Frustatingly slow boot times after installing comodo firewall 10


I recently installed comodo free firewall 10 on my system as i was not satisfied with the lacklustre feature set of the default firewall that's included with windows 10.However i was surprised to find that the booting time of my system has increased drastically after installing the firewall and it now takes around 7 mins or more to load windows and initialize all the startup programs before i can commence using it.This is really frustrating-i had used zonealarm firewall earlier and while it did cause some delay in starting windows but it was hardly as long as it is now after switching to comodo.

Why is my system taking so long to start windows-is there any workaround to this?Other than comodo firewall,i don't have any other major programs configured to load during startup apart from a few routine apps like bittorrent,avast 2017,idm etc-so i don't think any of the latter are causing the slowdowns.

Has anyone experienced similar issues with comodo firewall 10?Please advise as to what steps can be taken to mitigate or resolve this issue,thanks.

System config:Core 2 duo 3 ghz,3gb ram,250 gb HDD.I am running windows 10 pro 64 bit.


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  • Did comodo install create any restore point? check and try restoring to earlier state and retry?
  • Disable comodo service and comodo startup app and boot windows, if it's still slow may be the problem also lies elsewhere.
  • Do a clean boot of windows, is it fast this time?
  • When windows is booting and taking long to boot, do you see excessive HDD LED activity or an intermittent LED?
  • Where is it stuck usually, do you see a blank screen or the windows logo for excessive long time? which stage (visual) prolongs?
  • Simply uninstall and reinstall comodo
  • Event viewer might have some story to tell but I can't comment on that due to lack of knowledge!
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Windows boots fast enough when no firewall is installed-therefore its suggestive of the fact that the delay in starting up is being caused by comodo firewall itself.During bootup the HDD activity indicator on my pc blinks frequently and the windows logo with the loading animation(dots moving around in a circular fashion)is displayed for almost 3-4 mins.I don't wish to uninstall it just yet as reinstalling it all over again will be a lengthy and cumbersome process(comodo comes with an online installer that downloads setup files during installation which takes a lot of time),besides i don't think reinstalling it will improve the booting time in any significant way.


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What happens when you run the command to start Comodo after Windows has normally booted(Assuming you removed Comodo from startup & auto start service)
and manually start the service. Is it quick this time??


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I had faced the same issue, and after contacting the COMODO GEEK BUDDY and try to look around remotely without any success.
I believe it's simple if you have the similarity of my case, you mentioned you have avast 2017, and COMODO 10 shipped with Firewall+ Antivirus by default
All you have to do go to COMODO settings > General Settings > Configuration - and make sure - COMODO - Firewall Security is Active (which we disable COMODO AV)

If this is the case that's mean COMODO+AVAST antivirus conflicting which cause delay or unstable booting
Then Reboot

Hope someone find this helpfull


I was a regular user / fan of Comodo Firewall & used it for years. But during recent years I discovered that it didn't go well with other Antivirus products well and caused delays in booting.

I was using it with Avira. Removing any one of them used to fix the issue. So finally I stopped using Comodo & continued with Avira & default windows firewall.

Remember I was using Only Comodo Firewall & not Comodo AV (manually configured by setting "firewall only").
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