    What is this file?

    :eek: When I ran the system configuration utility, I noticed the following entry in the startup; C:\Document~1/Admin/Locals~1/temp/e7952.exe/autorun. When I searched for this file in the specified folder, it did not exist. I disabled it in startup because I suspect its function. Any idea what...
  15. 4

    Good mobile network platform for startup

    I’m bringing together a group of freelance/1099 people for a marketing startup. Everyone has separate offices, cellphones, and locations. I am trying to find the best way to tie us all together, virtually. I’ve looked at some VoIP video conferencing options, but they seem a bit much for our...
  16. Charley

    Two Questions

    1. I have Win XP, I need to scan for viruses & use spybot the Windows startup files. How do I do it, no safe mode ? 2. How do I kill & remove Trojan Horse Downloader.Small.61.N, the path is d:\windows\loadnew.exe
  17. saqib_khan

    Acute virus problem, please help

    Hi, I've got a virus in my PC. On task manager, it shows 2 unidentified files in running processes, namely, fun & dc. When i end this program, it ends & comes again. I have removed their startup entries from msconfig, but then also they start on startup. I have 2 antivirus programs but...
  18. M

    startup problem

    hey guys i have a prob... my basic pc config is pIV 2.4ghz 512 ddr1 ram 120gb hard disk 845 intel board im uploading the screenshots of my startup and services window pls tell me what do, as with this config also my pc takes more than 4 mins to get ready fr use, i have winxp sp2...
  19. H

    Upgraded Bios! Now system won't boot

    Mobo is GA-81845GV. Fan and all the led's are running only keyboard is not functioning. I get no beep during startup. Help. I never upgraded bios before. :(
  20. R

    disabling the balloon tip???

    heya ppl.. i've windows vista home premium.. i've disabled few startup items...when workin with the OS a balloon tip indicating that startup items hav been disabled appears every 2 min's which is a frustrating one.. how to disable the balloon tool tip???:)
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